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Hi Ladies! Would you believe this one! I had no idea that I could be very pregnant right now  as I sit here writing this.  Let me start at the beginning.  My Ovulation day was the 14th of Nov. so my hubby and I were doing our dance to TTC and about 3 days later I start to feel menstrual cramping, didn't think much of it. Then about 3 days after that I get a weird bloated feeling in my upper abdominal region just under my bra line along with 2 headaches one after the other. I just thought maybe something I ate. OK, the day after that I get terrible lower back aches which I seldom get only a day or two before my AF. Keep in mind that these symptoms started 14 days BEFORE  my AF is due. I'm  not due until the 28th of this month so I definitely  should not be  PMS-ing. I only get mild PMS 3 days max before the on set of AF.  At this moment it is the 26th and my symptoms are getting stronger and I feel more uncomfortable with each passing day also  i have a bit of frequent urinating. The worse is the darn bloat in my upper abdominal area.  Anyway, I decided to Google the question, "Is PMS a symptom of early pregnancy?" Low and behold! it is!!!!!!  I really had no idea!  The one thing that gave it away for me is this strange feeling with this bloat!  I had the same feeling when I was pregnant with my 3.5 year old son.  That is the only reason I thought maybe could I be?  I get no other symptoms at all throughout my whole pregnancy. I guess I'm just lucky that way.  So if anyone was wondering what were the first symptoms right after conception, this is it!! PMS!!!!   I can verify that Online!   So you don't have to wait til after your first missed AF.  If you feel these symptoms  3-4 days after unprotected sex and you know you were ovulating for sure then you might just have figured out that you are pregnant. I won't know officially till I get tested after the 28th.  Now you can pay attention to those little nagging symptoms and not wonder why you are getting such early PMS.  Keep in mind that one of the reasons that I don't buy early pregnancy tests, that let you know 5 days before your missed AF, is because I have had positive readings before and then when my AF was due it just came and went. So it ended up being a miscarriage. I know NOW that I am pregnant but will it stick with me???? Only God knows, so why even bother with the early test?  Why spend all that money? I figure just be patient and wait, just because I may be pregnant now doesn't mean that it will stay with me after my cycle due date :(.  This saves money and disappointment.  Just thought I would share my own experience with all this stuff.   Very surprising stuff things that they should make more women aware of.   Just food for thought!!!!:)
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Funny, because I am 12DPO & I have been bloated, headache, edgy some heart burn......EVERY day for about 8-9 days now.  (but I am on crinone 8% once @ night)  & I was just leaving a friend a note telling her that I have an achy feeling in my lower belly, which reminds me of the feeling I would have before I always got my BFP's.
Not saying I am pg right now, cuz I'm kinda loosing hope;(  But it is true for me as well, that I get VERY real pms symptoms when I am newly pg, then @ about a day or two after I would find out I was, my achy lower belly would feel normal again...well, until it grew;)

Good luck this month;o}
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I totally understand what your saying, but just want to offer a word of caution....every women and every pregnancy is different.  Symptoms are not the best way to determine pregnancy, and pretty much all Dr.`s will say that.   The only reason I say that is if you are experiencing multiple miscarriages, but don`t know due to not having pregnancy confirmed, you may be missing out on testing that can help determine why. Also, typically a chemical pregnancy is much like AF but late. It will almost never start on the day AF was actually due.  Mine were almost always a week or so later then normal, and much heavier.  If you suspect pregnancy, put your mind at ease and take a hpt, or have a blood test done.  It is the best and really only certain way to determine a pregnancy.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for you...I hope this is it!!!!
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Symptoms can never be taken as a sign of pregnancy.  The only thing that means anything is a positive HPT or blood test.
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Thanks I know what you mean, of course the only way to know for sure is a HPT I just don't like buying one to find out 5 days before my missed AF it just is of no point. As I mentioned earlier, my periods are usually  very uneventful and my  PMS is about 2-3 days before so paying attention to my symptoms are very important. In fact even online it says that after conception symptoms are in fact PMS symptoms. I remember from my last time being pregnant. At least for me it was a dead give away! I don't usually have miscarriages monthly if I gave anyone that impression. I believe this year I may have  only felt  three this way. Once in  January where I was even a week late on my AF, in August I was 3 days early  and the other presently.  My AF is usually like clockwork on time!  I sure will be testing on the 29th if I don't get any AF by then. All the times I have ever felt these early symptoms it always tested negative. Probably tested after I got my AF so I don't really know officially if I was pregnant or not. Maybe I will just spend the money and find out as soon as I have the onset of these symptoms although now it's too late because my AF is due tomorrow. Darn! I could have tested well over 5 days ago. Oh Well, I'll not soon enough!  I'll keep you posted!
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I don't blame you for not wanting to do an early test.  They are really most accurate when used after AF due date.  I just don't think it's a good assumption that if you get AF that it's a miscarriage, not just plain old AF.  That can really mess with your mind, and symptoms are just not a good way to determine.  They can mean so many other things as well.  Good luck, I hope it's positive!
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Hi Alba!

Yes, this is something I've often thought about, too - that early pregnancy symptoms can be EXACTLY like PMS.  Although I have not been pregnant yet (that I know of), I realize now that I should not get bummed out as soon as I feel those sore BBs and mood swings - because, who knows? You know?

So far I've always gotten AF before I've reached for the pee sticks, but I have some on hand for the next time AF's A MINUTE late.  LOL!

Best wishes,
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