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Progesterone suppositories elevate BBT?

Hello group- this is my first question.  We are trying to get pregnant and are taking a progesterone suppository (starting after IUI) to help treat a short luteal phase.  Waiting to take the test has been excruciating.  My question to the group is: has anyone out there taken progesterone suppositories and noticed very high (pregnancy-like) BBT even when not pregnant?  Also, they say to take the test "when you would expect your period"- well, I expect my period 9 days after I ovulate.  I assume I really do need to wait 14 days to get an accurate pregnancy test?  Today is day 11... I'm also assuming that the progesterone would stop me from having my period, even if I'm not pregnant, right...?
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Hi there, I can help with part of your question.  I take clomid even though I ovulate on my own.  The primary reasons were to lengthen my luteal phase, and also to increase my progesterone levels.  I also take prometrium (another progesterone supplement) starting CD 20, or about 5 days after ovulation.  Last month around CD 23 or so, I had pregnancy symptoms...incredibly strong ones.  Very sore breasts, mood swings, etc.  It turned out I was not pregnant, and they were side effects of the regiment I was on.  I am doing the same thing this month, and not nearly as strong symptoms/side effects.

14 days is usually best to get an accurate pregnancy test.  I am far more impatient than that though, and actually took a HPT this morning (was negative.lol, as I knew it would be).  If it were me though, I would probably take a test on the day your period was due, even if its only 9 days.

Clomid and prometrium, which again, both increase progesterone levels have never stopped me from getting my period.  It showed last month on CD 28.  This month I am still 8 days away, but my OB/Dr didn't say anything about it preventing my period, and I haven't heard others say that either.  

I wish you all the best, and hope I helped a bit with your questions!  Good luck, I hope its positive for you this month!
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Thanks so much!  Your response was really helpful.  My partner thinks I am nuts to want to test on day 13, but I just got a voice mail back from my OB that I should go ahead and test on day 13 (tomorrow), since I run out of the free progesterone samples she gave me tomorrow and she thinks the test would be accurate.  I'm encouraged by your saying that progesterone has never stopped your period.  Good luck to you also!
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I will also be testing tomorrow, although it will only be app. 7 DPO for me.  I am impatient..lol.  I will be hoping for a BFP (big fat positive!) for both of us.  Please keep us posted!!
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Update:  Test was negative.  Oh well.  Better luck to you!
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I'm so very sorry. Same with mine.  Going to try again in 2 days or so though.  Did AF show up?
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Anna, can you tell me what the pattern of bbt is for a woman`s cycle, I really want to know if Im ovulating or not and have read that the OPK isnt a sure indicator????

Adgal...how do you know for sure you are ovulating?? Thanks for your help girls. :-)
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I'm sorry for you too, Adgal.  I hope it was a false negative.  AF didn't show, but a digital test on day 13 should be reliable, right?  Kiaragirl- I read the book, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" to learn how to chart BBT.  Basically, you need to chart every morning at the same time of morning (before you get up to pee or anything) and watch the pattern over the course of a couple months.  It goes up and down, but at some point (typically around day 14 but there is ALOT of variability, for me, day 17 more usual) the temperature goes up dramatically, reflecting a surge of progesterone caused by the release of an egg.  It means that you have already ovulated and the egg may already be gone by that time.   OPK tests for lutinizing hormone LH (sp?) surge, which typically precedes the release of an egg.  They are fairly reliable.  LH also affects the quality of your cervical fluid- another good predictor to track.
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