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Unexplained infertility

my gn says i have unexplained infertility, ive been ttc for 2yrs on femara and ovidrol, been waiting to do an IUI for the past 3cycles , but there was X mas then i had a laproscopy to see if they could find anything, and nothing, then my gn went away for 3 weeks so finally hes back, feb 25th , im doing thed IUI next cycle for sure, i had a child when i was 16 and my parents raised him, now im 35 and married and dying to be a mother, i lost my right tube 14 yrs ago in an etopic preg but havent got preg in 14yrs now. has anyone heard of any success stories of an IUI working while on fertility meds, for "unexplained infertility". im so confused, i dont know how much longer i can cope with not being able to have a baby.
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So you've been pregnant twice.  I'm sure the doctor has looked to see if your remaining tube is clear?  

The only thing I can offer is that sometimes blood sugar fluctuations cause infertility,  and that's something that isn't recognized usually by the medical community.  Try going without white sugar for several cycles - that is,  no candy,  cake,  alcohol,  white bread.  Focus instead on whole grains,  vegetables,  fruits in small amounts,  brown rices,  etc.  Basically the diet of a diabetic.  

Best wishes.  
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Me! I'm a success story and was also diagnosed w/ unexplained infertility.  My DH tried TTC for two years, One year w an Re. We did Clomid and Menopur and IUI for a total of 8 cycles before I got my first BFP.  I am not currently 13w3d pregnant w/ our first child/pregnancy :) I sent you a friend request so you can read my TTC Journal in case you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
I agree w/ RockRose try changing you diet a bit, eating healthier foods, and warm teas and soups. I also tried accupuncture.
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yes he checked my left tube is completely open, he checked twice once when he shot dye through my tube and the second time was this year jan 14th he did a laparoscopy and found nothing wrong, i do drink alot of sugar im my coffee, i drink like 4x4, but im not a big sweets person, but ill try that for sure, im just hoping that the IUI works, maybe thats what i need , maybe the sperm isnt meeting the egg somewhere.i pray everyday, ive already spent so much money on fertility meds, i cant afford to do like 8 IUIs, till it works, i hope that i just need one.
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I gave up alcohol and caffeinated drinks (coke/coffee) for a good 5 months. I started drinking caffine free tea (chamomille to be exact).
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I too had this, My right tube is damaged and closed, we tried for 12 years, three years ago I had my baby boy and am 19 weeks along right now:) and I am 43 so never give up!!
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