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Odd period last cycle

This might be a dumb question but..

Can you be pregnant if you had a "short" period?

Last cycle was 3 days late. I took a pg test, it was neg, period started that afternoon. BUT it only lasted until the afternoon the next day. Nothing the day after that, then very light spotting the next, then completely gone. Then I had a lot of cm day 8, but have been wondering if possible that early or something else...

Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I don't usually have such short cycles and my belly is somewhat bloated all of a sudden.

Guess it could just be premenopas or weight gain but can it be possible?
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I'd take a second pregnancy test -

Sometimes when women have a "period" it is implantation bleeding, or similar.  
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I thought about it and guess that's the only way to know for sure. I've just taken so many and can't handle any more negatives and was wondering if anyone else experienced this and turned out to be pregnant.

I'm worried it's a sign that my cycles are slowing down and I'm entering "the change". I'll be 40 soon.
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Hope you are prengnant!  But If you were pregnant, do women still ovulate and have CM during pregnancy?  I ask because you say you had CM on Day 8.  Brings up a good question for us 35+ community members!  SSBD your way!  
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It's always possible.  If you are thinking implantation bleeding, it typically does not last long. And in all honesty it is not all that common.  But it certainly is possible.  I would take another test or see your Dr.  Good luck to you!
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I am pregnant right now(just found out), what a surprise and a miracle God has given us, we're both still in a state of shock. But with my youngest Daughter i did the same thing. I spotted very lightly and it was only a light pink in color. That was abnormal for me and sure enough, i was pregnant. So, if this is not normal for you then even though you've taken a pregnancy test and it showed negative, I strongly advise that you take another one.   But, yes, this could also be premenopausal symptoms. I am 39, in the past year i've noticed my periods coming a couple days earlier, a couple days later. Girl, its a toss up. Right now, i would just take another pregnancy test.  Good luck to you and take care. :)
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It's probably premenopause for me...  I'm really starting to think it's just not going to happen now.  It's been 9 months since the mc.  Something is just not right if we got pregnant so fast the first time, then I lost it, and now after all these months of trying again ...nothing...  I think it's now time for me to face the reality that my time is done.  My cycles are now irregular, they use to never be, and they're changing for the worse.  I don't mean to be gross, but my periods are so much heavier than they have ever been in the past and I have lots of clots with them.  I never had this before.  I've read that as your progestrone begins to decrease as you enter premenopause, that can happen.  Makes me so sad.  My husband though is a real sweet heart.  He really wanted a baby and I asked him if he was going to be ok if it didn't happen.  He just says he loves me and if it ends up being just the two of us, then that is completely ok.  I just hate it though.  He just turned 41.  We married last year and he wanted to start trying immediatly.  He was so excited about it too.  I feel like such a disapointment and worry about it every day.  I know he says it doesn't matter, but it makes me so sad knowing how much he wanted a baby and know matter what I try and do, I can't make it happen.  I'm so fearful of how it may affect our marriage in the future.  
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