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Pubic Bone Separation

Hi ladies,,, just wondering if any of you have experienced a separation of the pelvis while pregnant?

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and i overheard her say "Second degree separation" to her assistant.  Today when I went in, I saw a different chiropractor in the office and he asked me how many kids I had.  I said that i'm pregnant with our first, and he said "Well whats with the pubic bone separation - how did you get that?"   I hadnt paid too much attention with what was being said at my first appointment, but now I'm starting to get worried.

I'm only 26 weeks, and am afraid that this is going to cause me to go into early labour.  I have a lot of lower back pain, but nothing related to my pubic bone and no pain in the front.  Should I be telling my OB about this?  Is it reason for concern?  

Has anyone been told that they have this but not felt any pain in the pubic bone?

Advice or info would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi dear,

Sorry to hear that I can understand ur fear & pain too bcoz I had it very very early about @ 4th month I had bleeding too but no pain at the time after 1 & 1/2 wk later lower back pain & pelvic pain started till my del. But there is no relation with early labor or anything like that.

but pain was very bad u have to rest a lot & whenever u feel pain means u have to stop doing chores & take rest & dehydrate body as much as possible.

Chiropractor is a good idea & also explain ur pain each doc visit so that ur doc know about it.

Baby will be alright & u too. lots of hugs & prayer for u.
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Thanks for the responses ladies!

Adgal:  Yup third trimester will officially start next Thursday.  Can't believe it!  So far my pregnancy has been quite easy and enjoyable, with the exception of lower back pain - which I thought was more or less unavoidable.  I'm definitely NOT a petite person, rather the opposite - I've always been called "big boned".    I wont freak out about it, but I will definitely mention it to the OB.  Thanks again!

nola0805:  Thanks for the information.  LOL - nice to know the proper name for the condition.  Now I can properly research the heck out of it.  I havent had any pain in the front, but the back pain while walking has been pretty rotten.  I wonder if it's safe to exercise.  I had asked a couple of times about doing aerobics and the chiro never told me not to - I'm sure if this condition was dangerous she would have told me.  I will definitely PM you.

Thanks again!

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I had the exact same thing - it is called pubis symphis dynsfuntion - you can google it and get a ton of information.  Mine started at 11 weeks (I have a preexisting pelvic issue which made it much worse).  It happens when the pelvis relaxes too much in response to the hormone relaxin (this hormone helps the pelvis loosen in preparation for childbirth).  

Don't worry - it will not cause early labor.  My son was born exactly on his due date and my labor was fine.  7 hours total and less than 10 mins of pushing!!  Now, I did go to physical therapy regularly to treat the condition.  There are physical therapists that specialize in pelvic issues and pregnancy - I strongly recommend this.  Also, what helped me tremendously was wearing a pelvic support belt - I have two different ones and love them both - one is from Serola and the other is active ortho - I got them from my PT but they are also available online - I wore then whenever I was walking and it really helped.  I did have terrible pelvic pain but also lower pelvic pain and the belt helped both.  If you do not have pelvis pain, then you separation may be nonsymptomatic and it may not be full pubis symphis dysfunction.  I would mention it to your OB at your next appointment and I would strongly suggest an evaluation by a physical therapist (your OB can give you a referral).  Good luck and feel free to PM me or ask me any question.
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Hey there!  I didn't have it personally, but it does come up here on the forum from time to time.  I have never heard anything about it causing premature labor.  Are you fairly tiny normally? I believe it's more common in petite women, or so I have been told.  Just the extra baby pressure.  

I still would give your OB a call and let him/her know.  Personally, I think it is always better to be safe then sorry.  If nothing else, at least you will get reassurance that all is fine.  But yeah, I would most definately give them a call and let them know.  Truly though, I have never heard of it causing any real problems except discomfort as the baby grows.  You must be getting close to third trimester now...I hope your doing well and having a fairly easy pregnancy.  I need to go check on your profile page and see how things are going.  I am so excited for you!!
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