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Natural childbirth

To all mommies with their bundles of joy:
I am currently pregnant 29weeks and my desire is to have a natural child birth. By natural I mean with no medical drugs or chemical intervention. I wanted to connect with other ladies and listen to their experiences. BTW this is my 1St.

Thank you
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That's good..I had my first babygirl at 16 years old and I passed over my due date and for like 8 hours I was having a lot of contractions and no dialating at all....so I got induced and I had my lil babygirl she was born 8hours later after I got induce and I had it normal with no drugs at all even though deep inside the pain was killing me...
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So Im 21now and im38 weeks pregnant and i just hope i dont have a hard time with this Lil one
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When I had my daughter, I wasn't necessarily against medication, but I figured it would probably be better not to use anything; so I decided to just see how it went and not get the epidural unless I really needed it. Well....I needed it! I was induced a few days early (because I was on blood thinners), which I've heard makes the contractions worse...and on top of that I had back labor, where the baby was laying "sunny side up" (facing up towards your tummy instead of down towards your back)...and once the contractions got stronger, it HURT soooo bad!!! Mainly in the lower back/tailbone area. So....I ended up doing the epidural. Night and day difference! Anyway, now I'm pregnant again, and haven't decided what I'll do this time. Of course, at the moment, the baby's breech, so unless he turns, I might have to do a c-section, but we'll see. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience.  I think that's great that you're going to go all natural! Just don't be too hard on yourself if for some reason you change your mind last minute. Best of luck with everything!
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I went completely natural with my first (other than pitosin) my water broke a few weeks early so they had to jump start contractions...but i had NO PAIN MEDS at all...its not THAT bad...i mean it is... but it isnt its totally doable and i plan on having #2 due the same way...and im not even nervous about it...the main thing is...dont fight your body...try to relax so it can do what its supposed to...it knows what to do :)

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Just remember for thousands of years women have been giving birth with no drugs:) I look at it this way; for 9 months ur doc has said not to ingest anything that could affect baby. Why should those rules change on the day your child is going to be born? Drugs do affect labor & even more important it does affect the baby. Have faith in ur body, u were built to do this! Good luck & don't let anyone talk u into drugs if u don't want them.
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yep I've had 10 and they have all been active, drug free births, and if thats they way you want to do it trust in yourself and your body, you need to keep off the bed, stay upright and active and give your body a chance to produce its own endorphins for the pain, also get into the shower or bath/birthpool, hot water is an excellent  form of pain relief, also as long as everything is progressing as it should do not lie on your back to give birth, absolutley the wrong position to give birth in.... if you change your mind once in labour, thats your choice as well, as long as your comfortable with your decision :)
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Read up, and make sure you discuss what you want for the birth with your baby.  Make a birth plan and discuss with your doctor.

it is totally possible.  But do understand that not everything is predicatable in giving birth.

Stay fit and healthy.

Do you best to have an active labor (ie. moving around etc) and get good support people.
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