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Should I have an anmio?

Ladies-- I need your opinions... my 19 week anatomy screening revealed 2  "soft markers" in the brain (choroid plexus cyst and ventriculomegaly) which may be tied to Downs... or could be completely benign and disappear before delivery.  My integrated screening test gave me a 1/3000 chance of Downs, pretty good for my age!  The 2 more definite Downs markers (abnormal nasal bone and mis-positioned thumb) were not noted on my u/s report.  I've been referred to a perinatologist who is inevitably going to try and talk me into an amnio.  I'm going to ask for a second u/s first to check for other markers but would appreciate your thoughts on the amnio... and also any insight on the associated pain in case I go through with it...
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So sorry you have to go through that!   I have two friends whose babies had the choroid plexus cysts on their anatomy scan around 20 weeks or so (one of them had mutiple cysts) their doctor told them this is very common, and they usually resolve on their own.. which they did, and they have a perfectly healthy babies! Good luck!!
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To me - NO....  it's a personal choice... some want to have peace of mind... some wants to mentally prepare...

Your number still look good... When we are 35+ and pregnant.... our risk is high but doesn't mean we will have baby with down symdrome... I am 38 years old and 19 weeks pregnant... My result came back high risk for down symdrome.. 1:108 and my doctor wanted me to have amnio.... I do not need to have that because no matter how my baby turn out.. I still keep this baby and raise my baby with or without down symdrome... If you are plan to terminate the baby then amnio.

I would do second level ultrasound if your doctor offer... amnio.. nah.. skip that... generic counseling also doesn't need either.. waste the money..

good luck to you
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bny-- thanks so much, that's reassuring!  The optimist in me thinks the ventriculomegaly is related to the cyst so I'm hoping if the cyst goes away so will the VM... it just can't happen fast enough!

BabyBlue-- you're totally right, the risk is there, but it's only a risk, not a certainty.  I feel like I need more evidence before I let them stick a needle anywhere near my little bean!  
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My daughter had CPC's and we did nothing other than a level 2 US. I would say no, but it's your choice. If you know either way that you wouldn't terminate then I guess it's not worth it IMO. CPC's are quite common and found in 1-2% of all normal pregnancies. That alone would not worry me (now).
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I was 38 and had a 1 in 89 chance and decided not to do amnio. My baby boy was healthy without any issues. It's a personal choice that you will have to make. A 1 in 3000 is great!!! Personally, I would be very content with that! I didn't want to do amnio since it took 14 month to conceive, I was afraid to take any chances with anything going wrong. At 39, if I am lucky enough to get prego again, I was thinking I might have amnio since my chances would have increased with my age, but I won't know how I will feel until the time comes.
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Babyblue is right...it's a personal choice, and it really depends on what you would do with the information. Do you want a definate answer so you can prepare? Would you terminate? Or does it really not matter either way and you can live with it? (No need to answer to me - just questions I would ask myself in your situation.)

As for the pain...I had an amnio at 36 weeks to check for lung development. It stung a little and was sensitive for about a day. But I wouldn't describe it as painful at all. Felt like any other shot, I suppose.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and you have a healthy, bouncing baby!

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I had a 1:39 test for downs, and my baby is here and healthy.  I declined amnio, b/c for me, I would not terminate, and knowing could not change the outcome.  It's up to you, there is no wrong answer.  
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Only you can make this decision.    Ask yourself a few questions.    Will it worry me throughout the rest of the pregnancy to not know.  If it will I would proceed with the amnio.   I like to prepare and personally would opt for the amnio so I knew definately.
This does not mean you would terminate just be prepared.   Also, if you would terminate it is no one elses business (especially on here)  
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Thanks you all!  And especially thanks for being so amazing respectful about the choice to terminate or keep the baby regardless... it is a very difficult one, especially since this is our first and it's taken 3.5 years and gobs of $$$ to get here (this is an IVF baby) -- I just keep hoping we won't even need to make such a decision because I have no idea how we could!

have2kids, you're reading my mind-- the next 20 weeks are going to be agony without knowing!

It's really encouraging to hear how many of you had "high risk" scenarios and the baby came out just fine!  Do you all also have a detailed ultrasound?  That's where I'm getting stuck-- one test says everything is good, the other says there may be a problem...

SoCal -- (I was born in Northridge and miss the climate terribly!) I liked your comparison to any other shot-- that's encouraging since the IVF process got me much more comfortable with needles!  I'm still hoping to wiggle my way out of the amnio but doctors can be very aggressive so I'm trying to get all my ammunition in order to argue against it -- at least until we get more info!
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My girlfriend had over 8  "soft markers" in the brain, she did not do the amino and her son was as healthy as could be, he's now 3 years old.
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I'm sorry your doctors are agressive about this. It's not them that has to live with either a decision to terminate or the day to day reality of raising a disabled child. The decision is for you and your partner alone.
I have a seriously disabled (mentally and physically) sister so this issue is very complicated for me.
I'd suggest you think hard about what you will do if the result comes back as downs syndrome before you do the test.
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At my first trimester screen I came back with 1:13 for Downs. Even though I wouldn't have terminated, I opted for the amnio as I didn't want to worry the whole rest of the pregnancy.  I quite literally "interviewed" my perinatologist as in order to proceed I needed to feel confident in his ability.  He had 15 years experience and his rate of complications was like 1:1600.  I felt comfortable and went ahead.  It was such an easy procedure and I had no complications at all (this was just this August 13th).  I got my results back and my baby boy is perfectly fine.  For me personally, I am glad I did it as I now can relax and completely enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy.

As the others said, it is a personal decision that you have to make. If you decide to proceed, make sure your perinatologist answers all your questions to your complete satisfaction.  In all honesty, if my numbers had been 1:3000 I probably wouldn't have done it.  However, your body, your baby, your decision.  Whatever you decide I wish you well!
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I had an amnio w/my youngest daughter.  Even though I was only 30 at the time, I have a neural tube defect and I just wanted to make sure the baby was okay.  It really wasn't a big deal although I was terrified before it - that was worse than the procedure itself!

This is only my story - like adgal said, you have to make the decision that's right for you & your partner.  Unfortunately, nobody can make this call for you, darn it!  If you've been through IVF (I have too), it'll won't be any big deal - just make sure you go to a doctor or perinatologist who does them all of the time and has tons of experience.  Best of luck!
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I just reread your post and some of the answers.  I too really feel strongly about Have 2 Kids comments.  What you would or wouldn't do is absolutely entirely up to you and babies dad, and you do not have to answer to anyone.  As Pum said, you have to live with whatever the outcome is, not others.  The decision to do amnio also doesn't have to be about whether or not you would terminate.  For me it was about knowing one way or the other for certain. And if your decision is not to move forward with the amnio, you do not need ammo to argue your decision with the Dr.'s.  You do not need to justify yourself either way.  My best advice would be to gather all the information you can get your hands on (make sure it's accurate info) and then make a well informed decision.  You will hear things like odds of a loss after amnio are 1:50, etc.  The statistics are actually 1:200, but depending on the clinic or Dr. that does it, can actually be far less. As I mentioned before, my Dr.'s were more like 1:1600 as he was highly experienced.  Don't be afraid to ask those questions.  Once again, your baby and your life, therefor your decision.  I truly do wish you and your little one well.  Take good care.
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