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The D&C is over, how long do I have to wait to start again

Hello Everyone,  first allow me to thank each of you for your support, and concerns during the most difficult time of my life.  Although I was at the hospital by myself for a few hours I felt like I had a room full of love ones.  I remembered every thoughtful word, and pray that was sent up for me by each of you.  The D&C went well.   I am having some light bleeding, and minor cramps, other then that I am fine.  I will return back to work tomorrow.  My doctor told me no sex for the next four weeks, and I am ok with that.  How long should I wait before my husband and I try again? Or should I visit another doctor first?  As always your answers are always welcome, and appreciated by me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Love Yolanda
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I've always been told 1-3 cycles.  However I had an ectopic in november of 06 and was pregant in december of 06 to deliver my baby boy in september.  usually its at least one cycle for dating purposes only.  I had a delivery on october 7,  i was 18 weeks with my baby boy,  I was told to wait two cycles.  so I'm just waiting for af to arrive to try again. you are more fertile after a m/c however there is a slightly higher risk of m/c.  I think my dr said it was one to two percent higher..  hope this helps  
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The answer to how long to wait varies from Dr. to Dr. Mine always said one cycle, and that was primarily for dating purposes as 7preg3B mentioned.  As long as there is no sign of infection or anything, you can start pretty quickly.  If you are using an OPK, keep in mind you can get false positives before next AF, so right now they aren't too reliable.  The most important thing is that you are ready emotionally.  For me I know I always wanted to be pregnant again as quickly as possible, as that was the best way for me to handle it.  Every one is different, so listen to yourself and do whats right for you.  

I'm glad you felt the love and support you have while you were in the hospital.  I thought about you all day, as I am sure many others did as well.  Take good care Yolanda, and be good to yourself right now!

(((Hugs)))  Amanda
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Should I get any test done before we try?  Or, should I just go ahead and hope for the best?  Has anyone every had two m/c back to back, one ectopics pregn which you lost a tube,  and then turned around to have a healthy baby.

Amanda, as always thank you for your encourging words!  

7preg3b: Thank you for the information as well.  Did you lost the tube with the ectopics pregn?
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I had a D&C in sept.07 and was pregnant again in Nov. 07. Every dr. is different, I say Do what feels right to you! Good Luck and best wishes!

Fyi. My sister in law had an ectopic pregnancy and lost one of her tubes and then got pregnant again 2months later and m/c that one as well, then got pregnant again 2months later and she now has a beautiful baby girl who is 16months!
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I am so grateful to have found this site.  No matter what you are facing the stories on this site will give you hope.  Thanks alot mamaofonetrying42
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I think you should wait 2 cycles and make sure everything is 100% fine  I had an etopic when is was 21, 3 m/c I was told I could never have children. I now have a 14 yr old and a 5 yr old. Altough I just had a baby this sept but he didn't make it.  We are praying  and trying again now that the Dt said everything is ok. Go to the Doctor first make sure you are healed and Good luck I'll be praying for you
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Thank you for sharing.  That is what my doctor told me that I should wait two cycles before we try again.  The only problem I have with him is that he haven't done any test.  Therefore, I am wondering how do he know that everything is ok for me to try again...
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Did they not automatically test the tissue?  Here that is standard, be it first or 10th loss.  Ask the hospital, hopefully they did that.  If it were me, I would be looking for a Dr. willing to run some tests.  I know I requested them, and I feel better even though they didn't find anything major.  Take good care!
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After losing my son this sept, I was told no sex so I listen Although it was a long time Dh and I decide we were going to listen I had my F/U appt last week and they did a regular GYN check up and also a sonogram, my uterus is back to normal size and everything has heal very well  no bleeding no clots and they didn't see the fibroids. Just go to the Dc and request the test ask alot of question. Girl I know my dc must hate me cause I ask a million and 1 questions. and I think they aleast have to check the tissue inside to make sure you dont have any infection or anything Good luck I'll be here if you need to ask me anything else   ROSE
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yes I lost my left right tube.  I had a mc/ in 8/06, an ectopic in 11/06 and a healthy pregnancy in 12/06 had my 1 year old in 9/07 got pregnant in 6/08 and had my son at 18 weeks due to prom.  those are the last 4 pregnancies.  I will try again SOON>>>    
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Did you have the ectopic pregn first, or the m/c?  I am thankful to God to know that through your story there is hope for me.  I will wait until I see two cycles before I try again, but I will try and pray for a healthy pregn this time around.,,
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I had a two healthy pregnancies, m/c, healthy pregnancy, m/c, ectopic, healthy pregnancy, delivery at 18 weeks due to listeria.  there is always hope.  I have no problem becoming pregnanct so next time is my time..
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Thank you so much for the information you have given me.  It has been very helpful.
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