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Not pregnant...Need to lose weight!

Hi!  Well, I never did start my period but a blood test revealed that I am definately not pregnant, and I am also NOT going through menopause.  YAY...so there is still some time...maybe! =)  

I am 45 as of July of 2008...I am 5 foot 3 inches, and weigh 220 pounds.  I run a very busy daycare out of my home, so I don't get out much.  By the time the last one leaves I am wiped out!  I don't have the money to join "Curves" or a "gym", have considered weight watchers, and don't agree with the Atkins diet because our bodies were originally designed for a 'plant-based' diet, so straight meat worries me.  My sister lost weight with it, but she puts it right back on.  What I need is a fast weight to jumpstart the weight loss, so that I can see results over the next 3 months.  I want to be healthy and pregnant...not helpless!  I know with some direction I can do it, but I am not consistant if it requires too much time to 'plan' a meal based on counting this and weighing that.  I have the "apple" shape...my tummy looks like I am pregnant because of the way it sticks out.  I am not as strong as I used to be so I need to work on strengthing my muscles again.  

So...do any of you know a way to lose weight quickly if you are over 40, and have that stubborn belly fat thing going on?  I don't seem to lose weight by walking or exercise...doing that is going to be to get stronger and healthier...but it won't shrink my belly or my butt...sadly. =(  

Money is somewhat of an issue so I won't be able to join most of those Jenny Craig, LA weight loss things.  I am kind of thining Weight Watchers because it seems like it has been pretty successful and I can continue it pregnant.  Does anyone have any other idea's?  Maybe even a way to find an exercise that WILL help with weight loss.

Thanks so much!

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Us perimenopausal ladies must take care of ourselves and "the middle/tire" weight gain is all to common.
There is a nutritionist who is quite well respected called Anne louise gittleman.  She has written a book called the changing diet - for us in perimenopause.  Now I really don't follow the diet, although its worth a read because if you can just follow a few of her suggestions it will help - the other important tip is SUPPLEMENTS!!!  Flax oil and others help to reduce bloating which is a big problem in perimenopause.  I am big into B6, B12 and 3000 mg a day of C.
Check her out - she has lots of great suggestion.  
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Hi Tammy, the first thing I want to applaud you for is your honesty.  Talking about your weight is a very sensitive issue, and it sounds like you are determined to achieve a goal to meet a goal.  But, remember, any weightloss done fast, immediate, or quick, will not work!  You have to incorporate eating healthier smaller portioned meals coupled with routine daily exercise.  It's as simple as that.  Have you stuck with walking briskly long enough to see results?  Because a 30 minute brisk walk a day, over time can get you started off to a healthy beginning.  Unfortunately, "belly jelly" as I call it, is usually there to stay in spite of countless situps, I have it too.  So there is no one exercise that will target your belly.  That's not to say, situps and other exercises won't help lose inches and strengthen your abdomen muscles, because it will.  As for money, I'm sure you've heard, the only thing to invest in is a good pair of sneakers!  It does sound like your hands are full during the day, and time is of the essence, but you have to make time for you!  You mentioned you run a daycare out of your home?  With babies/toddlers?  There's your buddies and your incentive!  Could you put music on and dance or jump around for 20 minutes??  You'll get the needed exercise, and they'll just laugh their heads off!  Anyway, hope some of my ideas helped.  I know it's frustrating and hard to get started, but once you do...it will be the beginning of a whole new lifestyle for you!  Try to keep a journal too, what you eat during the day, the time you eat, and what you're feeling...huge help!!  Best of luck to you!  Pam
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I did weight watchers, and I highly recommend it.  My husband lost 75 lbs in four months, I lost 30.  I did also do some running, but only 3-4x per week.  My husband did no exercise at all.  It is an easy diet and you are not hungry.  
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You're a brave woman! Undertaking a weight loss plan is so hard...trust me I know. I'm overweight, also. Same weight as you, just two inches taller. LOL. Anyway...if you really want a "jumpstart" (which isn't always a good idea, but does wonders for the psyche), I would recommend a liquid diet for a week or ten days. After that, you're on the right track...Weight Watchers is a wonderful, effective, easy-to-use program. I know countless people who have lost weight and kept it off with WW.

The only other thing I want to point out is that - and I hope the vegans won't get upset - our bodies *weren't actually designed to have a plant-based diet. We have a huge need for protein, which most of us don't get enough of. And, yes, you can get protein from some types of beans and other non-animal products...but our bodies were definately designed to have a mixed diet, according to most nutrition experts.

Anyway...good luck with whatever plan you decide to go with!

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Good for you for wanting to be healthier!  Something we could probably all work harder at.  I guess I personally don't believe there is any healthy "fast track".  In all honesty, working on portion control, healthy balanced diet and excercise is the best way to not only take off weight, but keep it off.  When you do it too quickly, it can cause problems, and typically will go right back on.  I don't know what your diet is like now, however, exchange anything white (bread, rice, pasta) for whole wheat or whole grain.  Exchange unhealthy sugary snacks for fruit, yogurt, etc.  I hate to excercise, and have absolutely no desire to join a gym.  Instead, I walk every day.  DH and I often do it together, and its sort of a nice "date" after a hectic day.  I also make use of our community centre and swim at the drop in programs.  Walking is great excercise, you don't really need any special equipment (just a good pair of shoes) and its amazing how much better I feel.  I sleep better, have more energy, etc.  Sorry, I know this probably isn't the information you were looking for, but I have seen so many spend a lot of money on diets, etc. just to put it back on.  Changing over all habits will help you not only lose the weight, but feel better and have more energy.  Just my two cents.  Good luck to you, and I also applaud you!!

FYI - MedHelp also has a weight loss forum and a healthy cooking forum.  You may find both helpful as well!!
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I changed my diet to "lean meats" and lots of chicken and veggies. Cut out the sugary fruits and stick to strawberries and blueberries. Get rid of the white breads and switch to wheat. I also got on the bike to ride at least 6 miles 4x a week. Drink TONS of water! Also, portion control...I have actually put weight back on since I went crazy off my diet and couldn't exercise because I have 2 small ones and DH can work a week at a time. We invested in a thing to put my own bike on so that I can ride it on the porch and not leave the house. Cardio is the BEST For all fat. When I was riding my bike that much, it was melting off, but, thighs, belly.. I can really tell a difference going off. It works quick too! Good Luck to you!
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back in 07 i knew that i would maybe want to ttc eventually. i am 5'31/2" and i was 224 lbs.  i joined sureslim (not cheap pay up front, its good for a year of motivation and weigh-ins - if you get pregnant during that year you have to stop the plan, might be able to suspend membership but no refunds) in early august lost 45 pounds by january 08.  stopped going to sureslim in january, hung on to my weight loss for a good while but its creeped up to 190. purely my fault, somewhat went back to eating bigger portions which i know is not good.  my ob wants me to lose 10lbs by jan 22nd (from october 08). i want to lose at least 15lbs.  if i went back to following the sureslim diet plan i know i could do it but i'm trying to still have a life so still hoping to get to 175-180. weight loss is all about watching your portions, your calories and with those calories making good food choices (so that the calories you do eat matter nutritionally).  On sureslim they come up with allowable foods, give you specific weights and guidelines and you can only have three meals spaced 5 hours apart.  portion control is the key, i didn't have to exercise to lose the 45 lbs it was all about food intake. my ob seems to want someone my height at 175lbs.

whatever diet you choose i hope it works for you. good luck.
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Wow...Ladies...So much GREAT info...This works for me. ;o) Tammy...I just want to ditto what all the other ladies have said about you being brave... ;o) I too am working on weightloss. I have to say that walking has been THE best thing for me & I have access to a gym, all types of equipment & classes, but walking was what did it for me. Like someone said...it's free...a good pair of sneakers & you are off. I really thought the idea Pam had about dancing & jumping around w/ the children is excellent. If you do it at the right time...they are ready for nap time afterwards. ;o) if you are working with someone, mayber you can grab a quick 20 mins Power Walk up & down your street once they do take a nap. I lost so many inches while walking...I was walking 6 miles a day & my stomach did go down. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon & tummy started inching back up, but am starting again come Monday. The smaller meals (4-6 per day) is really good. Although I said "meals"...it includes your snacks. Hope my 2cents helps. ;o)  


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some practical weight loss ideas that don't involve counting calories;

- cut out all sodas and sweetened drinks, including diet. replace with water.
- no sugar in tea or coffee
- drink 2 glasses of water or a large bowl of broth type soup, before your main meals.
- at least 1/2 your plate should be salad or veges.  No mayo.  Use vinagrette and other light dressings if you must.
- no deep fried foods.
- limit bread and cakes to 1 serve (2 slices, or 1 piece) a day.
- always eat sitting down.
- allow at one treat a week, make sure it is something your really really want and then enjoy it, complete denial isn't good.
- don't buy treats that you know you will overeat.  If you must eat them go out to have it, don't keep it in your house.  Portion control.  ie. buy icecream in small portions not by the tub.
- I don't beleive in low fat foods.  Better eat regular fat foods, but limit the quantity.  Regular fat is more satisfying and you need fats in your diet.

Hope this helps.
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I am right there with you, I am also trying to loose weight so I can conceieve. I actually lost weight during the summer doing partial atkins.(and got pregnant and lost the baby) so back on my diet,  I cut all refined sugars and white bread, no sweets, etc. Protein is important because it does not effect your sugar level as sugar does or carbs do. When you alot of sugar or carbs, you feel a high, crash and then you feel hungry again. So, I stick to my meat and berry fruits. certain fruits will trun into sugar, thus making hard to loose those pounds. I used splenda in my coffee instead of nutra sweet as it has aspertame in it, which is also not good. Also, kick boxing for is the best cause it works your whole body, i love going to the gym but you can also use tapes/dvds and do it friends. Network for that extra push which also makes it fun.      Good luck : )
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Hi Tammy!  I'm so glad to hear that you can still conceive:)  I'm only several years behind you so I'm looking to you for inspiration!

After spending my teen years and early '20s in perpetual diet mode (I know I was a borderline case), I'd like to share with you what finally evolved for me naturally.

"Clean eating" and exercise!  I know you're not liking my second suggestion, but truly, it makes a difference not only in the number on the scale, but much more importantly, how you feel emotionally. When I exercise, I  feel so much better, on so many levels...maybe you could sneak in a walk for about 1/2 hour every day - maybe early in the morning or after dinner - I guarantee you will feel more energized.

When I say "clean eating" what I mean by that is to kick out all the white **** that is so prevalent in today's food and just focus on real food. Check the labels and if you can't pronounce or recognize all the chemical sounding names, then stay away from it.  Focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil for your salads.  Yogurt.  Unsalted almonds for snacking.  

What I also try to do is focus on a 80%/20% plan, so, during this holiday season, if I know I'll be going to a dinner or party, I'll make sure to eat really heathy for the rest of the day and the day before and following.  That way I let myself indulge at that party:)

Good luck Tammy!  
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Three years ago at age 52, I weighed in at my highest.  I am 5'7" and weighed almost 350 pounds.  I have dieted all my life.  Each diet was successful, but after stopping the "diet" my weight always returned plus some extra pounds.

350 pounds scared the living daylights out of me. (I also became insulin dependent)  I started on a "life-style" change for the first time in my life.  I did NOT diet.  Diets don't work.

I cut out all bread in my diet, except for high fiber cereals.  No fried food whatsoever.  I stopped eating red meat altogether.  I filled myself on chicken, fish, pork (the other lean white meat) and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. I never ate after dinner time.  

I stopped eating alot of sugar.  No sugar in coffee, no added sugar to cold cereals and used  2% fat milk.  I couldn't stand the 1% or skim.  Yuck!  To satisfy my sweet tooth, I would occasionally have sherbert (no fat in that) despite it being high in sugar.

For the first time in my life, I didn't feel deprived and because I felt better, I noticed I WANTED to exercise more.  Just parking away from the front of stores, is one of the most helpful things in the world.  I found something I loved to do without thinking of it as exercise...gardening.  Lots and lots of flower beds.

Within two years, I had dropped 125 pounds and was no longer considered an insulin diabetic.  All diabetes medications were removed.  It is now almost 3 1/2 years later and I have kept over 100 pounds off, with little to no effort.  I have never been successful at keeping weight off before.  It was the lifestyle change I made in my life, that worked.  You feel so good, the exercise soon follows, because you want to do something to keep active.

When I finally have plastic surgery to rid myself of the tummy "mud-flap" as I call it, from having two big babies and lots of stretched skin from carrying around all that weight, I believe that will be another 10 pounds instantly gone.  I also have alot of excess skin in my upper arms, which I call my "angel wings," and hope to have that removed as well.  It certainly will make my blouses fit better and I will be able to wear a smaller size.

So, I went from a size 28 jean to a size 18, almost 16.  All because of a lifestyle change and no active dieting.  As long as I remained active, I was able to start to eat a little bit more fat in my diet, without gaining weight.  

It will always be a struggle to maintain, since I am prone to being heavy.  I never thought I would ever see a size 18 pant again.  Lord what a difference it's made in my life...all because I gave up dieting...

I wish you the best of luck.  Everyone has their ideas of how to lose weight.  I have certainly tried them all.  If its calorie counting and portion size control, it never worked for me.  It's amazing how much food you can actually eat, when it's baked meats or grilled.  The red meat was hard for me to give up...I love my beef, but Lord it takes a long time to digest and is high in calories.   I do miss my breads, but actually have lost my taste for gravy's and high fat foods, that I once loved.

If I can do it, ANYBODY can do it.  I was fat most of my now 55 years on this earth.  I still want to lose a bit more, but I don't think I'll ever have to worry about seeing that "3" number on the scale anymore.

Best of luck to you....

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