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Should I consider Amniocentesis?


I just finished my blood test and the result is as the attached photo.

The doctor has given me a choice of going for Amniocentesis since my age is 35 on delivery date. Since I didn't get the proper explaination from the doctor regarding the reports statistic, I would appreciate if anyone could give me a clearly understanding of the figures in the report and should I consider Amniocentesis ??

I'm really worried as I want everything to be fine as possible.

Thanks in advance.
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I had an amniocentisis done last week. It was not painful and went very well. I got my initital results and they came back normal........and i found out the sex of my baby.....Let us know what you decided.

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Dear All,

Thank you for your feedback and we really appreciate it.

We have already consulted 2 doctors and both suggested us to get the test done. But we are still dilemma as what Tricia mentioned... is it  worth it to risk a pregnancy that was most likely healthy.

We are praying hard to have a healthy baby and we are sure the GOD won't let us down. Anyhow, we will keep you informed of our next step which we need to decide withing this 2 weeks.

Thank you all again.

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Those percentages are very low at below a 1% chance! Basically it is saying that if you had 368 babies chances are that one of them would have downs. That seems pretty low to me!
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Ya'll - I've got to get reading glasses - i couldn't read the report!  So, I guess I'm not much help.

I agree w/everyone - it's a very personal decision.  I especially agree w/the above poster about getting your doctor to explain these results to you.  For me it would be impossible to make a decision about this personal issue if I didn't understand the above components.

Good luck in whatever you do - jen
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I agree that it is a very personal decision. I can tell you that, for me, I had to make a similar choice. I'm 40yo and had a 1:400 chance of down's syndrome baby.  I had to think about what I would do if I had an amnio and it came back positive. Would I abort my baby or keep it?  I decided that I would keep my baby since those tests aren't fool proof and I would be too far along to be able to do that. I also didn't like the odds of possibly having a miscarriage due to the amnio (which also carries its own risks), and was comfortable with my risk of having a downs syndrome baby (only a .25% chance).  So in the end, I skipped the amnio and will wait and see (I'm due in August).  

As for what the report means, your doctor should definitely explain it to you. It's terrible that he/she hasn't!!  I'm not a doctor, but from reading it, it looks like (but please double check with your doctor) your chance of having a baby with Trisomy 21 is 1 in 253 (or about a .4% chance), and for having a down's syndrome baby is 1 in 368 (or .27% chance).  Those are still very good odds for having a perfectly normal baby.  You have to balance those odds with the chance of a miscarriage if you proceed with an amnio.  I don't know exactly what those odds are, but I think they vary anywhere from 1 in 100 to 1 in 300 depending on the statistics you go by and the expertise of the person performing it.  

I would strongly recommend you get your doctor back on the phone and demand that he/she explain this to you so that you know what this means.  You should ask the following: (1) what are the average statistical odds of a person of your age having a baby with (i) Trisomy 21; (2) what are the average statistical odds of a person of your age having a baby with down's syndrome, (3) what are your odds based on the tests and (4) what percentage of women have a miscarriage due to the amnio.  You can then see whether the risk that you will have a baby with Trisomy 21 or with down's syndrome is higher or lower than that of the average 35 year old, and whether your risk of having a miscarriage from an amnio is greater or lower than your risk of having a baby with downs syndrome or Trisomy.  You can then weigh the risks and determine whether to have the amnio.  I hope this helps.
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As the others said, it's a personal choice. Based on what you posted, your risk factors are actually pretty darned good - meaning that your risk isn't super-high. No one can tell you what to do, but here are some things that I considered when deciding to do the amnio or not:

What would I do if we discovered the baby had a chromosomal problem? Would we choose to terminate, or would we have the baby regardless of the test results?

Was the risk of miscarrying due to the amnio actually higher than the risk that there was something wrong with the baby? In my case, my risk factors were actually lower than the chance that I'd have a miscarriage. So it didn't seem worth it to risk a pregnancy that was most likely healthy.

Were the results of the NT scan and all other ultrasounds supportive of my risk factor? Meaning, did all the measurements from the ultrasounds look healthy? In my case, they did.

So, based on all of this, we decided not to get the amnio. But, as everyone has said, it's a personal choice that you and your partner have to make. It's a tough one, to be sure! Good luck...

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As Debbie said, a very personal decision.  I believe it's something I will do as the statistics around it are very good, and I am a worrier.  Others feel that they wouldn't want to take any risk.  Discuss with your Dr. the pro's and cons, and ask him to discuss that report and what the numbers mean.  An informed decision is always the best one.  Good luck to you.
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It would be a decision only you and your hubby can decide.  I delivered at 41 and based on my NT test and a genetic ultrasound my chances of having a baby with Downs was 1:777 which I thought was pretty good based on my age.  

Let us know what you decide.  Good Luck!
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