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Ok ladies.  I know nothing about this topic and really need to know what you think.  I have always been a 28 day girl.  For as long as I have been tracking ovulation, I o around day 13 or 14.  Some of you know from my last post that I have started having strong symptoms around ovulation...sore breasts, bloating, crabby..lol, etc.  This month those symptoms lasted right up until I got AF.  Today is cycle day 3, they went away yesterday completely.  I know this is due to increased progesterone, but am wondering if you think it might be a symptom of perimenopause.  My last 3 cycles have also been a bit irregular.  26 days..not a big change.  28 days, normal.  This time AF started on CD 22!!  OPK still showed positive CD 13, so O was normal. What the heck?  Now, I have no issue aging..I have earned every wrinkle and am darned proud of them. However, although I am coming to terms with the fact that Ryder may be an only child, I am not yet ready to close the door completely.  I still have that glimmer of hope.  What do you ladies think?  Just an odd cycle, or are these typical perimenopause signs?
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The shorter cycle could definitely be just an odd cycle. I had a 22 day cycle over a year ago and it hasn't happened again since then. I don't know much about perimenopause signs, but about 6 months back I started getting sore breasts around ovulation time that lasted up until my AF started. I asked my doctor and she suggested they could be fibroids that it is common in women over 35 and she said I should cut out all caffeine. I already had cut out caffeinated drinks but she said I needed to also cut all chocolate. I thought she was nuts because I had no other signs of fibroids, but tried the no caffeine for a month and the soreness didn't occur that month. I have started back on the chocolate because I decided the soreness isn't that bad. Our bodies go through so many changes as we age so I wouldn't panic too much that it is perimenopause because it could be any minor hormone change. Even stress can cause wierd things even at times we don't realize we are feeling that stressed.
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That's what happened to me even though my Dr insisted it wasn't. Now I've officially completed menopause. It's been a full yr since I've had a period. You're still good though. You can conceive until you've gone a full year. It's harder to track it though when your period is irregular. You may just need help. I'm pulling for you girl!!! I'm devastated for myself but you are an inspiration to me so I keep following your progress. Good luck xoxoxoxo
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Dawn, I just miss you so much honey.  I love hearing from you.  Thank you so much. I'm sorry you are in menopause now.  I always kinda hoped you and I would get to go through a pregnancy together.  (((hugs))) to you.  

Thanks for the input renny. I hope you are right and it's just one of those weird cycles.  I am just not ready to close that door.  
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Perimenopause can last from 3 - 15 years before menopause kicks in. A FEMALE ob/gyn told me that. Male doctors are always in total denial when it comes to anything about women's health.lol
I've had all the symptoms since I was in my early 30's, but my MALE doctor refused to acknowledge it.
One of the possible symptoms includes your period going through abnormal fluctuations...(I'm a 28 day cycle gal too, but over the past 4 years I've had some that were 23 and 30)
My last few cycles were: 28, 24,29,27,28,26... I keep track on mymonthlycycles. so that I can show it to these outdated male doctors. lol

Keep that in mind, and perhaps it will put your mind at ease...look at me...I swore up and down just a few days ago that I was starting meno...and what happened?

On a side note, I found a site that compares perimeno symptoms to pregnancy symptoms...according to that site, the symptoms are identical...no wonder so many of us "older ladies" get confused each month. Sore breasts, frequent urination, etc.drives you crazy.

Hope some of that info helps to ease your mind. : )

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