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Need your input on this minor thing....

Okay ladies, I need your help, advice, and thoughts.  During my "nightly inspection" before my bathtime I noticed a nickel size red bump/knot on my breast.  It is tender to the touch, and looks like maybe a boil? I have battled a horrible rash under them the entire pregnancy and have kept corn starch/powder and desitin on to help.  This bump wasn't there the night before (it is not where the rash has been, it's right under the nipple).  My dh thinks it is a boil and wants me to put triple anitibiotic ointment on it. I have just left it alone for now, but wanted to know what you think?  Is this something I should try to treat at home? Have any of you had this, or know anyone who has? I have had some sharp pains run through that breast on occasion, and just thought it was hormones. I am sure it's probably nothing, but something new to deal with.  Thanks
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hmmmmm I don't know what that would be.  What had the dr said about your rash?  Is it due to your pg?  I've been getting a lot of new moles. Some flesh colored and some darker.  Could it be something like that?  

I tend to put peroxide and then antibiotic oitment on anything I want to heal up.  

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could it be a bite?... I have had a bad itching on my breasts for about 6 weeks but it is on the upper side of them... I itch so bad that it gets red and bumpy but I can´t stop haha... it is miserable
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It could be an infected hair that just never broke out of the skin. If it's a boil - I just got this remedy thing in an email yesterday for all sorts of things.... here's what it said for a boil..---  Hunt's Tomato Paste boil cure... cover the boil with Hunt's Tomato Paste as a compress. The acids from the tomatoes soothe the pain and bring the boil to a head.
You could try it, the worst case would be you would waste a lil can of tomato paste.
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Thanks ladies. It is definitely inflamed, red, warm, and is tender. I will try the tomato paste to see if it helps. Such a tender spot ouch!! I don't back to the doc until the 11th, and I really don't want to call him over this!!  I didn't know you could get a boil from an infected hair on your booby. I haven't bothered him about the rash, because I just figured it was nature (size, and gravity, moisture).  Keeping it dry helps, it gets worse when I sweat. Thank goodness I am pregnant in the winter, I would be really miserable.
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The inflamed, red and warm does sound like a spider bite.  I didn't think of that until mel mentioned it.  I've had lots of spider bites and it sounds like what you have described.  
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Oh, you know if it could be a spider bite you should definitely have that checked. My DH's Grandma had a spider bite that turned into Mersa during Thanksgiving. She had to have a port stuck in her to have antibiotics injected all the time. Keep an eye on it, and check this webpage out.. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/107363/mersa_infections_a_bad_superbug.html
It has a picture what it can look like. Since it wasn't there one night but was the next, I would be concerned about the rate it has gotten so big and painful.
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For the most part, spider bites have a tendency to have a dark center, whereas, a boil will have a whitish-yellowish colored center. Hope that helps.
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haha we are all amiature dr ahah
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Well, it sounds kind of like a boil to me...I've been battling one "down there" for 2 months now and it is finally almost gone. I did consult the doc w/ mine and a boil = infection so you definitely should consult the doc to get on antibiotics, if your doc does agree it's a boil. The prob w/ mine is that it never came to a head b/c it was too deep inside. Most are from infected hair follicles...mine came from shaving and then wearing too tight panties while I went on a long walk. The next morning I noticed it and by that night it hurt to even walk. What my doc told me is to resist the urge to "pop" the thing if it does come to a head, because of the infection side of it. You don't want any of the infection from the burst head to stay inside and then go systemic.

If it's just under your nipple, it sounds like it could also be a blocked duct of some type (is it on the skin part or the dark part?). I think these are more common when our milk comes in, but I've heard of blocked ducts ahead of delivery, too, and it would make sense given how ginormous our hoochies have gotten.

Anyways, that's my two cents...definitely have your doc check it out. You don't want to be sorry later.

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PS, mine "down there" was the size of a grape and VERY tender. Now it's the size of a pea and the doc says most are somewhere inbetween that, some are red and inflamed externally and some are not. Mine, because it was so deep, was not red on the outside.

I think (not 100% sure) that the antibiotic my doc prescribed was Keflex (preggo brain also = short term memory). I didn't actually see my doc for 2 weeks after I noticed mine and I should  have gone in sooner.

Is it hard and firm to the touch or soft and squishy?
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It is soft and squishy, but it is hard to tell because of where it is.  I had a boil "down there" as well, right in the panty line a few months ago too, and it was horrible.  That is why I thought it was a boil.  This doesn't have a head. You know, it could be a spider bite, I didn't think of that.  I don't know why because I have had them living out here, they seem to like me. But the others have always oozed, and this isn't doing that.  It is actually bigger today, and dark purpish/red with a red ring around it (quarter size). My mil (was L&D nurse for 35 years) said it could be a blocked duct as well.  I think I will call the doc tomorrow and see if he wants to take a look at it.  I don't want it to get infected. Thanks everyone, I'll let you know what he says, just in case any of you have this happen.  
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Hey Carolyn,
Just wondering if you found out anything yet?
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