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Possibly pregnant at age 48

I am age 48, been married to the same man for 30 years.  We have 4 children, ages 28, 22, 16 and 13.  For various reasons, the birth control we have used for over 13 years are condoms.  We have never had one break.....til our anniversary, July 7th.  My cycles have always been longer than usual cycles, but to tell the truth, I really have not charted when my periods happen or how far apart they are since I got older...figured that since it took us years (see the ages of our children?) when we wanted to have a baby, we would not get pregnant on accident.  But. Now my breasts are sore....and I am thinking I may be pregnant.  I have ordered some early pregnancy tests online, they should be here in the next few days, which should be about the right time to test.  My last period started on June 26th.  The ONLY reason I remember that is that that day is my birthday....and my dad died that day as well.  

I guess my question is this.  Just how dangerous is it for me to carry and deliver a baby at my age?  I am in reasonable health, a bit overweight, but no other health issues.  I look much younger than my age....I am in college to become an elementary school teacher, my life's dream....my husband is scared to death for me, I am scared to death that the baby will not be healthy...but I cannot have an abortion, no way no how.

Thank you
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You should be fine to carry a baby...the biggest risk is getting high blood pressure or having to have a c-section....google "Advanced Maternal Age" and this will give you a better idea what you're up against.   Also being overweight puts you at a higher risk for getting gestational diabetes.

Now if you are 48 and you are actually pregnant you are at a high risk for miscarrying.   Often times your egg quality is bad and therefore you get an embryo of poor quality, hence a pregnancy that fails.  So know you are possibly up against that and there is  a very high probability that this could happen.  

Then other problems with being pregnant in your 40s your baby is higher risk for having chromosomal defects such as Down's syndrome.

Go buy a cheapie test for $7 bucks at CVS.   I wouldn't wait for pregnancy test to come in the mail.  

In any event if you are in fact pregnant and if you do carry this baby to term you're not really up against anything that isn't manageable.  Genetic problems and/or Down's syndrome are your biggest threat, but many women in their 40s have healthy babys, although 48 is really pushing the limits.   I do hope this all works out the way your want it to.

Too bad you're in school if you are pregnant as that will put things to a screeching hault, I had to put getting my masters in the back burner, probably permanently.  Oh well like I said I hope this all works out for you.

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HI there,

I don't mean to be negative but it is unlikely you are pregnant.  However, it is certainly possible and I do wish you luck!  If you are I don't think it's actually dangerous. It is more challenging to carry a baby to term as the miscarriage rate is much higher, but I don't think it could actually endanger your life or anything.  I would imagine you would be closesly monitored.  Good luck to you and please let us know how this turns out for you!
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YvetteY- thank you for all of the info, I pretty much knew it all already, but it confirms my fears on what could go wrong.  I am, however, determined even if I am pregnant to continue my education for as long as possible.  We shall see.  At any rate, I am not that much overweight, just the normal middle age spread that occurs after having 4 babies, LOL.  Nothing says I cannot watch what I eat and maintain during a pregnancy to make things go well.  My pregnancies all went well (except for my miscarriage of twins at 15 1/2 weeks, at age 30, and that one went quite well...till it ended with my water breaking and delivering all within 20 minutes with no pain at all....).  My labors were all under 8 hours, including a 10 pound 4 ouncer (my 16 year old) and all were delivered naturally, no pain meds, the smallest baby being 8 pounds 10 ounces, no gestational diabetes, I just grow 'em big.

adgal- you are not being negative at all, only realistic.  I do understand that the chances of me getting pregnant are quite slim, but many do find themselves pregnant accidentally at an advanced age, and in fact, in my research, I have found that women of advanced maternal age are the highest percentage of unwanted/unexpected pregnancies I think just after teens.  That being said, I am thinking it would be just my luck to find myself pregnant when I can finally see the light at the end of my parenting tunnel so to speak,LOL.  I mean, hubby and I miscarried twins 18 years ago, (when I was 30) on HIS birthday, and my dad passed away this past June on MY birthday.....our luck just kinda runs that way....strange.

I in no way planned this, or am overly happy about it if I am indeed expecting, but will love any child sent to me, and simply want to be aware of what I should worry about or be looking into....
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Well i just wanted to wish you luck, I hope If you are indeed pregnant that you have a happy healthy little mirical!! best wish Julia
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Wishing you good luck also! I had my first baby at 38, second at 40, and third at 46. I also found myself pregnant and very surprised "late" in life. I did eventually MC  the surprise  pregnancy at 46. My husband and I were so disappointed that we choose to have IVF with donor eggs. I had no problems with pregnancy or labor. My daughter is almost 1 and my husband and I are so happy with our decision. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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I agree both w/Yvette & Adgal - pregnancy indeed is very rare at age 48 and if conception does occur, chances are very high that a miscarriage will occur - sad but true unfortunately.

I did want to say that even though i was 44 when I was pregnant, my pregnancy went very smooth - I too am mildly overweight (by medical terms) & I didn't develop high blood pressure or GD - guess I got lucky.  I was treated like I was any other normal pregnant woman despite my age.  I did have issues post-partum that weren't pleasant but eventually they too were resolved.

Good luck on getting your education - I think that's fabulous to be back in school pursuing your dream!! - jen
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Just a follow up....I started my period yesterday, which is days early, but it is normal other than that.

Thanks for all of your comments, I have enjoyed reading the posts here and wish all you ladies much luck in acheiving your goals to have babies.  I have been in the same situation when I was 30.  I had a miscarriage of twins, one at 8 weeks, and one at 151/2 weeks, then seconday infertility-it took me almost 2 years and several fertility tests to get pregnant again, I think that my right tube was partially blocked and the doctor forcing the dye through it opened it up, not sure, but I ovulated on that side that month and became pregnant with the help of ovulation predicter kits.  I in no way had as much trouble as some of you are having, but I have had a taste of it and I feel for all of you and wish you the best of luck!

Now I have to talk my hubby into finally getting that vasectomy, oer family is complete with the four children we have now....I am enjoying my grandchildren.  

Again, good luck to all of you and thank you so much for the info you gave me when I posted my question.
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good luck to you, How many grandchildren do you have, My mom is going crazy because my sister has 3 and when I have have this one I will have 9 and her husband has 14 grandbabies LOL
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I have 3 grandchildren, 2 girls ages 8 and 5, and one boy aged 6, with another boy on the way, due in October.  These all belong to my oldest daughter and her husband, and my second daughter,(22 years old) is getting married in November, so I am sure there will be more grandchildren in my near future, LOL.
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I've been wondering about you....  How far along are you?
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Y, she's not pregnant.  She started her period a day after my post - see the one right after mine.  It was just a false alarm
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I don't know if you'll be back on here...but I wanted to mention that I am 48 years old, and I think I had a miscarriage last month.  After years of heavy blood clots in heavy periods, along with years of hot flashes and other hormonal changes, I thought I was menopausal.  Then I had 3 periods in the summer of 07, and one almost a year later in 08.  This time, it was 11 1/2 months before I had a period.  My physician doesn't understand.  In 07, she had me go in for a biopsy with a gynecologist (even though there was no evidence of cancer) because she said I should not be having a period since I was medically classified as menopausal.  

But, in early July, I had severe breast tenderness, lots more fatique than usual, and nausea (extremely rare for me), for about two weeks.  Then I started with cramping and my lower back aching...and was very suprised with a heavy (10 day) period!  I went in for blood work to determine whether or not I am menopausal, and got my counts back this morning.  The nurse said my counts are "normal", and verified that I can get pregnant.  My husband and I didn't use birth control for like 2 years now (until this happened)!

  We  don't like  to go back to condoms, and I think any pregnancy I would have at this point would abort itself...but what if it didn't?  I read on line there is a 1:30 chance of chromosome disorder for a baby to a woman my age.  I wouldn't want that to happen, but I would give birth and love my baby if I was blessed with another child. I have a 19 year old, and  a 25 year old who is pregnant with twins!

Thanks for "listening" to me.  Lynn
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Got married last month to a wonderful man I have know for a little less than a year ago. I told him I had my tubes tied at age 34 and could not have anymore! Now we have gotten married and he really wants me to go to all lengths to have a baby! I do not want to tie myself down like that against daughter is in her last year of pharmacy school at 27years old. Please give me medical reasons why this is unrealistic!!!!
It’s not unrealistic. I had tubes reversed at 34 6/5/09 had daughter 9/19/2010 and son 5/28/2012. I have a 25,22, 14, 7,& 6  year old. My tubal reveals babies are 21 months apart.
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It honestly isn't as dangerous as you would think buthere is so much to change. My friends mom got pregnant at 45 and her aon came outfine but to be honest i thought hshe would ikill him because she would carry jumpers chairs tables(that's her job she rents party things) nd took care of all 8 of her children. I'm sure if she was ablw to have a perfectly good baby after all of that so can you but i wouldn't suggest doing what she did and ignoring the fact that uou are pregnant just take it easy. Don't stress yourself out or anything think positiy and be cautious of your baby. But there is a huge possibility you might need a c-section.
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Hi I'm new to this..but I'm 47 and a had a tube reversal 11 years ago and I did have a beautiful daughter but like in my 40 I had a miscarriage had to get a dnc. After that dnc, I stoped my cycle it's been a little over a year with no cycle. I am on pre monoupsle but I was wound earring if it's possible to get pregnant.. The reason I ask is cause I'm getting some symptoms such as tenderness breast, vomiting,, fatigue ,,and getting a tummy, I have not gotten checked or have done a test, I guess I'm leaving it up to god.  As well I'm a little afried of what my older kids would say if it possible.. Thank you for taking the time to read.
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