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Not coping with exhaustion, toddlers and second pregnancy... Please HELP!

Hi there,
I need some help... I'm pregnant and due now in 7 weeks and I'm just not coping with my two and a half year old twins and being so extremely exhausted... Can anyone offer any suggestions of how to cope when you don't have anyone to turn to?

To put things in perspective this has been a very tough week.  Here is a list:
The twins and I are all sick
Twins haven't gone to their two days of daycare
It's raining and miserable weather so we have all been stuck at home
My hubby (bless him) has recently bought a new business and is gone very early and comes home very late
I also run my own business and am trying to train a very capable girl, but it's taking time
Did I mention that I'm still vomiting and sick from pregnancy
I am also suffering from restless leg syndrome whilst pregnant and not sleeping well because of it
I'm a diabetic
I have Hashimoto disease
I suffer from clinical depression
Oh and I'm soooooooo very extremely exhausted
And I'm sick of other people telling what to do!

What I need is some support and maybe things that you have done to help get you through being so exhausted.  The poor twins are getting yelled at because I've got nothing left in the tank.  I feel so sorry for them, and what's worse I'm feeling like such a bad mum for being so short tempered and angry.

Hope someone out there can give me some strategies to deal with this.

Please help me...
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Stop yelling.  That takes SO MUCH ENERGY.  The best kindergarten teachers whisper when they want to be heard.   Speak quietly,  and they will listen.  
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Prioritize! Forget about some things and focus in your kids and you wile U all r sick! They will be thankful for doing that. We are the same right now all sick and snowing outside.
I hope U guys get better soon!
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That sounds like a great plan. I just need to work on curbing my angry, and exhausted frustration which just leads o then exploding into a yelling frenzy.  I'll stop, take a breath, and whisper. I like it! Thanks.
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Thanks. I am trying to only do what is important, but it is very tough... And then my lovely husband tells his mum, after she called me a few times today and left messages asking how we all are (I just didn't want to answer the phone because I always get told what I should and shouldn't be doing), that all I need right now is a friendly voice and not to be told what to do. Hubby tells me she got very upset and hung up crying...  More stress for me.  Seriously this is tough enough without having to deal with everyone else's issues. Anyway in my effort to prioritize, I am not worrying about it and she must get over it. I know she is only being nice, and she doesn't even realize she is doing it, but enough is enough right now. I'm just not coping, I'm going to try and get through this as best I can and unfortunetly that means I come first not everyone else for once in my life!
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Hire a sitter and get some rest. Your plate is immensely full. If you can run your business from home, do it. If not and you can close shop for a few days, do it. I don't want to tell you what to do, but I realize that's kind of what I'm doing. Sorry. Your kids need a healthy rested momma. I'll be praying for you. BTW, my MIL is the same way and had some of the same reactions when my hubby had to tell her that her constant calling was making it difficult to get the baby to sleep for more than 10 minutes. She cried, she got angry, she got over it.
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