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Went in for u/s came out aggrevated

I went in for my first ultrasound today to hopefully see a fetal pole. While I know it's early, all they could see is a sac. but what urks me is that we were there for TWO HOURS because they kept taking others in front of us due to scheudling issues. Then I'm sitting there in a paper gown, having to go to the bathroom really bad and they won't let me. I kept telling them "this his nothing to due with it affecting the ultrasound" which was my nice way of telling them I didn't have to pee but the other way. They didn't get it so I said screw it and went to the bathroom.

They were mixing me up saying 5 weeks 10 days but yet I'm 6 weeks. Well which is it because to me, I'm 6 weeks. Then with the whole sac thing they said well we were hoping a pole would show up but I guess it's too early. Hmmm fluid outside the sac. Then they said some medical term which they didn't explain and didn't want to repeat. Seeing I had 3 eggs viable (IUI/clomid) I'm guessing maybe they were talking about a possible twin that didn't make it. Which is fine but TELL ME. Don't go whispering speculation.

And of course the 2 hour wait made my husband late for his clients (he owns his own business) so he was annoyed and when he's annoyed the whole world knows so he was making me hyper from his sighing and the whole "what's taking them so long?" I was all "you know, this is what's important right now, not your clients. Your assistant is taking care of it." And his client is in my building so it's not like he had to go far.

Just so annoyed. I wanted some reassurance that all is well. I know that 6 weeks exact is questionable about a fetal pole but I'm just really emotional right now.

I go back in 2 Thursdays, the same day as my OB ultrasound so it's non stop "hi baby", which is great. But if things aren't going well then I don't want to see that twice.

I just feel like crying/going home. Seeing that it's almost 11, hopefully the day will go by fast. Maybe I'll leave slightly early. I just don't want to be here right now.
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why would they do an ultrasound so early anyway? 6 weeks is way to early to see anything.even next week is too early.why dont they wait 3 more weeks so you can see something? i wouldnt have so many ultrasounds so early on.good luck next time.
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if they said you were 5 weeks 10 days, your actually 6 weeks 3 days.. as there are 7 days in a week, so at the end of the 7th day of your 5th week you would be 6 weeks, and since your 10 days post your 5 week mark you are 6 weeks 3 days
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Not sure why I was scheduled. I think they wanted to confirm pregnancy because it's an infertility clinic. My coworker went through the same thing.

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Yep, typically they do an u/s at your 5 week or 6 week appt at the Fertility Clinic.  My RE did one at 5 weeks and again at 10 weeks.  I had to do 2-3 lab visits every week in between.
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You are fine on the U/S time frame but what kind did they do?  if it wasnt intravaginal you cant see anything but a sac. So more than likely you dont have anything to worry about. Intravaginal will show you a little "bean" or "blob" with a heartbeat by wk 6.  And by the way everyone is right you are 6 wks.  On the egg count you may of had what they call a disappearing twin I forget the medical term....(best friend is a L&D nurse I can check) but they did confirm fluid outside the sac?  Or was someone speculating? Im sorry it was a crazy visit.  
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It was transvaginal. They're guessing it was just too early for fetal pole. They saw the sac and yolk. Personally, I think I saw something else too. The doc made a comment of "jeese I hate retroverted uteruses". Not sure why. Maybe it makes things more difficult.

They just speculated it was fluid outside the sac. They said they'll wait in 2 weeks to see.
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