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Suggestions for Pregnancy Fitness???

I'm almost 6 wks pregnant and already feel like a house.  Some of it is from my fertily meds but i'm off all of them now.  i got pregnant about 10lbs heavier than i was a year ago so i'm paranoid i'm going to be huge.  i'm still only 130lbs but i just don't want to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat!  i am a stay at home mom and work part time from home but for some reason i'm really worried about this.  i want to know if anyone has suggestions for fitness that might benefit me and everyone else on here.  i'm not really into yoga.  i'm kinda one of those that has to feel the pain and probably torture myself so much that i don't excercise much for that reason.  i don't want to overdo it though.  

thanks for the suggestions!
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My suggestion would be walking. I was told not to start a "new" exercise program if you haven't already been a regular.  There are plenty of expecting mothers work out video's available today, maybe you can find one that works for you.  I feel you though, i am 10 wks and feel like i am huge as i gained 8 lbs. in the last 6mo.  Stinks but well worth it for the little one.  Good luck!!!
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swimming is also good.  I am with you I had an extra 5lbs or so from last M/C that I hadnt lost.  I weigh everyday....yes I'm OCD but by no means have an eating dis order and never have.  My Drtold me it was OK it looked like I had gained 5 lbs in 1 week at like 5 weeks pg.  You need to be sure you dont obcess and gain wait but there is nothing wrong with watching it so you dont gain toooo much.  good luck
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but hey if I gain tooooo  much ooh well it is worth it  :O) especially since I am on light duty for the next 4 weeks...I saw bring it on
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Hi dottie. I am 6 wks 1 day and have the same feeling. I have put on 7kg with the whole ttc thing for so long, and now I'm preg I feel like I don't have much hope to get any shape back. I am planning a major regime if all works out in around 9 months time.
For the time being I'm walking about 3x a week and I have gym membership that Im not sure whether to put on hold or not. Aqua Aerobics could be good??
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THANKS for the advice!  It's great to know i'm not the only one feeling ginormous lately...lol!  I think walking would be a great start.  Now i just have to get motivated since i'm SO tired these days. Seems like i get spurts of energy so i'm gonna have to squeeze it in during one of those brief moments!  
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Our obgyn said walking was great as was swimming - what really works for me is putting the remote control between my feet - wow - that stretching really works - lol - also, put your oreos on the lowest shelf available in your kitchen

Other great tips that I have learned -

always weigh yourself without your glasses/contacts
always weigh yourself while leaning one hand on the sink
foods of the same color have the same amount of calories (ex. liver and chocolate)
if you drink a diet pop with your candy bar, the calories cancel each other out

good luck
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That is TOO funny!!!  Sounds like a perfect plan for me....lol.  

Had my 3rd bt today but still don't have the results.  I am 6 wks today...YAY!  Last week my HCG was 3950 and prog. was 198.5 so hopefully things are moving right along.  I will keep everyone posted.  

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Dottie - feel free to use any of my exercise ideas - I'm planning on writing a book - Redneck Exercise for Dummies - until the book gets published - they are all free game - lol - I think that book will be published on the same day I wake up as a B-cup bra!  

Good luck on your first six weeks
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