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Nursing effects on fertility?

I'd love to hear the group's perspective on this one.  My PT this morning was negative :-(.  From my BBT surge, I'm fairly sure that I ovulated, and although I had a BBT dip mid-phase, in theory my luteal phase was long enough because I didn't start bleeding (I am on progesterone to help treat short luteal phase).  I'm trying to figure out what went wrong this time, and am wondering how my nursing my first born is affecting things.  I know that nursing can a) prevent ovulation and b) affect luteal phase, but I think both of those things are working fine.  I can't find any detailed information about this on the web; anyone out there have info or experience to share?  Thanks.
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I always thought you didn't ovulate while still nursing.  Other than that, I'm sorry, I can't be of any help at all.  I wish you luck though!!
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Hello!  I'm not quite sure on this either.  I do know while nursing, you are not very fertile, but you are not infertile.  Also, because of hormones produced by breastfeeding, it lowers your chances to ovulate...but, you definitely can ovulate and you most definitely can become pregnant.  But, you probabably knew that already : )
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I think that once you get AF you start ovulating even if you are breastfeeding. how old is your first born?
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My first born is 15 mo.  He doesn't nurse much anymore- mostly comfort in the morning and evening.  I'm still learning the ropes here- what is AF?  Thanks!
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AF stands for Aunt Flo.  Or, your period!!  All these terms can be so confusing...I have been here almost a year and still get stumped..lol.
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Thanks, Adgal!  So, AF has visited for almost a year (monthly, of course).  I track BBT every morning, and I appear to be ovulating fine (although last month was late, probably due to stress).  I'm playing phone tag with my OB at the moment... I'll let you all know what she says about all of this.
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Hi Anna,
If you are getting your period, chances are you are ovulating. I am still nursing my 5 1/2 mo. and haven't gotten mine yet.  I would like to get mine back so that I can start tracking my "O" schedule. I think I would like 1 more child and I don't want to wait too long.
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Okay, finally got in touch with my OB.  Here's what I've learned from her:

1) The main thing about nursing is prevention of ovulation, which generally only happens when you are still exclusively nursing. I've been ovluating since my son turned 6 mo and started eating solids in addition to breast feeding.
2) Progesterone supplements should not prevent your period

So, here I am at day 13 since ovulation with a negative pregnancy test but no period (odd for me).  The doc says that if I don't start bleeding in the next few days to test again. Probably false hopes... I know this may sound nuts, but my partner is extremely intuitive and correctly predicted the last pregnancy (and non-pregnancy).  This time, she had said that it seemed to her that I was pregnant, but then later she had a dream that the test was negative.  Of course, I could have had a "chemical pregnancy".  Anyhow, right now I want to believe that the test was wrong (taken 12 days after IUI).  Unlikely but...
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Dang it, AF just arrived.  We are ready to have a consult with a real Endrocinologist (sp?).
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Oh, Darn, so sorry :(
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Heya Anna, not sure if you'll see this as it was posted two months ago? Anyhoo...I am nursing my 28mth old and had an early miscarriage last Xmas. I started charting my BBT and found that I do ovulate but it is late in my cycle - known as a luteal phase defect. My cycles have been from 24 days to 31 days so not regular and my LP (from ovulation to AF) is on average 8 days. Never 10+ which is what it should be for a pregnancy to stick!

You can take Clomid to help with this but its unlikely any professional will help whilst still nursing so I have been looking into natural remedies. There are two - Chasteberry (aka Vitex) and Red Raspberry Leaf supplements which act like prostergene which increases your LP and 'conditions the uterus' for implantation. Both are mentioned on Kellymom, a breastfeeding site, in relation to increasing (or decreasing) milk supply (said not to effect established nursing) so can be taken whilst nursing!

I am still researching into how much to take and hoping to buy some tomorrow! It is slow though...taking 3mths to build up in your system enough to take effect.

Hope that helps! If you get this message or want to talk more you can email me at ***@****

Jo xxx
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