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U/S results

Just back from my u/s.  Nothing was visible on abdominal, so they did transvaginal.  I am 7 weeks today, but little one is measuring only 5w3d. No cardiac activity.  They will repeat next week, but I know that means it's over for me.  Thank you for all your support and good wishes, but not meant to be this time.  I am grateful for my healthy little boy and we will try again for a sibling for him.  As those of you that have been through this with me before know, I will not be around for a bit.  I need to have a bit of a pity party, digest and grieve, then I will pick myself up and try again.  Just need a bit of time.  Thanks again for all your support, it means a great deal to me.  SSBD ladies!!!
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Oh Amanda my heart is broken for you but maybe next week you'll get a miracle  ... I hope So. Love and hugs from all of us here. You have my phone number if u need it. Will resend on facebook to be sure, don't give up. <3 -Ives
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Amanda, I am praying for your healing heart , and may God Bless your family.. Mary..
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So sorry you had bad news today, I was hoping it would be different! Grieve, cry. I hope you get better soon!
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Amanda, You are in my thoughts and in my prayers...Take what you need and know that we are here for you!!! May all the energy that you give out helping others come back to you 10 fold in this time of grieving and gratitude for what you already have... Hug Ryder and you DH and know that anything is possible...

Hugs ...

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Oh my, I am so sorry to hear this.  Time to step away from Medhelp and focus on something else for a bit - nice that the holidays are around the corner - December will be so busy that you will have plenty of other nice things to focus on.

I know it will definitely happen for you,  it's just sad that it's not happening right now.  


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Hugs to you girl.. hope your holidays are warm and filled with love. God bless on your journey.
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I am so so sorry that this has happened to you again .. I was hoping you would have a better result than me .. but that sounds exactly what I saw too .. I hope this is over quickly for you and you can concentrate on getting lots of cuddles from hubby and your little boy .. my heart breaks that someone as wonderful as you are has to go through this again.

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I am crushed to hear this terrible news. I'm so sorry, Amanda. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during your healing process. Hope it goes quickly and next time is successful for you guys! Big hugs!!!
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I haven't been part of this community for long, but long enough to have a sense of what a sweet and supportive person you are, and a real source of strength for others here. You've already helped me a couple of times!
This would be terrible, heartbreaking news from anyone, but I am especially sorry to hear about it from you, who has gone through it so many times before.
Take care and don't give up.
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I am so sorry, I know how bad it hurts and you do need time to grieve.  I am so happy that you have your little man to keep you strong.  Good luck and prayers that your heart heals soon
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I am so sorry to hear that this happened. Thinking of you.
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I am so very very sorry.
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Oh Amanda, my stomach just turned over when I read this. I am so very sorry for you guys. Take a break, enjoy the holidays and your little mans first Christmas. HUGS.XX
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ooo i'm so sorry Amanda....i dont blame u for taking a break from here. thank goodness u have Ryder to keep ur spirits up...and one day he'll have a sibling. big hugs to u.

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I am so sorry Amanda:~(  I hope your break does you some good and you enjoy lots of snuggle time with Ryder.
Hugs and prayers-
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I wanted to reassure everyone a little bit. I spoke with Amanda today and she told me that she's surprisingly OK. She's sad, and she plans to grieve (how can she not?) but that she wasn't entirely surprised and it has reminded her just how special Ryder is.

While heartbroken, she seems to be keeping it together. she's such a strong amazing woman and I know she'll love coming back to see these words of support and encouragement when she feels like she can.

I just wanted everyone to know that she says she's doing OK...I know we're all worried about her.
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thanks so much for the update .. I'm glad that she has good friends like you around to help .. and that she's doing ok .. I'm sure you will let her know how we all feel and look forward to seeing her on here in the future!!
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amanda, I am so sorry :-(  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  
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Amanda, so sorry. There are no words to comfort you right now. See you soon, hugs!!
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My prayers are with you that all will be ok! I am sorry you are going through this I hope and pray that God will have mercy.

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I am praying for a miracle for you next week. I will be thinking of you. Please keep us posted...We love you!!

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I'm so sorry to hear this.  You will be in my prayers.
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So sorry to hear your news, my thoughts are with you and I wish you a speedy recovery.  Don't give up - look at the little guy in your arms and know its possible.

Big hugs to you
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I am so very sorry! My heart is breaking for you!
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