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No Pregnancy Symptoms

Hi all, right now I am about 6w5d pregnant,  not really having any serious symptoms... should I be worried that something is wrong? I have an ultra sound  in two days; Kinda nervous about it ,because of my history with miscarriages. Any one else out there that is experiencing the same?
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I had no symptoms at that point either which really worried me.  I'm sure you'll feel better once you see everything's fine on the u/s - good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!
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I second 40s mama...I had no symptoms that early either.  In fact, I was blessed with none of the yucky symptoms (nausea, swelling) but I did have terrible heartburn (I ate tums like candy).  Good luck, let us know what happens!
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Ok now I see your new post. I don't have that many symptoms either other than the minor cramping and sore boobs. So don't worry. Keep me posted.
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i didn't have any sypmtoms either at that time, i'm sure everything will be fine with the ultrasound, sometimes i still feel like i have no symptoms and i'm 18 weeks, so don't worry about it
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Some women have all the symptoms and some have none.  I was sick even before I took my 1st HPT with my 1st (eventually lost 16 lbs) and my bbs ended up getting so sore I could hardly move.  With the 2nd and 3rd the m/s came later and was less severe and my bbs didn't hurt AT ALL.  With this one (#4) my bbs have been tender since about 10DPO, but nothing major.  Right at 6 wks I started getting queasy.  Every woman AND every pregnancy is different.

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I will be 7 wks Friday and a couple days I had nausea, but other than that I don't even fell pregnant. The nausea was about a week or so ago
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Symptoms are different with everyone and with every pregnancy.  They can come and go, or not come at all.  Perhaps your one of those lucky women that will breeze through with no symptoms at all.  Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!!!
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I just thought of something else - for me the symptoms really didn't kick in until about the 8th or 9th week & boy, did they kick in!  And some stayed the whole pregnancy (nausea).  Congrats again!
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You women are great! Thanks for all your responses; we'll keep our fingers crossed until the u/s. Good luck to all.
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I'm 6w/5d and I've had symptoms come and go. I wish they were at least consistent ... either there or not. I always start worrying when they go :). It's exciting that you're going in for your u/s in such a short time! I cannot wait to hear about it. Keep us posted.
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I was the same way! And once you get past the point of your last MC you will be a peace. Im in my 3rd pregnancy after 2 MC and will be 30 wks on Sat. Just remember you arent alone and enjoy this time of growth....cause when the kicking gets strong and the sleeping becomes more difficult you will remember when you hardly had symptoms!! TRUST ME ON THIS! :-)

I pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you!

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Hi all! Did u/s and, and there it was! My tiny little embryo, with a heart beat! I shared with the tech who was doing the procedure that I did not feel pregnant, her response was "I mean, what do you wanna feel like?" The u/s went well the prg measured 7wks exactly. I feel a little at ease now, still nervous but hopeful. Thanks so much for the support.
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