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Watery discharge Update

A couple days ago I posted about watery discharge, and I thought I would give an update for those that are interested.  

I called the dr and they had me come in...  he gave me an exam and said there was water pooling and it looked like I was probably leaking amniotic fluid.  He tested the ph level and did a fern test and they both came back negative for amniotic fluid.  He did an ultrasound to check my AF (amniotic fluid) level and it measured very good.  My level was 16 and he said low is anything 5 and under.  

He said he couldn't prove that it was amniotic fluid becasue the tests came back negative but he was very suspicious because of all the water.  

I asked him what the babies chances would be if the sac was broken.. he said only about 10% because I'm still so early in my pg.  

So anyway.. the news wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.. I'm just gonna keep laying/sitting here and hope for the best.. That is really all I can do.  
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Well I guess thats good news but why the heck would you have water pooling there?? He was sure it wasnt urine?? Take it easy please! I have been thinking about you lately and hoping you are resting. How many weeks are you now??19??
Anyways if you ever get bored on bed rest and want to talk or vent let me know! Im a medhelp-o-holic, lol!
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Well Hannah, I am glad to hear that it was not amniotic fluid! I wish they could have given you an explanation for all that  watery discharge.  The good news is your are already on bedrest, so that should help with the "leaking" feeling. Just remember to stay well hydrated so your body continue to replenish its fluids.

Hopefully this is the end of the drama and the rest of your pregnancy will go much smoother!!!!!!!

Hang in there girl!

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Hannah, I hope the rest of this pregnancy is completely uneventful, girl, you have had more then your share of stress this time around.  You know we're all cheering you on, and I just know all is going to be well with this little bean!!  Lots of hugs, Amanda
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Alright Hannah,
I know it wasn't great news but not bad either. Hang in there honey. I know this is hard but you and that little one will be ok.  

Prayers and hugs,
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Hannah, Well, Good sign it's not testing + for AF, although I'm sure it's still very worrisome.  Do they want you to come back in a week or so for AF checks?  I guess as long as the fluid is good, baby is getting everything he/she needs.  Just hang tight and let them know if there are any changes!
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Thanks everyone.. i just keep going through so many different moods.. sometimes I'm optimistic and sometimes I'm just crazy with worry and sometimes.. i exhale and think to myself.. what will be ... will be....  and then it all starts all over again...  

Thank god for the internet.. i don't know I would make it through this without it!?!?!?
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