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Took an HPT this morning

The good news is it is a BFP!  The bad news is I have been spotting since yesterday.  Not super heavy, but like I would get the day before AF starts.  Its still there today, and a tad bit heavier.  Now AF would have been due next wedensday/thursday, and I know this can be totally normal...implantation or such.  I also know I have told many other women on here that it can be very normal and not to stress, but I am stressed to the max here.  The BFP was a "no doubt about it" positive, so I am hoping this doesn't turn into another chemical on me.  Anyway, going to stay positive and only allow myself to think the best.  I am going to take another test on tuesday to double check, then will make an appointment with OB.  I guess I am asking for more prayers and positive thoughts here. It definatly looks like the ones you all sent for my BFP worked!!  Come on little bean, burrow in nice and deep and stay put!!
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oh goood luck to you, your in my prayers, heres hoping for a positive next 9 months
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Congratulations!!  You have my thoughts and prayers!  Don't stress, try not to worry, let nature tke its course...keep us posted!!  pam
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I am sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers your way - I wish you all the best -you deserve it - keep telling yourself "it's my turn now for a healthy pregnancy"  Keep up the positive thinking.

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Thanks ladies.  As the day goes on I am feeling a little less positive.  I am definately bleeding, although it is primarily brown/pink in colour and still only when I wipe (sorry, TMI).  I am hoping it is just implantation bleeding, or old blood.  I keep looking at that HPT, showed my mother in law even, and everyone agrees there is absolutely no doubt about it, its positive.  I guess now there is nothing to be done but wait.  Its not in my hands right now.  If I didn't know I was positive I would think it was AF starting, but I am never ever early, always 28 days, and that would be wed or thurs (I know last AF was either July 24th or 25th).  Anyway, thanks so much for all the posts and notes/messages.  As usual, you are all the best!!!
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Okay, I'm sending you ALLL these  positive vibes, can you feel them? When do you go to the dr? Hopefully they will give you an hcg blood test and we can track your progress. SSBD to you, I sure want this one to stick!!
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OMG, I hope it's just implantation bleeding.  Sending lots of SSBD your way!
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So the bleeding got heavier throughout the day, and is now tapering off.  It never got as heavy as AF, but I would have definately thought AF was starting.  So I think I will take another HPT in the morning, and see if its still positve.  Of course, I have been all over the internet, trying to stick to actual medical sites to see what this is all about....I have not bled this early before, and the spotting during my first pregnancy was never this heavy.  Anyway, they all say the same thing I always tell everyone....30% of women will do this, and 50% of those will go on to have normal pregnancies...so I am sticking with that.  I am going to call OB's office in the morning (after another HPT) and tell the nurse whats happening.  We will see what happens from there.  I still had prometrium left from last time, so started taking that again today (as per OB's instructions after last loss).  Saying lots of prayers, and hoping for the best.  Apparantly I can never do anything the easy way...oh well, it will all be worth it in the end, I know.  Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers...they mean more then you can know!
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best of luck with your pregnancy. Really hope it's only implantation bleeding hey!!! Sending lots of prayers to you, I wish you all the best. Take care and stay positive!!
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What is the latest?  Are you still bleeding?  Let us know after you speak with your OB today!  Thinking of you!!!  :- )    Pam
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I did the same thing before my period was due, and it wasn't just brown/pink on the toilet paper. It was full on Day 1 AF type bleeding. I knew I had a positive HPT already, but I figured for sure I was having a miscarriage. I also had a lot of back pain, cramping, and at one point some gross looking tissue came out!

Guess what?  My bean was apparently just burrowing in really good is now a full fledged chubbers and I'm at 30 weeks!  So, I hope things are just fine for you too! Could just be implantantion! :)

Good luck to you and keep up posted!!!

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I'm so so happy for you, I started to tear up when I read your post.  I wish I would have checked the board over the weekend.  This is so awesome.  Now, try not to stress as much as possible.  I had three months of heavy bleeding in the begining of my pregnancy and I mean heavy, heavy to where I thought it was the placenta, I'm now almost 21 weeks so try not to stress until you know what is going on.  I would call and have your hcg levels checked and just take one day at a time, stay calm and just pray to your higher power and everything will work out.

I'm so happy for you.  I know how I felt after I got that BFP after my 4th miscarriage, you worry, you stress and excited all at the same time.  It's good that you started taking your prometrium, that will help too.  I would also recommend that you take an 81mg of baby asprin.  My doctor told me to start taking one after my second lost, it won't hurt a thing.

Please keep us posted and I wish you the best this time around.  I know everything will be just fine.

Love Ya,
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Did you take HPT?  What was the result?
We are all rooting for you!
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Wishing you all the best in this journey this time.
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Hey all, thanks again for all the posts.  I took another HPT this morning, and it was still positive.  I called OB's office and told the nurse their whats going on.  I am still doing what I would call "heavy spotting". No full flow or anything, but day 3 of this and quite frankly, its making me a bit crazy.  I am going this afternoon for bloodwork, and will have results if not today, then tomorrow afternoon latest (they are really good about getting results fast).  She basically has two different possible scenarios...one is much like many of you described, which is just a light cycle and pregnancy proceeds....very common.  The second is of course a chemical pregnancy which has happenend to me once before (loss number 2).  Either way I really just want to know.  THis may sound really cold, but if this pregnancy is not going to work out, I would rather now then 6 or 8 weeks from now.  And the waiting of course can make you insane, so I am glad I called.

Thanks for the support, I really want this to be ok.  Amanda
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Good luck on your beta!!!
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Keep us posted. I am wishing the best for you!
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I am wishing you well during this, it is so hard waiting to see how the pregnancy is going. I understand how you feel when you say you just want to know where this preg. is going...and would rather know now. That is how I felt when I had my ectopic. I was so sad, but just wanted to know if it wasn't viable. I am so anxious to have a healthy preg., as I am sure you are as well! Best of luck and I truly hope you get great news!!!!
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hey there amanda im late on this post. im keeping my fingers crossed!  i know so many that bled at this point in their pg so lets stay positive!  i think at some time around now it burys itself in deep  and that can cause bleeding.  it wouldnt be implantation because you have a bfp and that cant happen till after when the hormones are detected.  i will be up first thing to check out what is happening ;)
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So many encouraging words, and they do help. I am hoping this is a situation like Sheri or Debbie had, or like Perty said she has heard of.  Spotting is definatly not the case anymore, I am full out bleeding (sorry, TMI again).  I had to put a pad on this afternoon.  No clots or cramps though.  I would think this was just AF except I am never ever this early.  A day or two I could maybe accept, but not 4 days, with 2 days of heavy spotting before it.  Plus that little matter of two BFP HPT's. (and not just seen with my eyes).  Seeings how this morning was another BFP, I have no doubt my bloodwork will come back positive (at least they are doing a quantative, so will have a real number to start with), then I am going to have to wait until wed. for the second test.  And that is going to feel like forever.  Sorry, I am know I am venting, but I am not having a good night here.  Its almost 1 in the morning, and I can't sleep. This just isn't fair.  I mean, drug addicts seem to have an easier time making this work then I do.  I know, take my own advice to others, don't assume the worst, etc.  Right now emotion is overtaking logic.  Sorry all, just needed to get that out of my system.
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im sorry you are going through this stress.  emotions are hard to control when it comes to a baby.  try to sleep!
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Amanda - we haven't formally met but I've read your posts before and can tell you're a really sweet person.  I hate that you're going through all of this anguish - I hope that the beta turns out good and that the next one shows increasing numbers - stick little bean!! - jennifer
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I am so very sorry you are going through this again.  And yes, this is so unfair!
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I always felt like you, that it was unfair. BUT you have no definative answers yet so hold on!! I have my fingers, toes & whole body crossed for you!!
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Hey all,

I just got off the phone with OB's offfice.  HCG's were elevated, but not by much.  She said if I had 2 positve HPT's they must have been over 25 at some point, so there really isn't much chance here.  I knew it in my heart yesterday anyway, so not overly surprised.  I ranted and raved last night (sorry about that post), and now I will just wallow in self pity for a bit and once again move forward.  I may take a bit of a break from ttc for a bit, as that is now 4 in 9 months and its all getting to be a bit much for me.  Not giving up, just taking a break.  That may change by the time next O comes along, and maybe I will want to go for it again then...who knows.  Gonna take it day by day.  I think this one was a bit of an extra challange as tomorrow was the due date of the first pregnancy so emotions are running doubly high.  I am however counting my blessings that I do conceive so very easily and so hopefully its just a matter of time.  Thanks again for the support and hand holding....its gotta happen eventually right?  Hugs to you all.  Amanda
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