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Pregnancy...Vegan... Eating RAW

Hello all!!!

Thinning about changing my eating and going RAW... Wondering if anyone here is vegetarian or vegan and how does it work... Saw an article in my Parents mag but can't find the article... Have seen some things on raising kids in that lifestyle but nothing about pregnancy ... Altho one website titled the section with 'pregnancy, kids & RAW foods!!! I have heard lots of good from a lot of people ... Eden my Dad who is a bog meat eater!!!

Anyone got any feedback, imput, direction or places to go that I can get info????
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Going raw and vegan is not necessarily the best way to go.  Some foods are actually more nutritious when cooked (ie tomatoes, carrots) and some are not really edible raw (potato, grains).  You would have to be very knowledgeable and dedicated to get a properly nutritious diet just from eating raw foods.  It can be done.  but not easily.

Also, some people can do well on such a diet and other people's bodies will not do well.

for some interesting reading you can also go to the Weston Price website.  Quite opposite from the vegan approach.

Mercola also talks about eating for your body type. I think he has some good points.  His aproach is also inline with Aruvedic medicine, which acknowledges different body types and different suitable diets for those body types.

I am actually a protein/meat type of person and do better on a low carb diet.  Low carb means I can eat much fruit or starchy vegetables.  So for me, I need to eat meat to get a balanced and nutritious diet.

Definitely cut out all processed foods, eat whole and natural foods.  listen to your body!  The idea of vegan and raw foods is very nice, but like I said not for everybody. Is it for you?  you'll have to work that out.
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Found this today!!! this gets more interesting the more i read!!!
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Thanks Sally!!! I will check out the website... I have read up on Aruvedic medicine also and was looking at what body type I am... Need to do more research on that also as what I read came from an Holistic Parenting book and had limited info...

I am transitioning to a more Whole food diet anyway before I started looking into this and it appears to be right in line with what i was doing... I buy organic and have increased my whole food intake .. now I need to decreased my processed food and fast food intake!!!

working on it and will continue to do research before jumping in with both feet...

Thanks again!!

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Thanks for your response... With everything I have read...They don't recommend that someone go 100% Raw initially, but that they begin to add more RAW & organic foods to their diet... They cut out all processed foods and sugars and replace with non-processed foods...

The absence of PROTEIN has been my worry and concern but from what I have read I can transition to being 80% RAW and still eat cooked proteins like, chicken, fish, turkey...

These changes will assist in losing weight and balancing my body... upping the mineral content and that can be supported by the pre-natals and other supplements that I am taking... I am thinking the goal is to get my body into an alkaline state or close to one... and just that alone will help me lose weight... and losing weight is said to help me be more fertile and get pregnant easier...

If I can go RAW, lose weight and then maintain it... better for the baby and my body!!!

Again thanks for your input!!!

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I was vegetarian for a few years in my early twenties.  I can tell you that it is not easy. I too did it for health reasons, and in all honest, wound up sicker.

The best advice I can give you is to talk to a nutritionist, or at least make sure you are thoroughly educated on how to do this in a healthy manner.  I still eat raw as much as possible when it comes to veggies and fruit, but I am not certain I could give up meat again.  It can be done in a very healthy way providing you are eating lots of nuts, or other sources of protein.  But do make sure you do it properly.  Your best bet still is to meet with a nutritionist.  Good luck whatever you decide!
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