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Tummy tuck during c-section myth

FYI,  I had a followup with my pastic surgeon last week.  (As some of you know, I had a boob job back in May when I completely gave up on a second child and love the results).

At any rate, he said they NEVER do tummy tucks during a C-section.  

Thought I'd pass that on to anyone else who believed it.

Too bad!
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ha ha....medhelp didn't like my reply.

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I still can swear that that is why all of those stars have c sections!!! haha... ALso do you mind me asking what you did for your B job?    was it a lift or just bigger?  and how much... I want one so so bad!!!
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I looked into this as well.  I figured, you already have me cut open, just give me a tuck.  I have found that it would be dangerous to do it during a c-section and also, they don't know how much to tuck, you need to be back to normal after delivery before they can really see what they need to do.
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so you are telling me that all the stars are just skinny after birth...?  that is sooooo unfair!!!
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well don't tell my dh husband I have him convinced that this is how they look so skinny so soon hahaha
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Gotta get breast cancer and have a tram-flap reconstruction to get the tummy tuck.  And a boob job!


Always said after I was done having babies I would want my tummy tucked...didn't know what I was asking for at the time!!!!  I can laugh now!!!  So ya'll laugh with me.
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Oh, my boobs were so gross I had to get a lift and implants.  I had the most sagging, lopside A-cup skin flaps you could imagine after DD.  Doc says I was one of his worst cases.

I love the results.  I just got large Bs.  It wasn't cheap though - more than $10K.  I also opted for silicone, which is more expensive.

I'm sure the stars just get work done a few months after the preg.  My doc says to check in with him a few months afterwards and to start exercising and losing the weight as soon as (safely) possible.

My belly wasn't THAT bad after DD.  Some loose skin, but no stretch marks.  I don't know it it would be any worse than a big old scar though.  We'll see.  I'm not ruling it out!
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P.S.  A friend of mine just had a "mommy makeover" - a boob job and tummy tuck.  In fact, her sister did too.  They both love the results.
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offf 10K  that is too much I was thinking about 5 for the b job... and 5 for tummy... I don't know which one I would choose... probably the tummy
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I'm pretty sure you can get a boob job for around $6K (in California - probably cheaper elsewhere) if you just get saline implants, no lift.  The lifts were about $2K extra, and silicone $1k more than saline.  Anesthesia can add up too.  I just had a local, and it was around $1300.  I wasn't awake or anything...
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lol.. you picked a perfect time for it... having a baby will help them get softer and drop some.. look more natural.
I have had mine for 10+ years.  I got the saline inplants and put under the muscle. concidering with the time and all I sometimes even forget mine are bought and payed for.
you got the help form mother nature... congrats. perfect timing
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That's good to hear.  Glad you like yours.  Mine already feel and look natural.  They're on top of the muscle since they're pretty small, and the silicone feels like the real deal.

Mind if I ask how big you went?  Also, what's it like having mamograms with them?
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I was like a double AA cup.. and went to a large B to small C cup. not too big.. wanted it to look more natural. Im small framed anyway, so had to watch my bodyshape. Now my sister went and got hers done about 3 years ago and omg.. she went to a size D.!! she likes them!  guess thats all that matters.
no big deal on the mamogram... not any diffrence then the norm. Just somthing we all just love to do... ugh no it didnt hurt at all.
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oh...NOW...I think im a D cup!!! I just hope I dont get any stretch marks. lol.. I think the growing up there has stoped... thank god!! for a while I was freaking.
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Yeah, I'm a full C now.  I would have gone for a small C in the first place, but my boobs were so bad a B is all they could do.
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******sigh******* looks down depressed at my "natural" DD hanging down tube socks with a tennis ball ..........egads........
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At least with DDs you've earned the right to sag! LOL.  I didn't know it was possible with an A cup!

A lift is less expensive or painful than implants, although my surgery didn't hurt a bit and I had both.
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