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Trying .... again ;)

Hi Girls!!  With the return of AF (about 6 months PP), DH and I have decided to start trying for number 2...yippee!!!  But I have a question for those out there with LO's....

I don't want to stop breastfeeding while we are trying since I have no idea if it's even going to work again, but I want to help my ovulation as that seemed to be the key in getting preggers the first time.  Is there any natural way to boost ovulation without affecting BF?

Thanks a ton! I'm so excited to be back ;)
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Hey there, goodness thats a bit of a pickle, I was the same as you I really didn't want to give up breast feeding either, but I had to at 10 months cause of the biting from baby OUCH! anyways, I am not sure if you can boost ovulation with breastfeeding. The midwives had told me that breastfeeding stops you ovulating, and also can stop your periods all together (which it did with me) Unfortunately you will have to speak to your doctor to find out, I am pretty sure you can't boost ovulation and breast feed, however, I was also told that breastfeeding CAN be used as a form of birth control, but only for the first 6 months, so you may find you are fertile now anyways, but its not definite, of course everyone differs so it is hard to say! Anyways, I hpoe this helps a little, and good luck for your next baby, I hope it happens REAAAALLLY fast for you, all the best :)
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yay!!!!! and hello there!  You have been missed!!  I too have recently returned and we are sort of halfheartedly trying for no 2 as well.  I say halfheartedly as we are more not preventing then trying at this point..however that could change tomorrow!! lol.

I have no idea when it comes to natural ways to boost ovulation, but if it were me I would start with OPKS and see what is going on.  Have you had a regular cycle yet?

Good luck and huge ((((Hugs))) to you!!!
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Ok, I missed that...AF returned already.  Sounds like your in good shape.  Just do what you did before.  Breastfeeding certainly won't prevent you from conceiving again..that's an old wives tale.  If you are having normal cycles, away you go my friend!
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I agree with adgal.  If you have AF that means yo O'd.  Good luck!!!!!!
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I was told by my doctor that not all women who get a period ovulates.  Don't know the details, or how it relates to breastfeeding, but the OPKs will be a good start.  I am going to begin using it next month.  good luck!
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my little brother is testament to the fact you can get pregnant while breastfeeding (my mom never got her period in between, just found out she was pregnant again)
that myth is why there are a lot of us siblings very close in age who were born in the 70s :)
as far as boosting ovulation, i don't know of anything that you can do that doesn't require medications that would force you to stop breastfeeding.
Our plan is to not prevent from when this baby is born until her first birthday, and if i am not pregnant by then we will go back to the RE.  I am planning on weaning her around 8-10 months of age depending on her....so i will be done BF at that 1 year mark.  
We had to do IVF for this one, so we kinda expect to have to go that way again, but you never know :)
may we all be members of the 2 under 2 club :)
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I know that you can get pregnant while BF (I'm hoping for it ;)) because a number of my friends have had it happen to them. I was just hoping that there was some natural/herbal supplement that would help ovulation but not interfere with BF.

So now I have an interesting situation...my AF showed on July 31st and was normal...lasted 3-4 days, bright red color, heavy flow reducing to light flow...so I thought that I would get AF again 28-30 days later. (that's what my cycles were once I got regular). SOOOOO, on Aug. 27th, I started spotting VERY little and brownish..then NOTHING!  Now, when I got pregnant with my DD last summer, on the day before I was due, I spotted A LITTLE and it was brownish then NOTHING...got ++hpt next day.

So, do you think it's MORE probable that my cycles are just out of whack or that I could be pregnant? (For those that don't know me, it took 4+ years of REALLY trying to get pregnant with DD). I know that I can just take a test, but I was never a big test-taker and I hate to start that all up again when it's probably unlikely that I'm preggers. (BTW, DH and I bd'd twice during what I would have thought would be O-time)

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I am cycle no. 4 (or maybe 5..lol) since having Ryder.  They are still not normal.  But I did take an HPT and it was negative.  I can't imagine any reason you would get a positive unless it was!  As far as I know still breastfeeding or having irregular cycles can't cause that...I don't know hon, but it sounds to be like we might be congratulating you again here!  I think you should take another test...was it an obvious +?  Excitement is building here....

BTW, I have had a few friends tell me they had a much easier time the second time around (I am hoping so as well).  One of my friends tried for years and years.  She did IVF and got a gorgeous set of twins.  Less then a year later she was pregnant again (and it was a whoops...although a very happy one).  I hear stories like that all the time.   Ohhhh, keep us posted!!!
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they say that having a baby "primes the system" making it easier to conceive 2...who knows.
i am a tester, so i would personally.
i plan on charting again after dd is born so i have some clue as to if and when i ovulate
i think it could go either way.  your cycles are out of whack or you are already pregnant again....
your call if you want to wait another month or go ahead and test ...
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OH, I am sorry....I meant that when I got pregnant with DD, it was ++ hpt next day. I haven't taken a test yet because I am scared to get sucked into that whole ordeal again!!!

I'm sure that it's just my cycles being out of whack, but it's hard not to get a little excited! I'd love to have "Irish twins"!!  DH is buying a test today....I'll take one in the morning because I don't know how else to know for sure.

Sorry, Amanda, for the false positive....lol :)
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Awww...and I was so excited!  lol.

I can't wait to read the update tomorrow.  Keeping everything crossed!!
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you can have a period and not ovulate, its called an anovulatory cycle.  bfing can do your ttc, but dont throw it out yet!  many women bf while pg.  you can lose supply, but many women can even tandem nurse.

what i would do is get a chart and do your bbts, and possibly ovulation strips (even though it is possibly to get a + and still not o!) .  with the bbt you can see exactly if you get that temp change that takes place when you do ovulate.  

good luck, i know a few whose long journey of ivf and mc were suddenly ended after their first was born!  i hope many of you are in this boat too ;)
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I have had CM, so I think that's a good sign that I ovulated. (At least that's what my OB told me since I had CM before AF showed, so she told me I was O'ing....)

I don't want to do temps because I co-sleep with DD and there's no way that I could be consistent with it and am not looking to cause the stress this time that we had the first go-round, but I like the idea of OPK's, so I might do that! :)

I'd love to get a +hpt tomorrow because we are going to visit my folks on Sat. and I'd love to surprise them with the news, but I am pretty doubtful that I am....we'll see!

Thanks for all the input! I'll let y'all know tmw's results!!
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GOOD LUCK!!!! we got pregnant the last month i was breastfeeding! (i had to only pump, and working full time, i just couldn't keep it up with her getting so mobile at that 8 month mark). i had two or three periods before we got pregnant though, while breastfeeding - i thinkn i could feel ovulation during two of those cycles..Hoping the best for you for #2!!! I agree that trying to concieve without the stress that the first one was is nice!  GOOD LUCK! : ) : ) : )
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Nope - big negative this morning....

Funny how even though I KNEW in my heart that we weren't pregnant, it still ***** to see that straight icky line!

Oh, well...at least I know that we CAN get pregnant and I have a beautiful daughter so I have NOTHING to be unhappy about!  Here's to a fun ride trying to get a sister or brother for her ;)
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Darn it, I'm sorry.  But yes, that little girl of yours is gorgeous!  It'll happen...and I bet it happens faster then her conception did...XOXO
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ah well...that would have been too easy i suppose.
good luck and i'm sure you'll be announcing number 2 by the end of the year :)
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