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So sick and miserable.

I'm back. I haven't posted much because I almost feel guilty.  Everyone on here wants to be pregnant so bad and I am so grouchy, sick and depressed, I feel like I don't belong on this forum.  I know that once I feel better, I will be a new woman, but right now, I am so sick that I am unfunctionable.  I have missed so much work. All I do is lay in bed, puke my guts out and cry.  I have tried promethizine and Zofran and neither have helped.  I have had an IV and take benedryl and even though the doctor says it's fine, i feel guilty for taking it anyway.  I just get so miserable and sick that I become desperate.  I seem to get worse in the evenings.  I vomit until it's just stomach acid coming up.  I will still be vomiting at 10 at night just praying to fall asleep.  I am eleven weeks and praying that another week or so of this and then I'll turn a corner.  

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get through this. I was not like this my first two pregnancies. Oh, I have also tried Ginger tea.
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Sorry you are having such trouble!!!  I had a co worker that did the same thing...she is a teacher and would run across the hall to the janitor's closet and lean over and puke in the trash can all day long!! The kids did not even notice after a while...  She got better by month 4.....
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Gosh montie, I feel for you....I wish I knew more on the subject, to be able to offer you something that may help. The only thing I can suggest is ginger tablets, ( Blackmores ), or perhaps acupuncture?? I've never done it, but I have heard that it can offer some relief..There are even acupressure wrist bands that are made for sea sickness that may be worth a try??

Whatever you do, don't feel guilty..no one wants to feel like you do..and just keep in mind, you must be through the worst of it...
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I am sorry you are feeling so bad.. I am 38 and 6 wk pg.. I have very bad indigestion and heartburn, which causes nausea.. I dont have it as bad as you, but I feel not so well myself... I keep hoping that it will change here in the next  6 weeks. All I can do is ly in the couch.... I feel so guilty , because I have no energy to get things done. So please know there are others that feel  your pain, it will get better, hang in there... I am too =)
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I'm sorry you are feeling so ill.. you shouldn't feel guilty for how you feel...  everyones situation is different and we all have a right to our own experience.  I wish I had some advice for you, but the worst I've had is heartburn, sorry not trying to brag :)

Take care of yourself and that little peanut. I hope you start feeling better soon.

How far along are you?  
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I had horrible morning sickness with my last two pregnancies.  My OB put me on Premesis - it is a Rx pre-natal that is specifically for women with morning sickness.  That, and I took a 1/2 dose Unisom before bed.  It is an anti-histamine.  I puked every day for 7 weeks straight before my MC at 14 weeks - without doing the Premesis and Unisom - it was horrible.  I feel your pain.  
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sorry you are having such a rough go..it's hard when you feel so crappy.  I hope this passes for you very soon and we are glad you are here :O)
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