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So, what does everyone do for a living?

Everyone here is so interesting and we all have such diverse backgrounds. I thought it would be fun to see what we all do for a living (only if you feel comfortable replying, of course). I know we have some stay-at-home moms, a few teachers (meli, right?, shesherm?), a web developer (vsentz), working at a quarry (brown eyed, right?). How cool is it that we are all brought together here with so many diverse backgrounds and we wind up with one of the most important things in life in common....the (hopeful) conception and birth of a child.

I'll start:

I've been in the computer industry since '94 working mostly as a marketing manager for memory module and semiconductor-related companies. Exciting stuff (woohoo) and i fell into it somewhat accidentally and ended up liking my first company so much I stayed with them for 12 years, went away for a bit and went back to them before I had to quit for good when we moved out to the east coast. During my time away from my "first" company I went to a big processor / semiconductor company (not allowed to mention their name in forums...silly) but their "little i" logo is on gazillions of computers everywhere. And now I'm contracting for them again and am actually learning how to build websites (writing HTML and everything...so vsentz you can teach me things). Learning web programming is actually pretty fun and I get to do it from home, so that's even better.

A few years ago when my son was born, my "first company" let me go part-time and during that p/t stint I decided what my passion in life was was to care for people so I went back to school to become a nurse. I finished all the pre-requisites w/ a 4.0 and was ready to go into the nurisng program but then my DH and I made the tough painful decision that we could not be wihtout my salary for 2-4 years in So Cal while I entered the program so I had to abandon that dream. Now that we're in GA. I might go back and complete the program after the baby is born, but we're just going to wait, pray and see where life takes us.

So that's me :0)
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yep I work at a Rock quarry with about 15 very annoying guys...LOL but good thing is I get to see my DH as we own dump trucks so DH hauls out of here throughout the day....but I do some billing and mostly just weigh out the trucks and make sure and give them all a hard time....
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After spending 14 years in the Banking Industry, I am now a stay home mom of 3 girls!
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Oh.. have to do this before I go lay down....

While I am a SAHM now, up until July of 07 I worked as a case manager for MR/DD Clients to teach them how to learn job qualities and actually find a job and keep that job. Then I monitor them to make sure they are treated fairly and there isn't any discrimination against them from anyone while working.

I also worked for Americorps as a Reading Tutor in Elementary Schools with kids from K- 5 grade. I did that for two years. It is a volunteer job so you only get a stipend allowance so NO it didn't pay the bills. But I absolutely loved the job and the kids!! My contract ended in July and Scott didn't want me to sign on again for another two years, so I gave up both jobs to be a stay at home mom and bake a baby! =o)  

My husband owns his own remodeling business so I help out with the record keeping now just to give me something to do.
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I'm still working on DH about letting me be a SAHM after our twins get here...
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Chris! how interesting!!!!!!!!!! =))) ya know what's awesome??? that, as you mentioned, with this kind of job, you can do it from home! =) it's good money, you don't have to invest much (just the programs... one time deal!) and what you earn is 99% YOUR knowledge! not everyone (thank goodness) knows how to develop/design websites (yet), so it pays good money! =)
Girl, feel free ANY TIME to ask any questions.... I know HTML pretty good, BUT... I need to start learning CSS (which I am currently doing so), XHTML, includes, RSS, Javascript.... and perfect my actionscripting (flash) skills!! blah blah blah....

=S sometimes it gets overwhelming... so many things, but like you said... IT'S FUN!... and once you get to know them, you can fly thru them and make VERY cool stuff... =)

...and can impress just about anyone with very little... hehehe;)
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forgot to mention... I started as Graphic Designer... do you know/like any adobe stuff?
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I'm a molecular geneticist.  I have a Master's in molecular genetics and a Ph.D. in Immunology, and I spent about 10 years working in ovarian cancer research.  Now I'm the director of genetics for a medical supply company with an expertise in rodent genetics (eeep!).

All that really means is I know enough medicine/science to be dangerous and REAAAAALLLLY annoying to my doctors! LOL!

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I am a stay-at-home mom to 16 children with one another one due in July.  There are 6 grown and living away and I have 2 grandsons with another grandbaby due in November.  Ten children are still at home ages 12,11,11,10,10,9,9,7,7and 7.  I won't list my many duties, but I love staying at home and being available for them any time of day.  Life is much easier than it was with so many toddlers and babies the same age to take care of.  This new baby will have so many people wanting to hold and care for him that he will never be put down!

My husband is a 6th grade science teacher and we also own a business from home making and selling Christian t-shirts over the internet. It is www.thepraisefactory.com.  I enjoy helping him with that.  My degree many years ago was in legal secretary work, but I only used it for a few months before becoming pregnant.  Now I just use it to type on the computer!  Before marrying last May, my husband was a missionary in Bolivia for 15 years and we hope to return there.  Nice getting to know you guys.

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I used work as a nanny for 10 years looking after 3 beautiful children but then went into bar work when they grew up. I would be still nannying now but expecting a little baby in Sep and cant wait. xxx
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im a project manager and business analyst...company is pretty small so i fit 2 roles

my company designs health systems for county and state govt...basically we design software so they are not relying on excel or paperwork anymore...you'd be amazed how many county gov't still have miles of filing cabinets of paperwork from health inspections of restaurants and such

im planning on becoming certified in computer programming and working from home for the same company

im blessed that my company has been so understanding with all the unforunate events that have occurred and that they are willing to help me achieve success in my life
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I'm a graphic designer. I worked in marketing/advertising agencies for about 10 years until receiving an opportunity to start my own little studio and work from home, 3 years ago. (Which I jumped at because the owner of the agency where I worked for almost 8 years was a complete "donkey" and nutcase. Worst boss ever - no exaggerating.) We utilize daycare so I can work full time, however it's great to have the flexibiltiy to keep them home if they are sick, or pick them up early if my projects are wrapped up for the day, etc. Mostly print materials - product catalogs, logos, corporate identities, newsletters, product photography, etc. Just a couple of websites but I haven't had the time to learn the correct website development software yet.

vsentz - I use the Adobe Creative Suite products.
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I work in claims for the office furniture industry
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