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PREGNANT - unplanned at 42 !!!

I did not think this could ever happen to me, but here it is: I am pregnant at 42.5 and this was not even planned!! It was a one time thing. I discovered it this week and I am still under chock, I can't believe it.

I have a beautiful 15 months old baby boy and it took 4 full years to conceive him, I delivered him at 41.5. I had 3 miscarriages as well. The first 2 years of trying to actively conceive, I did not get pregnant once: unexplained infertility...

On top of that, I have only one working ovary. Recently I had 22-24 days between my periods. And almost no symptoms anymore during ovulation time. And I stopped breastfeeding a month and a half ago, though my periods came back a year ago but we were careful until this one time. So yes hubby and I were not careful the other day but I reassured him by telling him that there was about 1% of chance I could get pregnant... Wrong!!!

I am really scared, we had not made up our mind about having an other baby and were actually thinking not to have an other one as raising one baby can be stressful... I don't even want to think about raising 2 babies that would be 24 months apart!

I thought I would share my story here. I really think that the less you focus on being pregnant, the more it happens! Not sure if this pregnancy will go OK or not, I am taking it day by day.
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Well congrats!  My boys are 18 months apart and it is so nice because they have someone to play with.  They are now 9 and 7.  We also have thrown a now almost 6 month old baby girl in the mix too!  Good luck and congrats again on your little blessing!
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I started at least 3 notes to you today, and erased all of them.  I knew this wasn't part of the plan and didn't quite know what to say (didn't want to stick my foot in my mouth..lol).  I have to say this though...I am so excited for you!  Benoit is so beautiful and you seem like such a wonderful mother.  So I shall say congrats and best wishes.  Day by day is all any of us can do, and you have always had such a wonderful perspective on things.  I so look forward to your updates, and wish you a happy & healthy 9 months!  
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Well my boys are exactly 15 months apart and they are currently 4 and 2! They actually weren't stessful at all. They actually keep each other busy! They are so close and sometimes they do bother each other,ough of each other. Oh I am now pregnant with a baby girl whom is due Jan 1st. It isn't easy but it is surely worth it!!
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How exciting for you.......  this is wonderful.  Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months.
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You are so blessed to have had this happen.  So many women on here are over 42 and are desperate to make happen what you did all on your own.  Be thankful and go ahead, have your baby!  All children are work, but it is all for a great purpose. Besides your little one with have a playmate and sibling - a very important advantage later on in life.  Good luck to you and your hubby and don't be afraid of having two babies - its not like its twins!  :)
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Thanks ladies, I am a bit less stressed now: I am getting used to the idea! I think it's great that my son will have a playmate, he is super social and loves kids.

I am just worried about my husband: he suffered from post-partum depression when Benoit was born, it was tough at first. He takes medication but is fragile. And I travel a lot for my job, hubby ends up being like a single father at times, I have a hard time seeing him alone with 2 young babies... if the pregnancy sticks either I start looking for an other job or we hire an au-pair!

I am hoping the pregnancy sticks, I am doing a 48 hours HCG blood test, I should have the results Tuesday.

Good luck to you all, life can be full of surprises!
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