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Twin pregnancy on same side in a Bicornuate Uterus


I'm new to this forum and hopefully some of u cud help me..

I have a Bicornuate Uterus with a Twin pregnancy on the same horn (larger slice of the uterus). The Hi Risk apecialist has asked me to consider a selective reduction as I may deliver preterm (abt 20-28 weeks). I'm not able to decide.

Need to hear if anyone of u have had a successful or near to successful term with healthy babies.
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i just ran into your question and i know its been a while since u wrote it out so what did u end up doing ???
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I'm curious to know too as I also have a twin pregnancy in my bicornuate uterus and I believe they are on the same side. I'm 9 weeks along and haven't seen the specialist yet.
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Hi Im hoping someone here can share their story bc I also have twins in one horn of BU @ 9 weeks, seeing specialist in 2 & would like to know what to expect...thank you for anything you may share...
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Hi guys, I had a BU and had work on it.  Just a question, did you know about it before the pregnancy?
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Hi Trixxie-
Yes, I found out about my BU about a year before becoming pregnant - I'd gone to my OBGYN due to some persistent pain in my LH side. The dr. said my BU heightened risk of preterm labor, miscarriage and breech presentation. However the statistics he gave didn't seem  too troubling for a singleton pregnancy. Never would have imagined I'd end up with twins (& am so worried now!).

How long has it been since you had the surgery - have you tried to conceive and did it work out? All the best-
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Hi Beth, I wish you the very best of luck.  Have you had a visit with the specialist yet?  Did you conceive naturally or with fertility drugs?

I had a surgery in 05, I had been diagnosed after a mc in 2000.  My OB said the same thing about the risks and never did anything until we were trying again in 04 and nothing happened.  
We went to a F Dr and determined a surgery would work and it did to correct the uterus.  There is no explanation on why we had not been able to conceive we are both ok and working well, ovulating and good motility.  We had ivf in Nov 07 after another check up and futher correcting the sptum, that ended at 6 weeks and we are now preg. again with frozen transfer we are at 6 weeks and hoping these make it all the way.  Neither of us has kids and we really want them.  We had 3 embryos transfered and our levels were high on last week's blood work, hope it is ok again tomorrow when we get today's results.  I have had little to no symptoms and am some what worried.  I go pee alot and feel tired and sleepy but no morning sickness or anything else.

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Hi Trixxie -
I hope you got good news today. You ave been through a lot with this and I appreciate you sharing your story - you will be in my thoughts!

I also have had extreme tiredness as my primary 1st trimester symptom, a little general queasiness but no true morning sickness. We conceived naturally after about 2 years of trying. I have no children but my husband does from a prior marriage, so I've often wondered if the seemingly long delay was bc of my condition (once identified that is). Another odd thing is that I ovulated on the right side but the twins are in the left horn. This is difficult to understand and I'm hoping the specialist (in 2weeks) can provide some   answers.

Wishing you all the best
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Hi, levels were at 9045, all the nurses say it is good and it sure looks like it I am just so scared that they didn't double as I thought.  They are about 2000 short which does not seem like alot when you see its 7 days.  I think I will go in again on Mon and get blood done again.  I am so scared.  
Wow, at 9 weeks, that's good.  It is difficult to understand the ovulation process.  How do you know you ovulated on that side and not the other?  Was it through sono?
I am so scared I can't stop thinking about so many things due to the previous mc.  There is no explanation on why and in trying to prenvent something I am a nerevous wreck even though there is nothing I can do.
Another thing happened today.  I lost my doggie of 12 years today and I lost 3 hours of my day after finding her.  I am serious, had never happened to me.  I thought it was 7 when it was really 10 at night.  My stomach had butterflies and I was shaking for at least 2 hours I didn't react as I thought.  I don't know if it was because I knew she was ill and I was preparing to put her down this comming week, but I just feel real disconnected from reality right now.  I hope there is nothing wrong with my little beans in there.
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Hi Trixxie,
I'm so sorry I didn't check back at the board until today. It's really rough waiting and wondering in this process, and hope today you got encouragement again.

I know it seems impossible not to really be worried. I worry about everything... While I've  not heard anything more from this site, a friend told me she put a post on another site she visits and got 2 positive responses about twins in one side of a BU. Needless to say this made my day even though I know it's anecdotal and may not be the same for me.

I also want to say how sorry I am you hadti go thru that with your doggie and are having to say goodbye to her this week. It's a lot to deal with at once... I had two close family members wind up in the hospital during the last month and the emotional strain together with physical demands of pregnancy are hard. I hope you can get plenty of rest right now.

All the best
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Hi Ladies!

I carried mono-di twins in the same side of my BU last year.  

My girls were delievered at 33.5 weeks and spent 5 weeks in the hospital as "fed and grow" babies.  We didn't know I had a BU until my CS.  

Twin A carried like a normal singleton pregnancy, however Twin B was significantly growth restricted due to poor placental blood flow.  Both are now healthy, happy 9 month old babies, although Twin B is still significantly small and probably always will be.  

I showed no signs of preterm labour or cervical shortening.  I physically had a fabulous pregnancy, and never felt better in my life!!!  The OB's decided to delievered me early due to lack of amniotic fluid and poor blood flow in Twin B.  They were never going to let me go past 34 weeks, as they can get IUGR babies bigger faster in the NICU after 34 weeks gestation.  

The BU perhaps explains the two previous miscarriages I had, and definiately explains why I had such a funny shaped belly (both girls heads were right under my left rib cage).    

Wishing you the best of luck with your pregnancies!!!
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Does anyone still post here? I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins in the same horn of my bicornuate uterus. I would love someone to talk to!
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I just wanted to add that I have 2 healthy 2 years old fraternal twin boys,
They were born at 35 weeks by c-section, I had no complication during my pregnancy.
My OB decided to deliver them by c-section as twin B stop growing and then twin A stop growing around 34 weeks.
We discovered I had a BU when the c-section was done, they both stayed few days in NICU, they just needed to be there because they needed a bit of help with feeding.
They have no complication at birth and are doing great since.
One twin was smaller but he has catched up
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