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Pregnancy at 48

I am 48 and around 24 weeks pregnant.  I have not been to the doctor yet. Anyway.... I have taken hpt but are neg.  I  look pregnant, I have ALL the signs.  I am planning on going to the the doctor after the first.  Has anyone else done this.
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I see from your other posts that you have asked this question since you were about "6 weeks pregnant."  I wonder why you have not gone to the doctor before now?  If you are pregnant it certainly is not a good thing, that you have not had any prenatal care.

I suspect that with multiple negative pregnancy tests that you are not pregnant, but may be having a pseudo pregnancy. Maybe your desire to have a child has put your body in a state of a false pregnancy.  If you were 24 weeks pregnant, a HPT would turn positive at the first drop of pee on the stick.

Hope you get yourself to a doctor, post haste.

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I agree with Heather.  It does sound as though you are experiencing a "pseudo pregnancy" or "phantom pregnancy", all the signs and symptoms are there...but you are not pregnant.  You should see a doctor sooner than later.  Best of luck to you!
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C'mon, do you really need to ask???????? I sincerely hope you are joking about this...
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I have to agree with the others.  It really doesn't sound like you are pregnant, and I also remember you asking this before. It is completely impossible for you to be 24 weeks pregnant and having multiple negatve HPT tests.  Your HCG level (which is what turns the test positive) absolutely have to be high at 24 weeks for you to have a sustainable pregnancy.  You really should see a Dr. and I do wish you well.
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I am 42 and had my last child at 39.  Due to risk factors at our ages it is important to seek early prenatal exams.  Please for the sake of you and your baby, if you are pregnant, go to the doctor.
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I have to say...this is just weird. You have only posted three posts, ever - and they were all the same topic. Only now you are supposedly 26 weeks pregnant. Why in the world would you risk your own health and that of the "maybe baby" by not going to a doctor? Good heavens, it's been over three months since your first post. I'm thinking you should probably go to your MD for a physical...and probably you should go see a psychologist, also. Because I can't imagine anyone in their right minds believing they are pregnant for all these months and not going to a doctor.
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no i have never been 26 weeks pg and not seen a dr.  nor have i assumed after 6+ months of neg tests assumed my growing belly was due to a baby.  maybe you have a medical condition but from your profile, after 3 m/c and 3 children you would know enough to get to the dr asap.  
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I have to agree with everyone elese, see a Dr.
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Is she joking???????????????????????????????????????????
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