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Making money from home?

So i'm looking for suggestions or ideas for making money from home to subsidize income.  My husband works and has a great job but things are still tight.  We also do house flipping a little bit but the market is slow so that's not a good idea right now.  I want to be able to stay home with the twins but reality is that we need an extra $1000-$1500 a month for me to do that b/c of our debt.  I am just looking for suggestions or ideas if anyone has a small at-home business or is selling on ebay, etc (If not you then maybe someone you know has been successful)?  Home day care is really not an option b/c we live so far out.  I was thinking about decoupage or finding something to sell on ebay but just wondering what you guys think?  

Thanks for sharing ideas!!!
almost 20wks twins!
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congrats on the twins!!  it is so hard.  i am in the process now to get certified for medical coding at home.  i have done it for ten years but you have to be certified to do it at home.  i have heard the pay is around 20 to 30 an hour.  I am anxious to get started.  I also sell the bodyshop at home products.  it looks like you need a lot of extra a month.  the body shop has been good for me and i can make around $200 a week.  That is w/ very little sales.  I have a website that costs $10 a month and I have huge write offs from my own business.  I can write off phone, office space/mortgage (%), mail and mileage.  I have a party a week and the rest is usually emailing and book parties.  I could make more but that is all I have time for w/ a full time job.  If you know the body shop products...they sell themselves and there is always new and exciting things going on so i don't have to work too hard.  :)
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I forgot to tell you to call me if you have any questions.  send me a message and i can give you my phone number. :)  hope you had a chance to check out the site.  
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I have been able to make a great income selling on ebay. I haven't done it for the past 2 years, but did for 5 years straight while we needed it. I have 5 young children and did all my work during nap time and after they went to bed. I would go shopping on Saturday mornings at either garage sales or thrift stores. I made between 7,000-8,000 a year approx. I did the best selling name brand jeans. I would buy Abercrombie or Lucky or Levi 501 jeans for a few bucks and sell them for $30-$40. You have to do alot of research to find what sells, but it can be a great money maker if you enjoy it. It was a hobby for me for I loved it that I could make money doing what I loved.

At Christmas I have made good money selling hot toys. I usually make about $2,000 every Christmas. There are yahoo groups for ebay sellers where you can get great tips.
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Where do you get hot toys???  Just curious.  Like do you mean the Wii?
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Thanks ladies!!!  I have been trying to find a good wholesale company for childrens products in particular b/c I don't mind investing a little money but I'm so afraid I'm going to get scammed.  I have sold on ebay before but just stuff I had not actually gone out and bought things for resale.  I think I would like it and it would work for me with my hectic schedule.  If you have any insight on wholesale stuff I would be interested also.  

And I did check out the bodyshop site and it looks good too.  I have been in sales and sales management for years but have enjoyed a break over the last year.  I will probably email you about it after I survive the holidays.  

Thanks again & Happy Holidays!  My dad just called and as we were talking he said he would be here Monday for Xmas Eve and I had to ask again when Christmas was!  Needless to say I was shocked that it's only in a few days!  HA!  Pregnancy is getting the best of me!

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I have never gotten into selling the things like wii because I don't have time to go stand in line when they are selling them. I know people that do that though.

I have found something smaller each year that can make me a good profit. The first year it was the Furreal cats. The 2nd year it was Video Now videos that were hard to find. One year it was a Monters Inc toy that was hard to find. One year it was the Fisher Price Star station. Things like that.

I usually watch ebay and see that they start going high and then go search out my city for lots of them. I think some places run out of things before our city because I always seem to find them in the stores. It seems like I usually sell them to people that live on the coasts mostly. (I live in Kansas City)
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The best can think of is babysitting while you are at home.  I believe ppl will happy to have their kids send to you since you are pregnant and they know you love children.  

Ebay is good thing to do as well.  If you have any items don't use, post on ebay and sell them.  buy used stuffs and post on ebay.  I sometimes do that just get rid of things around the house.

good luck
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Have you thought of medical transcription?  I did that a long time ago from home and it paid fairly good money.  I was employed by a local hospital for that job and then ended up doing it at home after my baby was born - good luck to you!  P.S. - you might try contacting local docs to see if they need this service.
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I actually do transcription where i work now...that and coding and everything else a dr needs...Our office won't allow typing at home or coding so I have to go elsewhere for a job when I start working at home.  Also, typing is something that I don't really like...after a few years...your hands start to hurt.  :(  but it does pay a decent amount of money.  

dsmommy:  the best thing about the body shop...it isn't really sales when you don't have to act like a sales person.  Basically all I do is show up or hand out a card w/ my website or email someone or give a catalog...the products do all the rest!!!  It has become fun and a great bonus in my bank account.  :)
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even if you aren't making income at home, with twins, you have to take into considertion......

the cost of daycare for 2, gas for your car, meals for you while you are at work....
would you be blowing away your whole paycheck anyway?
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its true about daycare...my gf just had twins and is taking 3mths off.  she is a nurse and has one other child....daycare will be costing her about $1k a month!!!!  That is ridiculous.  
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Do u need schooling to do medical transcription?
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Yes trade school
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