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Please Help me. 36-39 weeks pregnant

My name is Natasha. I am 23 years old. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child. My 1st 2 pregnancies were identical in every way. was admitted to the hospital at 33 weeks for preterm labor. They stoped my contractions every day until the amniocentesis said they were developed both induced at 36 weeks. I have spinal stenosis and the back pain was crippling. Both were girls. This pregnancy however has been 100% different. It is my boy thank God. I know for 100% fact the start of my last period was November 8th 2012. I know because i write it down on my calendar every time. I am very OCD.My question is "Is the LPD (start of my last period) more accurate then the ultrasound. see the thing is, and i hate to admit it, but the first month of the pregnancy I smoked alot (It was December and my husbands family likes to party) and i drank alot. The second the test said "pregnant" i stopped. But i had just started my job where i was working 4am-2pm mon - fri. I am not a morning person. I drank a 24oz of redbull every morning for 5 months. I was then injured and because of my previous back conditions it was made worse and i was forced to go on leave of absence. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon since along with my OBGYN. I have been taking vicodin 10mg twice a day since to try and tolerate the pain. The doctors told me my due date was 8/15/13 (which was awesome because that is my birthday) 6 months in the pregnancy, they did an ultrasound and said they were moving the date back to 9/07/13. The baby is footling breech and the placenta is not where it should be. I was told today that the placenta is blocking the uteris opening and i have to be scheduled for a c-section. My pain from my back is so bad right now that i am taking 6 10mg vicodine a day just to be able to walk to the bathroom. Is it possible they can be wrong about the due date. I don't want to go 43 weeks because they think baby is a little small. if i am 36 weeks i am in the 70th percentile. if i am 39 weeks i am in the 20th percentile. i have gone in 4 times the last week to stop labor contractions that were 10 sec from end to start and 45 sec long. I can't have the baby coz the placenta and the footling breech baby. I HAVE TO HAVE a c-section. i have and appointment tomorrow but i can't be in this pain for 3 more weeks because they think he is a little small. I want a healthy baby and i love him so much but i don't want him on vicodine for 3 more weeks and being addicted. :.( I try not to take it but the pain is so severe I end up crying and i have a VERY high tolerence for pain.Please give me some advice.
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Oh my I will pray that God eases your pain and that your baby boy is healthy and delivered on time
I don't have any advice only well wishes and prayers.
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I am pretty sure that the first dating ultrasound is more accurate than the date of your LMP - this is because most women do not conceive exactly 14 days after your LMP, which is what would have to happen for that date to be accurate. For example, I know that I ovulate 10 days after my LMP and not 14, so using the date of my LMP, would not be accurate for me.

I can only imagine how miserable you are, but I would try to hang in there.  I don't think that the doctors would be delaying labor just because of his size - they must be pretty sure about the dates.  It is best for the baby to stay where he is for the next 3 weeks - I know you are hurting but 3 more weeks of suffering is better than a lifetime of suffering for him (and you) if he has any complications from coming early - so try to think of it that way and it may help. Also, I am pretty certain that he would already be addicted at this point - again another reason for him to stay where he is and get a little bigger before birth.  Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor?  I would be open with him/her.  

Hang in there - you are stronger than you think.

Oh, and congrats on your little boys - boys are pretty wonderful
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I agree with nola. Just try and hang in there. Remember everyday for your little one is one more day of very important growth. So try it just one at a time. Tell yourself, I'm just going to get through today and then deal with tomorrow. Towards the end, every single day is huge growth for the baby. You can do it!
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Praying for you. May God send you comfort and strength in this difficult time
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