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My appointment today

Hey girls!  I had my 35 week appointment today (I see my ob every week now).  I haven't gained any weight since last week so I'm thrilled about that!  So, I'm up to 30lbs now.  :)  

Last week my blood pressure was high, this week it's lower than last week but still a lil' more than usual.  Don't really know what that means..they tell me I don't have any other symptom that would make them worry.

I did test positive for the strep B bacteria...now that scares me a lil' bit.. Did any of you test positive?

She didn't check my cervix today (last week I was 1.5 cm dilated). She said that she'd rather not touch it and risk bringing on contractions..I'm still on ''bedrest''..she'd like my baby boy to stay in another week..

Oh, and the worst thing..I fell down on my way there this morning.  I missed the last step of the stairs!  Can u believe this!  But I ''protected'' my belly by falling on my knee and elbow, pushing my self to land on my side/back.  I told my ob but she didn't seem to be worried. She listened to the heartbeat and everything was fine.  He was moving a lot as usual.  But now, I'm really worried that something will happen as a result of this fall.  :(

Melanie 35w3d
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ahhhh you got to be careful honey... I am sure it is alright...

I have never tested positive for the bacteria but from what I hear they just give you some antibiotics...

good job on the weight gain!  or should I say ungain hahah

good luck
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I have my 35w checkup on monday the 12th!!  I tested positive for strep b with my first child.  They just start antibiotics through your iv once you get to the hospital.  After this, if you have anymore children, they won't test for it, they just automatically start the antibiotics when labor starts!!  Hope you didn't hurt yourselft too bad when you fell!!  Darn gravitational pull!!!  
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Our appointments today sound rather similar . . .  I had my 36/37 week. I found out there is a 5 day discrepancy between 2 due dates on my chart (May 25 or 30th), but doctor said no big deal. I gained less than 1/2 pounds from last week, so I am also thrilled, although I'm around 38-39 pounds for weight gain so far. Last baby was 50 pounds though, so I'm happy.

I also tested positive for GBS this time too. I had it with my 2nd baby, not with the first. When you are settled into your hospital room, they start you on an IV of antibiotics. Doctor did not check my cervix today. My blood pressure was a little lower than normal, but doctor said it was still fine. Baby's heartbeat was good. I'm having some BH contractions more often now, but everything else still seems fine.

Sorry about your fall. If your doctor wasn't worry, try not to worry either, but let them know if you develop any unusual symptoms. Best wishes!
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I'm sure lil Vincent is just fine from the fall. I fell a couple months ago too and was worried sick! The doctor told me there is so much room and water in there that the protection is superb! They will probably keep an eye on your BP, (mine was high today) and if it gets too high they may stick you on something to keep it down.

I'm not sure about the strep b but it doesn't sound like a biggie from what I have heard.

Good Luck keeping him in there and don't forget them steps...lol

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I tested positive for GBS also. It really wasn't a big deal at all. It actually turned out to be a good thing because I have had a mild rash on my chin for over a year.  I needed to get on long term antibiotics to get rid of it, but I kept putting it off because we were ttc and then I didn't want to take them while I was pg.  All the antibiotics they gave me for GBS took care of my rash.  
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Thanks ladies :)

I know I shouldn't worry about the fall since the baby's been moving all day long and the doctor said it was ok.  But, it just SUCKS that I had to take a fall exactly at the time in my pregnancy where they put me on ''bedrest'' because I'm dilated too early and they need the baby to stay in a couple weeks longer.  It's really not the time for this kind of accident!  I sooo hope this won't trigger early labor......  But, I'll stop worrying, whatever happens happens...stress is not good either right?!

As for GBS, I've read up on it online, and from that and your experiences, I'm a lil' less worried.  I guess they know what they're doing.  I just don't understand why I have it!

It seems everything was going great in my pregnancy and now, I've got a string of bad luck/news.  Didn't gain that much weight, never really felt sick, no diabetes, etc. You know, it was always good news!  Now, I test positive for GBS, already dilated when I shouldn't be, my blood pressure's been a lil' higher than it should, I fall down flat on my face in front of everyone!  :(    Ahhhh!  
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Im still waiting for my results for the gbs... I go in tomorrow morning.. so Im sure I will get the answer tomorrow.. Im glad I read this.. I would freak If mine was po.
This pregnancy it seems every medical testing I have taken... hasnt been good. except the amnio... smile..

sorry to hear you fell.. girl, becareful,,, were at a vonerble posistion  now..glad it turned out all fine.
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Thanks Tennessee :)  let me know about your results.  At least the most important test came back with good news right?!  :)
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