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I recently turned 35 and my RE suggested that I have a laparoscopy.  I would love to get some feedback for all as to what I can expect and if anyone has went on to have a successful pregnancy after this procedure.
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Laproscopy to do what?? I've had it done twice for different reasons.  and yes I delivered after them.  is it exploratory??  or do they have a specific reason to do it?  
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From my understanding my doctor will check to see if I have any scar tissue and if so, depending on the amount, which may have caused the hinderance in my getting pregnant.  Since this will be my first time having one done, I want to know if anyone here has had success getting pregnant after the procedure, or at least what to expect in having one.

All my other test have come back fine so this is the next step.

Thanks so much for your comment
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I had a lap that uncovered lots of scar tissue.  My RE managed to get all scar tissue out but unfortunately scar tissue grows around scars and the lap will not eliminate scars.  So, scar tissue comes back within weeks.  I got pregnant with ivf after my lap.

Your case may be different if scar tissue is only on one side.

Good luck to you!
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I've had an exploratory lap and have been pregnant since, however I have not had anything other than my tube removed.  I don;t know if I was much help sorry..  
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Thanks so much for your feedback.  This is very helpful information.  My concern would be that it would be a waste of time, but is looks like it would be benefical to have this procedure done.  Although I hope I don't have any scar tissue, I would love to know if this is what is the cause of my "unexplained" fertility, that has been plauging my husband and I for over 10 years.

Helen, like you my next step is ivf, and I hope to have as much success as you.
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good luck to you!!  ivf does solve the scar tissue problem especially if the scar tissue is in the pelvic area and is blocking conception.
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Hello. I had a lap and hysteroscopy done at the same time as we tried for 18 months to conceive (was 34 at the time ), 7 of those months were on Clomid. The next cycle after the lap I got pregnant!!..The dye took ages to go through the tubes so the doc thought they may have been blocked. There is no way of knowing if tubes are blocked unless a lap is done. So I'd say go for it!..
It was a day procedure for me, under general anasthetic. Pain for two or so days after, b ut nothing too bad..mainly getting out of bed, completely worth it!!!
Good luck!!
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I had a lap to have my appendix removed and they took out an ovarian cyst while they were in there. I got pregnant with my son a year later. I will be having another one on 12/10 to remove ovarian endometriomas and any endometriosis that should be found. I'm hoping to conceive next year around this time, so hopefully all goes well...for both of us! :)

Afterwards, you don't feel too bad! Granted, I was only 24 when I had my first one, but I really felt completely fine afterwards. I was down for a day, 2 at the most! Then is was business as usual! :)
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