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Lots of Questions about Conception-Timing-Signs-Symptoms...

I have been reading all about the signs, symptoms and timing for conception and pregnancy, but I'm still fuzzy on  a few things. I think alot of it is the timing of everything that I'm not quite clear on.

My Info:
*my cycle is typically 26 or 27 days (it was always at 27 days but recently changed to 26 days)
*Last Menstrual Cycle Starting date was: 3/8/09;
My husband and I tried on (I tried to do the 8, 10 and 13 day thing, that someone on her told me about, but he was so tired on those days, there was no convincing him)
*Intercourse Dates: 3/13, 3/14 (AM), 3/16 (PM), 3/18 (PM), 3/19 (PM), 3/21 (AM), 3/22 (PM)
(Also, we used 'pre-seed' lubrication; I read that can help your chances!)
*Fluid: Heaviest  Eggwhite version was on 3/18 and 3/19; somewhat eggwhite on 3/20 - 3/22
OPK Test (I took it many times to know for sure): First became positive at 11PM on 3/20 and positive results continued 3/22
So my questions are (in this situation, This is 'assuming that the egg was fertilized' this is so that I can better understand the timeline of everything too.)

~Did we miss an important day to try to concieve? (such as the actual ovulation day?)
~Does this mean that my actual ovulation took place on 3/23?
~When would the egg actually be fertilized (timeline)?
~When would the embryo be implanted (timeline)?
~When is the absolute soonest I can test for pregnancy? (when there is a higher chance of it being accurate?) (blood test? or urine test?)
~At what point would I feel any 'sign' or 'symptom' if I were to feel any?
~What does the metallic taste that I had in my mouth mean? (this happened on 3/23); it was very strange; it tasted like that of canned spinach - the taste it leaves in your mouth. (Is this even related?)

I'm thinking if someone can answer all these questions it might eliminate alot of future questions people might have; I think I've touched on all! ;o) Maybe not....but I will be ever so grateful! I realize it doesn't happen as fast as we would like it to; but I'm just trying to get a better understanding of it all.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sounds like you're pretty on top of things to me :-O)

I got a positive hpt+ at 10 dpo (cycle day 24, I have 26 days cycles). so you could try and test on April 2 til af comes.  Do the frer test if you haven't already stocked up on another brand.  I got positives (faint) on the cheapo internet ones and also frer all around the same time.  Good Luck!

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Thank you! So you think I got all the important dates in there to 'try'? I didn't miss any?

I'll be sure to do that -test on the 2nd! I was figuring that would be when I'd get my period if I'm not pregnant

- I guess it throws me off b/c 10 days after my ovulation is the day I would predict my period or am I calculating that wrong?

just to be clear on the terms I wanted to make sure:
dpo means days past ovulation? Is that right? Not sure what 'frer' or 'af' is; sorry, still learning all this stuff! ;o) I'm sure when I find out what those stand for, I'll feel stupid that I didn't figure it out on my own, but it's important that I know this stuff ;o)
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af - period (aunt flo)
frer - first response early something

according to your stats up top you had an opk (not sure if they work like lutenizing strips or not) cd 12 so usually means you're going to o in next 12 to 36 hours or something but since you guys were active even if you didn't o until 12 to 36 after the 22nd you're covered.  

well you could test on mar 31th if you want that would be 10dpo (days past ovulation)

i have no patience so i probably started testing at 8dpo and every two days after that :-O) just depends on how many tests you want to be buying. plus the thing is you can do everything at the right time and still not get pregnant so don't get discouraged if this month doesn't work, it might just take a few months

although personally i think the pre-seed is a very good product because we ttc since november 08, no opk or anything but looking back we did seem to bd in the right time frame assuming i always o on cd 14, no hpt+ for nov or dec but in january i did the lh strips (same as opk idea) bd'd only one on cd 12 (first day of lh+) using pre-seed and whammo, we have a winner. I'm 39. so either the first two months were not good eggs or the pre-seed paved the way for the winning sperm :-O)
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According to your charting it looks like you covered all the best fertile days prior to ovulation.  After you receive a positive OPK it is best to have sex within 48hrs, and you did that!  Ovulation probably occured sometime on the 23rd.  A HPT can be accurate as soon as 6DPO, the FRER is (First Response Early Results Test), is one of if not the only sensitive tests on the market that can pick up HCG results this soon.  But it's always best to wait around 10DPO just so you'll have a more accurate result.  If you test this soon, and do in fact get a BFP, it may be way too early to actually have any symptoms.  Most symptoms occur at about 6wks.  If you go to the top of the page and click on "Health Pages" scroll down and you will see what all the abbreviations mean...AF is (After flow, or your period).  Can't explain the metallic taste in your mouth...I'm glad to hear you used the preseed too!  It sounds like a very positive month for you, now it's just a waiting game!  Good luck to you, and let us know!!  
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Me again...I was curious about the metallic taste you have, so I found this on the internet...LOOKS GOOD!!!  

"A metallic taste in the mouth is called dysgeusia. It is an early sign of pregnancy. It can even occur before you have a positive pregnancy test. The cause of the taste is thought to be hormonal, particularly the increased estrogen associated with pregnancy. You can try mints and/or brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth. Fortunately, this problem usually improves greatly or ends entirely after the first trimester."
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Q:Did we miss an important day to try to conceive?  

A: From what you are saying it looks like you ovulated between the 3/22 or 3/23.  You usually ovulate within 24 hrs of your LH surge.  The hormone you're looking for on the OPK.  Egg lives for about 24 hours. I looks like you covered all the days you needed to cover.   But I am concerned that you may have started trying to BD too early.   And it looks like you did it too often.  I'm not sure but may this could affect the sperm count.   If you don't get a positive result this go round, then start to BD 8 days after you start your cycle - so cycle day 8, 10 and 12.  That's all you need to worry about.  You don't want to do it too much.  If you have a 26 days cycle, your menses will generally start 14 days after you ovulate.  This is pretty consistent.  So you probably ovulate on CD 12.  

Q: Does this mean that my actual ovulation took place on 3/23  
A: Probably

Q:  When would the egg actually be fertilized (timeline)
A:   Egg would be fertilized between 3/22 and 3/23.   The great swimmers are hanging around in your fallopian tube just waiting for the egg.  Once the egg gets in the tube , they will start trying to penetrate the egg.   It think it happens within hours.

Q: When would the embryo be implanted (timeline) -
A: It takes about 5 to 7 days for fertilized egg to travel through the fallopian tube and into the uterus.  Then it floats around for about a day or so and then it implants.   So i would say that is implants sometime between 3/29 and 3/31.

Q; When is the absolute soonest I can test for pregnancy?  
A:  After the fertilzed egg implants it will take a couple of days for the hcg to show up in your urine.  So start checking on 4/2 or 4/3. And use first morning urine.  

Q when there is a higher chance of it being accurate?  
A: The home pregnancy tests are very accurate.  Don't use a digital one they read HCG at a higher level...like 50.   I highly recomment First Response Early Response.   Get the triple pack at Target, it's cheaper.  They pick up hcg fairly early.  Although they officially detect HCG at 25, I've got several positive responses as low as 8 or maybe it was 6, definitley under 10.   At this point, you may not be able to talk a doc into giving you a blood test that early.  they will probably make you pee on a stick first and it may come out negative since you're testing so early.  Plus you may not get results until a couple of days later.  Just use the home test.  Also if you're testing this early...don't be suprised if you can barely see the line on the HPT. ....it will be very light if you are testing early.  You may barely even be able to see the line.  But if you see something then definitely check again the next day to see if it's darker.   Also read the test within 10 minutes or whatever the instructions say.  Anything after that time doesn't count.

Q: At what point would I feel any 'sign' or 'symptom' if I were to feel any?  
A: Some people swear they feel things....but I think it's just their heads playing with them.  Symptoms like morning sickness are result of high levels of hormones...you get this at about 6 weeks.  Sore breasts by 6 weeks, but you may just have those because it's time to start your period.  Don't worry about wasting your time looking for symptoms as you probably won't see something that's a definitel sympom this early.   At about 4 to 7 days after you miss your period you may feel very fatigued. That's a good sign.   Your home pregnancy test will be the true "sign" that you're pregnant.  

Q: What does the metallic taste that I had in my mouth mean? (this happened on 3/23); it was very strange; it tasted like that of canned spinach - the taste it leaves in your mouth. (Is this even related?)   I don't think this is related to anything you are trying to do.  Maybe an iron deficiency??? I dunno or the prenatal vitamin.    I would chalk it up to just one of those weird things.  I assume it's gone a way.   You say this happened about the time you ovulated, therefore,  I disagree with it being related to pregnancy since at this point you don't have enough pregnancy hormones in your system for this to be the issue.    I think that dysgeusia would be applicable if you were in your well into your first trimester ( 6 or 8 weeks ).   But the metallic taste that early is likely due to something else.

Good luck to you and happy testing.
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It seems that you ladies covered everything already but just a tip I've been using to help with timing ovulation is parenthood.com  It has an ovulation calculator that tells you EVERTHING!!! All you do is enter the first day of af and how many days your cycle is. I am pasting my sample to show you. This will also help you with an opk because it gives you a good guide line of when to start testing. I don't use an opk but I am going to invest in the pre-seed. I read alot of testimonials and they are all positive. You can go to pre-seed.com and see for yourself. In some cases it's a miracle product. Some people who have tried for months seem to succeed almost immediately when they used it. Best of luck to you and lots of baby dust coming your way!! Hope this helps along with what the other ladies said.

Find Your Most Likely Ovulation Dates

First Day of Last Period

Days in Your Cycle

Your Most Likely Date of Ovulation is March 11, 2009
The following is a "best guess" overview of your approximate fertile cycle:  

February 28, 2009You told us this was the 1st day of your last period
March 8, 2009This is the very beginning of your fertile period. Although your egg has not yet been released, it is possible that sperm could survive until your egg is released.

March 9, 2009It is now 2 days before ovulation; it is likely that you could conceive on this date.
March 10, 2009 It is 1 day before ovulation. You are very fertile on this date.

March 11, 2009 Ovulation. Based on the 1st day of your last period, this is the date that your egg is released. You are most fertile on this date.
March 12, 2009 On the day after ovulation, conception is still very possible.
March 13, 2009 2 days after ovulation, your fertility is decreasing. The egg survives for about 24 hours, and, if not fertilized, it will disintegrate.

March 18, 2009 If your egg was successfully fertilized, this is the approximate date when it implants itself in the uterus.
March 19, 2009 A blood pregnancy test may be accurate now from this date forward.

March 21, 2009 Some early pregnancy home tests may be accurate now – but be aware of the possibility of a false negative result.
March 25, 2009 If you are NOT pregnant, this is the date you will probably get your next period. If you ARE pregnant, you can expect accurate results from a pregnancy test.

December 5, 2009 This is your most likely due date if you became pregnant in this cycle
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Sounds to me like you covered all the basis!!  I am also impatient during my two week wait, so I usually take my first HPT about 7 days past ovulation.  I always use the First Response....they are insanely sensitive, and I once had a positive 7 DPO.  Good luck to you!!!!
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It's so nice to have all of you for help!! Thank you!!!! (I have to print these pages to read in detail; I'm at work)
(and I'm so excited about the 'metallic taste thing you found Pamela' - YEAH!!! I'm not getting my hopes up (I'm telling myself anyway) ;o)
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I just read all the comments and posts back, thank you again - I really appreciate your help! I read the metallic taste comment from Yvette and it made me think that about it and it was actually on 3/24 (Tuesday, I remember now b/c my husband was bowling when it happened and he bowls on Tuesday nights) Not sure if that makes a difference or not - but wanted to correct that date.
Gosh, all of you have spend some time responding and I just can't thank you enough - it's great to have a support system like all of you! I hope one day I'll be as knowledgeable and be able to help out too!
I'm very impatient too, so I already bought the hpts - two boxes of them; First Response and a generic version. I don't know why I feel like the more stuff I buy the more chances I have to become pregnant...It's silly actually b/c I don't have the extra spending money that I spend on unnecessary things; meaning, I could've just bought one box, but I had to buy two....and I bought Several kinds of the OPK tests (The strips, the other tests, etc. I think I have enough to get me through the year; hoping I won't need them but ...what can I say - I guess I'm goofy that way ;o)lol
(I've already picked out my top two names for a baby (boy or girl)...Boy: Tanner Hunt Weaver and Girl: Kaitlin Hunt Weaver (Hunt is a family name that I want to keep - my husband's side of the family) I'm sure many names will come along and I'll reconsider, but for now... ;o)
So 7 days is the absolute earliest I can test? and if it's negative then, it doesn't mean it'll be negative later, right? Don't get my hopes up too much....I'm trying....
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I think ADGAL mentioned she got a positive on the 7th day....and that is certainly possible.   But for the most part that was a wee bit early, so you're right you can check on that day, but don't be completely suprised if you get a negative results.   Testing on the 7DPO day is pushing it.   I think testing on the 10DPO is more realistic, though that's pushing it.  

I had IVF and they trasnferred two embryos -- they were 5 days old which is equivalent to time being in the fallopian tubes.   I didn't get a positive until 5 days after they did the transfer.  So that supports the fact that the embryos float around for a couple of days and then implant and then another 3 days for the hcg to show up in my system. So for the most part 10DPO is good and realistic timing.   And I just say to do this because HPT's can be pricey.   At least I always bought FRER and they are a bit pricey.   Of course I had to satisfy my obesssion of testing early and I would use the cheapie pregnancy tests from the dollar store and use those at about 7DPO.    That's what I've done and what's worked on me. I'd test with your generics if you want to start testing as early as 7DPO.     Realistically if you're going to get an positive results you should see something between the 10th and 13th day past ovulation.   Of course on the opposite end of the spectrum you may get it after 2days of your period being late.  
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Oh, still have the  metallic taste in my mouth, it's just not as strong as it was that day (3/24)- it's not pleasant - believe me! I wanted to add that, I realized that it was asked earlier.
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For those of you who were 'staying tuned' ...I did not get my period and I got a negative result on the pregnancy test (this is 10 DPO for me);
I had a doctor appointment for my gastro stuff and he wants to do a procedure, so he had a blood test done to see if I'm pregnant - I'm still waiting...they should know today; I'm nervous b/c I don't want to hear 'You are not pregnant'
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to further explain my last post; the HPT was negative; don't know the blood test results yet.
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just got the call (I'm not pregnant) ;o(  I really tried not to get my hopes up but I couldn't help it and I haven't gotten my period - I'm sure it's just some cruel prank life is playing on me; give me hope and then crush it!
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Welcome to the emotional roller coaster.   I was on that roller coaster for for over 4 years!!  And every once in a while I'd actually get pregnant and then lose that pregnancy.  

Sorry you didn't get your wish this month....there's always next month.  

They say that each month you have a 25% chance of getting pregnant.  It's a wonder how some people get pregnant left and right and all around you.   Hang in there.
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Sorry to hear it's not this month. It is very normal to take a few months so have fun trying.

Both times I've been pregnant I have had sharp pains in my breasts (first time it was a few days after ovulation, this time it was about a week after). I always get tender breasts pre-menstrually but this was like needles for about 1 hour. Everyone has different early symptoms. I mainly noticed an absence of pre-menstrual symtoms like I didn't crave salty foods, some moles that normally darken didn't darken, I spent the weekend baking bread and cakes and even did ironing rather than turning into a b*tch like normal.

Take care.
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Sorry sweetie : (  it will happen!!  In the meantime stop munching on silverware!  : )  I was really hoping your metallic taste was a dead giveaway!!  : )  Pam
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Thanks all; sorry didn't mean to be so 'dramatic' I had really convinced myself this was it; I know it's not really been that long so I shouldn't be so upset, but after talking yourself into the fact, it makes it harder to deal with the reality when you find out that you aren't.
You guys are all so sweet and caring - it's so nice to have such a great support system!
and Pamela I'll try my best to stay away from the silverware - (I think that had convinced me too) - I can't promise on the spoons - I crave those now ;o)
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by the way, I still have not gotten my 'af'......
I used to dread when I'd get it and now I want something to happen so I have that 100% know in my mind. I'd rather it have been the other way around, but now there is a little part of me that questions the doctors test. I know that's what gets me into trouble in the first place -
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Are the blood tests always accurate at 10 dpo?
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Nothing is absolute with tests. You could have ovulated later or they took later to implant. It ain't over till you see AF in all its glory. I have read of women that didn't come back BFP until 7 days after AF was supposed to happen. I have also read of women that didin't get a BFP but because no AF they got an u/s and it showed evidence of pregnancy.

I hate this roller coaster! I am on month 4 of it and am praying this will be the month because I just don't think I can take much more of this! Good luck.
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I know exactly what you mean!!!

Good Luck!!! ;o)
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