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Just watched A Baby Story...I feel a rant coming on

So, I was watching A Baby Story this afternoon.  Hubby calls them my "stories".  Anyway, this poor woman had been talking about a VBAC since she got pregnant with her first, but the doctor talked her out of it because if she couldn't push out an 8 pound baby the first time, this 9 pound baby wasn't going to come naturally either.  Sounds reasonable.  Except that the 9 pound baby was really 7 pounds, 14 ounces and who really knows what the reason was for her first C-section.  They said that the first baby seemed to be "in distress" (why the section).  That was my doctors "excuse" for wanting an internal monitor during my first birth, which I flat out refused (no holes in my baby's head, thank you).  The only "distress" was the shoddy system they had for external monitor.  My baby came out healthy and fine (my first and LAST hospital birth).  

It's so frustrating to me that doctors use the "it's best for the baby" to do whatever procedure they'd like.  No one wants to put their baby at risk, so many women agree to whatever suggestions their doctor makes, because they figure they know best.  No wonder births are so costly.  Newsflash...doctors are ultimately interested in two things, not getting sued, and making sure that births are completed in a "timely" fashion (12 hours is the norm...roughly 1 cm per hour or they intervene).  The second is actually based on hospital policy set to reinforce the first.  I would venture a guess that most doctors have no idea how to facilitate a natural birth, with a huge percentage of women getting induced, which only leads to more interventions and more complications...so sad (not to mention risky and unnecessary).  No wonder so many woman have trouble going natural (that want to).  Pitocin is unnatural and it HURTS.  When did we become a society that distrusts our bodies so much?  Women's bodies are made to have babies and with C-section rates so high (most C-sections are the result of other failed interventions, rather than actual biological issues), I expect it won't be long before women really can't birth on their own.  I hope not.  I hope more women will learn to trust their bodies and educate themselves for real, rather than just saying they want to "go naturally" but not researching ahead what kinds of things can actually facilitate a natural birth.  Epidural or not, birth hurts...a little acceptance of that combined with some education could go a long way.

Sorry...I'm done.  :-(
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I agree with you. This is my first pregnancy and I am hoping for an natural birth. I would like to go without a c-section and I really have no desire to plan a c-section either. I know a couple who had planned all three of their kids c-section. I agree with letting nature take its course. My mother was in labor with me for over 14 hrs I believe and that was with meds. She was shorter with my two siblings off meds. I told my husband if my doctor suggests planning a c-section right off the bat I am finding a new doctor. I have a good doctor and I doubt he will suggest it.
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I think ultimately it comes down to the same thing that everyone should do with their doctors......not be afraid to ask risks, alternatives, and make a decision for themselves. Seems as if so many people are afraid to ask, that we can't just blame the doctors, we need to blame the patients for not standing up for their rights as well in those circumstances.
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I have to agree with Flickan. Ive never had a doc that was opposed to my decision regardless of what they thought. With #3 I had partial placenta previa and what I thought was my water breaking, was actually gushes of blood. We discussed a csetion since her heartrate was going up and allowed a little more time. But it was totally my call. When I came into the office with this pregnancy, doc was like, "ok, we're not doing this, we're not worried about this (triple screen) and good to go!" I think too many people hesitate to be up front and yeah, docs are totally concerned, not just monetarily but emotionally, about losing a patient (baby).
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I agree, I hate hiw quick doctors are to intervine, and the majority of the time it makes no sense.  Ive done all 3 of mine naturally, 2 with midwives, and one with a doctor.  This one will be a doctor too, only because its my only option where I l
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Live.  My last doctor was pretty great though, she was really excited to do it natural, and supported me completely.  This one is the same way so far, so Im hopeful about my labor.  You can find good doctors out there, but you do have to look.  It is the first thing I ask when I meet them, how they feel about natural labor.  
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I watched that episode too. They take u /s in third trimester to be accurate yet that's when its estimates are at their worst. I was going for vbac too with my 2 months boy and my doc was ok as long as baby was ok. I ended up doing a c section due to nonreactivenesd of baby and the c section was amazing and the healing was so quick compared to my 1st c section.
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