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Is it safe?

Just a quick question (actually two)....

Do you think one can of Diet Caffeine-Free Coke a day is okay while pregnant? It seems to settle my stomach, but I worry about the aspartame....

Also, do you think it's safe to get your hair highlighted at 10 weeks?

Thanks for your thoughts ;)
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There is no research that shows an issue with aspartame and pregnancy. Saccharine has caused issues in lab animals at very high doses.

Caffeine is thought to be safe up to 200mg a day.

Regarding highlights, my OB specifically recommends NO dying your hair until after the 1st trimester so see if you can put it off a few more weeks
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I too waited to dye my hair until the 2nd trimester.  As for having anything with aspartame I stay away from it, I figured if it can eat monkey brains from a trial of usage then there is no telling what it can do to me or to my unborn baby.  Caffeine is safe in small amounts, they say no more than 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day.  If you can help it try tea instead the caffeine content is lower.  I even had a regular coke when I was in my first trimester to settle my stomache and it helped a lot.  Keep us posted on what works for you.
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Aspartame has been deemed safe, but I kind of avoided it. I do now too though...I jsut don't trust it. Just me.  I did have a coke classic daily while pregnant.  

NOw, my OB told me something different.  I was told that coloring your hair was absolutely fine and I did it throughout my pregnancy.  My hairdresser used foil to keep it from going directly on my scalp though, but honestly, most women continue coloring hair throughout pregnancy.  Do what you are comfortable with.

I am so excited you are pregnant again!  So great you didn't have as tough a time this time conceiving.  How is that beautiful little girl of yours doing?
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My first pregnancy I was so scared to color so I used henna, then the second one I found my hair hardly took to that so had to use some color.  Both babies were fine.  I now am using a low PPD haircolor so that might help too it is less chemical.
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I drink Caffeine free diet Coke and have through (this is my 4th) pregnancies.  My dr. is huge about everything in moderation. I'm not going to lie though, there was a time a month or so ago I couldn't get enough :)  I don't have a problem with dying hair either. I always did, just me!
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I wouldn't to be on the safe side even though I've had three diet root beers.  I'm going to try the new soda that is made with stevia. Its a natural sweetner that is safe.
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What soda is that? :) If I can find it, I might try it.

Aspartame gives me horrible migraines...I can't even chew sugarless gum. I've tried some diet sodas sweetened with Splenda but they just don't taste right. I sometimes get sparkling water and make fizzy Kool Aid using 1/2 Splenda and 1/2 sugar to take away the aftertaste (I like Splenda in tea (hot or cold) and coffee but in Kool Aid and diet soda it has an after taste).

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Thanks, everyone...

My doctor's office said that anything in moderation is fine and that I could have the Diet Caffeine Free Coke. They also said that they tell the patients that they can have one serving of a caffeine a day, but I don't need the caffeine ;) Just the soda once in-a-while!

They also said that it would be fine to get my hair colored, but I figured that I am already so nervous about everything being okay with this Little Bean that I don't want to take any chances, so I postponed it until 14 weeks. :)

Amanda, it really hasn't sunk in yet that I am pregnant and I am a nervous wreck that I am going to lose the baby. We had two u/s (one at 6w1d and the next at 7w2d) and the baby seems to be doing great, but I don't get to hear the hb or see him/her again until the end of June. UGH!! I have almost NO pregnancy symptoms...I had really bad nausea from 4w to about 8w, but now, nothing. It's very disconcerting - LOL.

I am trying to be on here for some support/encouragement, but not so much that I hear too many stories. I feel awful for the women who lose their little ones...I know what it's like, but I just can't take reading them right now.

I'm debating calling my doctor's office and seeing if they would just get me in around 10 weeks to hear the hb, but DH thinks that's silly...probably is...who knows.

KB is WONDERFUL, though....quite the investigative toddler now, but still very much a Momma's girl and wants to be with me CONSTANTLY. Luckily she likes to snuggle, so we cuddle on the couch to Sesame Street. I have her in some gym classes so that she can interact with others and be challenged a bit more than I can do for her here. I have NO idea how she is going to handle having a sibling around though...hahaha!

Thanks, again, for the encouraging words!!
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After our miscarriage I certainly developed some paranoia with this pregnancy.  I bought a doppler Sonoline B Fetal Doppler 3mghz when I was about 5 weeks.  It helped me and my husband so much just hearing the heart.  We are blessed now by being half way through the pregnancy.  I still get paranoid, but at least now I can feel the little kicks to know that everything is ok.  And yes you don't want to read too many stories because it can make you crazy and constantly thinking about all the "what if's" that are out there.

The best thing that happened to our son, and the best gift that we could have ever given our first son, was a sibling... he loves his brother to pieces and they are inseparable.  Keep us posted on your progress, I love hearing your updates.
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