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Ivf and donor age 47

Hi all. My wife is 47, We have been married for 23 years. Got two children age 22 and 19.  After the second child we decided to have the tubes tied.   That was 19 years ago. Well last year we went for tubal reversal and found out my wife had abnormal fallopian tubes after the reversal. After 9 months TTC nothing happened. In early July this year we decided to look into ivf.  The timing was great. The ivf began straight away.  We found a donor and the treatment began.  Our donor gas us 19 eggs, 15 fertilized, and 10 left after 3 days. 2 embryos were transferred on 06/08/2011 and 8 were frozen.  We are now on 19/08/2011. 13 days after transfer and my wife has had 5 pregnancy tests. All have shown pregnant,  The last shows 3+ with clearblue. We advised the clinic and they said the results could be incorrect and we will have to wait until the 20/08. Does anyone know if the tests could wrong and show a false result. The total cost for the ivf treatment was $18000.   Would lover to hear from people as we are unsure of the results.    Ps. I'm doing all the legwork as I think you girls have enough to worry about. 
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I think your a sweetheart for posting this.  It's nice to have a man posting on this forum!  So, welcome to our community!

The reason they told you it could possibly be a false positive is because of the HCG injections.  That is the same hormone that a home pregnancy test works off of.  So it is possible to still have HCG left in the bloodstream (and urine) from that.  However, in most cases it is gone app. 10 days pas transfer, so I bet anything you two are pregnant.  Tomorrow is the 20th, so you will have your answers then, but I would bet we are celebrating with you both.  Please try to pop in and update us....nothing we love more here then a happy ending story.  Best of luck, and as we say around here SSBD!! (super sticky baby dust..lol)
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If you used a donor, your wife did not have hCG injections, the donor did.  Therefore, a positive is a positive, there is no hormone she is taking that would have given her a false positive.  The clinic is being stupid if they tell you that you could get five false positives.  Congratulations, she is pregnant!  You're going to be a dad again.  :)
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Whoops...thanks for the correction Annie!  So huge congratulations to you both!!!  Like I said, love those happy endings!
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Well.  It's the 20th and the test still shows pregnant. Thanks for your messages.  Will let you know how we get get on.
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I think you guys are pregnant!!!!!!!!  I am looking foward to hearing about your BFP.
I also did DE.  I tested posted 5 days after my 5 day transfer.  :-)
I am now 7 months pregnant with twin boys.
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BFP. Just Been tested by doctor.  And confirmed. Yeah!!!!

She had 2 embryos transferred.
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Good luck with your twins.  Yes my wife is pregnant. Confirmed by a doctor yesterday.  
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I too am pregnant with twins @ 45 with donor eggs. We transferred 2 and are currently 8 weeks 3 days pregnant with twins. So exciting! Congratulations & good luck!
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Congratulaions. That's good news. Not sure if we are having twins.  
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Congrats on your twins, hope everything is going ok, our update, my wife is 5 weeks and 3 days, and on the 23/08 and this morning 27/08 she has seen a small amount of reddish blood ( small amount but worrying ) she has no pain or cramps but would like to know how this could affect the pregnancy. Our first scan is not until early September. She is now taking it easy but we are a little worried.  
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Still going fine.  My wife is 13 weeks and has had a scan.   All appears ok.  
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