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Hi every one, I had my routine monthy pre-natal appointment this afternoon. The doctor mentioned that some suger showing up on the urine test she did at the office. I am really concerned about it as I have a family history of diabetics worried whether I might have developed Gestational diabetics. Got the req for the 24-28wks Glucose Tolerence blood test and can't wait until I get it done.

I had a pretty heavy lunch just before the doctor's visit and yesterday I had some pretty big bowls of ice cream and some very sweet drinks. DH thinks that might have spiked up the suger levels in the urine.

If you any one has experience with this I would love to hear from you.

Thank you every one!
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I had GD with my first and it wasn't too bad. I was able to keep it in check with my diet. They have you check your blood 5 times a day, but it becomes pretty routine. My DD was born  a very healthy 7lb 13oz and has no problem that we know of. You will have an increased risk for getting diabetes within the next 20 yrs of your life so you'll probably have to keep and eye on it for the rest of your life, but so far (8 yrs) I'm good. I just try to watch what I eat now. I will say that if you haven't had the GT test before, it *****. 1st of all, your pg already then they make you drink this awful sugery drink. I almost thru up! I couldn't even smell anything citrus for a LONG time after that.
Good luck!
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I had sugar in one of my urine samples and was completely expecting to have GD.  I didn't so perhaps it's the same for you.  If you do, many here have had it and I don't know of a single situation where the baby was born less then healthy.  Good luck and keep us posted!!
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I was also diagnosed with GD.  It's not a big deal, really.  I do have to watch what I eat and I also take insulin.  So long as your sugar levels are controlled (ie, with diet and/or insulin) there are few risks.  As the baby grows, the demand for insulin can triple which is why GD is so common and why it goes away shortly after the placenta is delivered.  Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise will help you and your baby for the rest of your lives.
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Thank you every one for your comments! that is really encouraging and reassuring as I am a person who would worry myself to death over a drop of a pin. My DH is the totall opposite, so he thinks I always worry over nothing.

I really hope this leads to nothing and the blood work comes back negative for GD. I will keep you guys posted.
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Hi every one.. My doc called me after the blood test and I missed her first call. I was certain she was calling to tell me I had GD. I was shaking and crying by the time she called me the second time. Actually she called me to say that I was ANEMIC.. and asked me to go on a iron supplement right away. and the good news is my blood sugar was normal. although it wasn't perfect, I am thrilled about this.
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just drink lots of water and really cut back on sugary products. In a couple of my urine samples there was a high level of sugar but I soon realized what I ate and drank before I peed in the cup those times. After everything was said and done, I  didnt end up with GD. Just cut back on somethings. I make sure I drink enough water each day which is a must drinking pregnancy anyway.
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