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Spotting through pregnancy

Ladies - I am now coming 5 weeks tomorrow and I just had some brownish spotting this morning while in church! I have not had any spotting since last Sunday. could this still be some old blood from the implantation spotting? Or what does this spotting mean?

also after church I had such bad diarrohea - I think something I ate for lunch at a cafe may have caused it. I don feel ill as yet ie. fever but I am praying really hard all is okay with the baby and its just something I had purged real quick out of my body - gross - TMI I know. Sorry.

Argghhh!! Why cant things be smooth and why cant I stop worrying????
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Hi Maxine,

I'm somewhere around 7 weeks along, and had this same issue (the brown spotting - not the bad lunch!). I don't get to see a doctor until my first ultrasound appointment a week from now (I live in the US, but I'm currently in China on a business trip), so I can't tell you that everything was OK with me. But, I can say that the brown spotting has basically continued on and off since around my 4.5 week point, and it hasn't gotten worse or heavier. So I'm hopeful that there's no problem and I'm trying not to worry about it. Good luck doing the same!
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Hi Devo, thanks for replying. I guess we should both be glad that our spotting has not gotten worse but we both WISH it would just go away and stop making us worry right? I have been reading up on the internet and most of the sites say if its brown - its most prob old blood from the implantation or due to changes in the hormones. Please let us know how your scan went. I am happy yours is only a week away - I have to wait till Dec 28th - ughhh! Sending positive tots your way that all is well and good.
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I have had both brown spotting and red bleeding throughout my pregnancy.  It only stopped beginning of Nov.  I am 33 weeks now and all is just fine!  My little guy is doing great.  It's not uncommon and most of the time everything is fine.  However, its always best to let your Dr. know.  As for the diahrea, also not uncommon.  Make sure you staying really hydrated and if it gets any worse, see your Dr.  Good luck to you.  
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I got a gush of brownish around 9 weeks pregnant... I went to the doctor and found out that my cervix wasn't closed... doctor ordered me to bed rest for 4 weeks... if the cervix was not closed.. then I would need cerlage to have my cervix closed..  Today I am 35 weeks pregnant.

If you are concern about the spotting.. the best is to go to your doctor to check out.  make sure ask your doctor why you have spotting.. they will able to tell you why...

Best suggestion... don't overwork yourself... just stay in bed and rest... until you do not have anymore spotting..

Good luck to you.

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Got back from the doctor's about an hour ago, and everything looks good! We (my husband came, too) got to see the little thing on the ultrasound screen and hear it's heartbeat and everything. It looks a lot like a gummy bear. Pretty cool! Anyhow, I hope you get the same result on the 28th!!! :) In the meantime, happy holidays!
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Hi devo, I couldnt wait so I brought forward the scan to yesterday too esp since I felt I lost my pg symptoms. And I got to see my little bean as well. The doc saw a blood clot and said that its due to the baby not implanting very well hence the blood clot. He did say there is a chance of miscarriage but since the baby looked fine - well we just have to wait and see. Well I am just praying hard and the spotting is now light brown (signs of clearing up?) . I am happy everything looks great for you guys! I hopeyour spotting has stopped by now. And yes they do look like a gummy bear right?  LOL! I am praying real hard for the clot to disappear and not cause any further complications. Have a Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to you and your husband and little gummy bear.
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