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One more Heparin Question?

So i realized my new heparin looks different due to it being from a different manufacturer than my old heparin (the new is from baxter vs APP)  but i'm worried since the new heparin doesn't burn when i inject it like the old stuff did... Anyone use the baxter brand(brown label) , I have read it over and over again, and its the same dosing 10,000 units/ml and everything, but it doesnt' burn at all when I inject it.. Makes me soooo nervous that its not right! I dont' like the pain, but if it means we can have a healthy baby I'll take a few seconds of pain! Thanks for any info/experiences!
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i use the brown label and sometimes it burns and sometiems it doesnt...i also have some times when i bleed and others i dont...i chalk it up to it depends where im sticking myself

i noticed pockets that form after i inject and if i inject close to them it burns like crazy...i prefer the non burning sites to inject myself

feel free to email anytime...ive been on this for awhile now and im not any pro but its nice to know im not alone in taking this

oh and my doc today upset me...they said there is no need to induce today...so as of now they are letting me all natural...saying i only have to be off heparin for 6 hours to get the epidural...im so frustrated with these inconsistent docs...oh well...my baby was 3 lbs 6 oz and she's still healthy and growing so thats what matters
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I have heard that as well - about the 12 hours off heparin before epidural, but that they could do it if needed before then .. How about the asprin? I stopped that one week before we were scheduled.. Did you ask about that?  I have several friends here that go to differnet doctors that are on heparin, and from what I know they are all getting/got  induced or scheduled as well.. . humm.. but I know the dose of heparin (5,000 units) is very very small when it comes down to it they say.. Thanks so much for the info!  OH yea FYI!!! So I got lucky with my pregnancy and didnt' have many stretch marks, however I do have these permanant bruises/brown "dents" in my stomach where I injected into the same inflammed spots too many times, resulting in Permanant discoloration/hyerpigmentation with a "dent" for lack of better words.. SOOO if the spot seems sore, defintely try injecting elsewhere.. Of course i'm nervous to inject anywhere but my stomach - I need to move onto my thighs or something- Where else do you inject?
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i basically have been sticking to the sides of my stomach....i always tap my skin and if it feels flabby i stick myself there...if it feels hard i stay away...sometimes though i mess up and that burns like crazy

im currently on 10,000 units of heparin....they increased me at 28 weeks...so who knows...if it only needs 6 hours than why am i waiting every 12 hours to take the med...im still frustrated after my appt yesterday because the doc was talking in circles to me...im going to ask my reg ob today about and see what they say...im sure ill get a different story

my other concern is the size of the baby...i was only 29.5 weeks yesterday and the baby was measuring 31+ weeks and weighs 3 lbs 6 oz already....if they let me go full term imagine the size of this baby...

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how did the dr apt go?   so are you on 10,000 units twice a day? or total a day is 10,000? as far as the size of the baby, they can be sooo off on that! but i ws measuring 3 or 4 weeks ahead when in my 30 weeks as well.. That is one reason we went ahead and had her a little earlier (37 weeks) as well. she was 7 lbs 11 oz at 37 weeks, they were estimating 8 lb 9 oz i believe... when they thought i could have a vaginal birth they wanted to induce me early due to the size, but turns out i needed a c section anyways..let me know how it went! yay so excited for ya!
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im up to 10,000 units twice a day now....im not sure how long i stay at this dosage but i know as i start finishing up the heparin ill start backing down on doses...just not sure when that starts to happen

my doc appt went well...surprisingly i had a contraction while the doc was measuring me which threw me off because i had no contractions that i ever felt with my son so it was a new feeling...my belly was measuring right at 30 weeks and hb was good too...i go back aug 3 for next reg ob appt and they are supposed to start scheduling NST testing at that appt too...my reg ob said that if my cervix is favorable they would most likely induce but there are so many factors that need to come into play before they make a decision to induce early...which makes sense but she seemed to think i would def have the baby by 39 weeks

im just gonna keep taking it doc appt by doc appt...next u/s is aug 16....im sure the story will change again but we'll see

how are you doing?
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