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Labor soon?

I'd like to start off by saying what I've experienced lately is extremely weird because I've had such an easy pregnancy. I can count on my hands how many times I've had morning sickness, I never feel any pains or discomfort, I sleep perfect, no swelling ever, its been wonderful.  This past week has been TERRIBLE for me and I'm wondering if its possible that labor may be coming soon. I'm full term next week!

Symptoms I've been having:
- Back pain, in my lower left side as well as mid back extending into my scapula. It isn't constant, happens randomly throughout the day and nothing helps. This is extremely weird for me, I still work a physically demanding job where I'm on my feet 8+ hours a day and I've never once had pain like this so I know its not my job.
- Menstrual like cramping accompanied by diarrhea. My doctor mentioned it may be due to what I eat, but I honestly don't eat bad and even was put on the brat diet which hasn't helped any.
- Hot flashes, they make me sweat like crazy, I drink 3 liters of water a day so I'm sure I'm not dehydrated.
- Recent neausa/vomiting. I feel nauseous most of the day every day now, I've only puked a few times, but I always feel like I have to no matter what how of day, what I've eaten or  much I've eaten.
-Increased vaginal discharge, though it isn't an abnormal color I always feel wet.
-I'm sure this is typical, but my boobies are leaking like crazy, especially when I'm stimulated.
-I do not feel like my self at all. I'm completely exhausted and the biggest space case in the world, I've never felt so out of it.

This is my first baby, I'm hoping someone can tell me labor might be around the corner, if this is just what happens when you're pregnant, or if it may be an issue for my munchkin. I see my doctor Thursday.
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I would reach out to your doctor. Those symptoms sound normal but then again I'm not a doctor. I'm 37+4 and just like you, my pregnancy has been so easy and lately I've been soooooo uncomfortable!
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Im right there with ya. Im 37+2 and feeling like crap lately. Many women do get sick right before delivery and most of the symptoms you describe are predecessors to labor ie the leaky boobs, menstrual cramps, discharge and diarrhea. I've typically had cake pregnancies and then feel like garbage the last couple weeks. This one is no different. Think it's God's incentive to make us push! Lol
Good luck ladies- our new babies are coming soon!
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I feel a lot better knowing I'm not alone! Hopefully it's the last of it :]

Man, this whole time I've had no issues sleeping, I've slept like a baby and now I can't sleep to save my life. This is not fun lol. Plus the past two days, all day (not consistent, but throughout) I've been having insane intense vaginal twinges. I tried to read up on that and it could be another sign, it also means the baby's head has engaged so I'm happy. So glad she decided to drop, my ribs have been a punching bag.
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