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My game plan...comments or suggestions welcome!

So as some of you know, I have just found out I am pregnant again.  I am super excited, but super nervous as well.  My history isn't good....I get pregnant easily, but have a tough time making it out of first trimester.  Prior to having Ryder I experienced 5 losses in a very short period of time.  So, not worrying is impossible, but I am trying to make this easier on myself.

I spoke briefly to my family Dr. this morning.  AF would have been due friday so we are waiting until then to do a beta.  If he gives me that first number, I will completely stress that it is too low when logically I know that it is the two sets of numbers 2 days apart that matter.  So, on his suggestion, I will have a beta on friday, one on monday, then meet with him tuesday to go over the results (rather then trying to interpret them myself).  That way I have the big picture, not just the one number to worry about all weekend. At that point and time I will make an appointment with my OB (if everything looks good), and am not going to have an ultrasound until 7 weeks (unless there is some reason too, such as suspected etopic or something).  In the meantime I have started my progesterone supplements, and had always continued taking my fish oil, prenatals and baby asprin.  

Any other suggestions to try to keep my stress level down?  First trimester is really really hard for me.  Fortunately, having an amazing 9 month old helps...he keeps me super busy, plus if he winds up being the only child I have I will still consider myself very fortunate.  Still, I am worrying already over this one....

Thanks ladies!  As always, your input is appreciated!!
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OMG!!  A huge congrats to you!  This is so exciting, although I perfectly well understand the anxiety.  

I don't have a lot of advice on keeping the stress level down, but I do agree that your little bundle of love that keeps you so busy is probably the best remedy.  If I hadn't had our daughter to keep my occupied during our loss I think I would have gone mental!

Sounds like you have a perfect game plan in place and hopefully that itself gives you a little peace of mind.

I wish I had more advice but I hope these next few weeks go by quickly for you.  A huge congrats to you again!!  I'm still in my 2ww...and still hoping.  :)
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Retail therapy helped me a lot during the stressful waits.  I would walk through the whole mall and look at everything, including going into shops I never go into.  Didn't buy a lot, but it really was kind of cheerful, combining as it did a little moderate exercise with something to occupy the mind.  I also played solitaire, did jigsaw puzzles (we have a counter my son can't reach), and made it a point to get out into the daylight a LOT more than usual.
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OMG AMANDA!!!! I am soooooooooo jealous...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
I will keep everything crossed for you!!!!!
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Congrats ( again)!  I am so stressed out too and I have considered doing acupuncture. I've done it before ( for fertility) and it really is relaxing. I haven't had to go after all becAuse I have been lowering my stress with daily hikes with our dogs. I've gone out by myself on a trail with a beautiful view and just counted my blessings!  I take deep breaths and think about how lucky I am to have my dd and dh and how I just pray this little ine will be joining our family in June. I just think good thoughts and it really helps!  And I do absolutely no more research on miscarriage etc! Best of luck!!!!!!
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I just wanted to congratulate you first of all!!!

I think it is great that you have continued taking all of your supplements.  That is a great way to start.  Also, I think the fact that you have now had one full term pregnancy, also works in your favor.

I think as a mother we just worry anyway.  I can imagine you worry more than the average woman, but I have never had any miscarriages and still always worry through the first trimester.  Then I worry a bit between appts. because I have to wait an entire month to hear a heartbeat again (talking about 2nd trimester before you can feel them move).  Then that last trimester I worry that something may happen before I give birth and worry about stillbirth.  I have never personally had one of those either.  But I just worry until I am holding them in my arms really.  I don't worry to the point that I don't allow myself to enjoy the pregnancy, but I always worry.

I would do exactly what you are doing with your doctor visits and I would just pray and have the best, most positive thoughts that you can.  Remember that you have support here along with your family :)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  I am very excited for you.

  I hope all goes well, do try to relax and not stress over this pregnancy.  
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Congrats!!!!!! I hope this is a very sticky bean. We will keep you in our thoughts here that everything goes well for you. When I found out I was pregnant again after my loss I realized
I had to take one day at a time and to put everything in gods hands.  Each of us can only do so much and many things are out of our control. It sounds like you are doing everything you can do to make this a healthy pregnancy.  Take care of yourself and the little one at home and let him be your focus.
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Congratulations Amanda! That is awesome.

I don't really have any advice, just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you.
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I am so happy for you!  BIG congrats!
First trimester is always stressful and I hope this time there will be no bleeding, no hematomas, none of that stressful stuff.  I pray it's smooth sailing from here for you.
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!  This is so wonderful and could not have happened to a better person.  You must be so excited on top of all the worry.  My only advice (besides the good old distraction) is to take the techniques you learned to help you manage your PPD and apply them to your current situation.  I know it is a little harder given your history, but some of the techniques will be helpful.  I have a good feeling about this pregnancy - try to stay positive.  My mom always told me (and I am prone to ruminative worry myself) to not "waste my worry" - I know it's easier said than done but those words of wisdom helped in some dark hours.  I will be thinking about you and sending all the sticky dust in the world.    
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am happy for you and your family.
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Thanks so much for all the comments and suggestion and especially the good wishes.  Now you see why I never tell anyone not to worry..lol, I would be a hypocrite.  It's actually not as bad as when I was pregnant with Ryder...maybe because I am so busy loving him!  DH is being supportive and giving me a good outlet to talk it through instead of just getting impatient (he tried last time, but got frustrated a bit with me).  I have been taking a pregnancy test daily (lol, I know, but I can't help it!)  just to watch that line darken up, and it is, just not as quickly as I would hope.  

Thanks again everyone, I sure appreciate the support!

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Congrats. After 2 m/c here I understand the anxiety.  At 10 weeks with my first son, dh bought me a hospital grade doppler so when I was anxious I could listen in.  I also spent a lot of time in my bible, thats just what worked for me.  Good luck to you.
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Thanks so much.  I have a really good doppler from when I was pregnant with Ryder so that really helps down the road a bit.  I used to listen in every day and it was amazing!  
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Congrats.  B complex vitamins helps the body deal with stresses and also would help morning sickness!  Good luck!
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Awesome game plan! Relax, Relax Relax!

All I can add is that I told my little Angel Coop to watch over your little bean!

I love you girly!
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Thanks so much Rachel...love you too honey!

Did a digi this afternoon (12DPO) and it came up pregnant, so starting to feel better.  We shall see what those beta's say.  

Thanks again for all the support everyone...it's so nice to have somewhere to turn and people who understand.
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congrats!! as you know i am a nervous wreck myself, but what has really helped my "unfocus" on beta nos and spotting issues is actually a novle... find on of those that are hard ot put down.. though i dount u will have enough time to read with a baby, but it fills ur brian with somthing else wheile the baby's asleep... I'm going through the Girl with the dragon tatoo trilogy... silly i know, but my son's 11 now and is always busy with after school stuff or homework.. so not to many other distractions, besides work of course!!

wishing u the best for the ENTIRE prgrenancy.. hopefully u will have another little ryder to cuddle next yr!! :)

tc.. F
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Congratulations!  Take it easy and let yourself be pampered... best advice I can give :oD Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!
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holy smokes,  i don't come on here for 2 weeks and you get knocked up!!!  I am so freaking excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I might be a close neighbor someday soon-  a move to montana has been discussed for our family!  I'll babysit for you!!!  :)
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Thanks again.  Today's appointment was really good.  It was my family Dr., not my OB, but he confirmed the pregnancy, sent me for my bloodwork and referred me back to my OB.  He happily told me all about his wife and how they had their last two kids when she was 44 & 45, and had also miscarried several times prior.  I love positive Dr.'s  My OB is like that as well...she miscarried then had her kids in her early 40's.  So I am surrounded by very positive medical staff.  You know, having that does truly make a difference.

Corrine...seriously?  It's still a 6 hour drive, but I love visiting Montana!!!!  Keep me posted...if you are that close and we don't actually meet I would be soooo disappointed!

Thanks again ladies.  It was odd, today a feeling of absolute calm came over me.  I am happy and excited, but not overly nervous anymore.  What will be will be...
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So glad your appointment went well!! I hope you can breath a little easier now and try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy:)  Sending you warm happy thought!!!

Can you feel them?? lol:~)
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Congratulations!  I'm really happy for you.  I was on here the same time you were when you were expecting Ryder.  Our little girl is now 7 months old and we are trying for another now.  Stay positive and I'm sure everything will go your way.
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