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What stage are you at?

I am curious as to who is at what stage?  Are you currently pregnant?  If so, how far along are you, do you know if it's a boy or a girl? And if you don't mind, tell us your age as well.  Or are you currently ttc or in the 2ww?  Tell us something about yourself so we can all get to know each other a bit better.  I'll start -

I am 41 (will be 42 in January).  I have an 8 month old baby boy (a MedHelp baby!) and am currently ttc no. 2.  I am in the 2ww.  I am a Canadian, happily married and have been a member of MedHelp for almost 4 years now.  

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Good morning Amanda!

I'll be the first to respond.  :)  I just turned 39 and have an almost 2 1/2 year old daughter.  I nursed her for 13 months and my cycle never returned on its own.  I went on rounds of prometrium and BC pills to get a cycle back and finally ovulated and conceived the past May.  I had a D&C in mid-July after discovering that our baby tested positive for DS and had a very large cystic hygroma that had doubled in size.  the prognosis was not good and we were devastated, but knew that termination was the right choice for us.

We are back to square one and trying to get my cycle back together again!  I seem to be able to conceive fairly well, it's just getting my body to kick-start into gear that is the issue.  I hope this round does the trick.

I hope your 2 ww goes quickly and with a huge BFP!!!

Oh, and we live in Oregon and have been happily married for 4 years.

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This is a great idea Amanda!! Im not really ttc or anything so I will just back but I wanted say say good idea:~)

Fingers crossed for your BFP!!!
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im dana and may i never get pg again! lol  

amanda i cant wait for your tww to be over, when do you get to pee on a stick?? i miss sticks lol.  
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im laura, 21 (22 in feb) and ttc number 2 :) maybe, just MAYBE 4 weeks gone. I had a very low hCG count with my daughter, she's two next week. im from northern ireland and with my bf over three years. i have taken tests but no + yet. I didn't find out i was having cleo until i was 8 weeks gone, 2 weeks prior  got negative blood and urine results at the hospital. i have every symptom, but no morning sickness,. just later in the day. my montgomery tubercules look like a rash they are that obvious, urinating more regularly, craving, smells and tastes effected, back pain, etc. i have had no implantation bleeding this time round and my legs have begun cramping badly the past three days. will not find out whats going on until my doctor is back next week. everything is the same it was with my last pregnancy, late for my regular period (only by a few days). i get pains mostly on my right side but my left side is catching up lol my mind is in over drive. xoxo
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Tab and Dana...I personally think you each need to have 1 more.  I told Kelly that as well.  You all make such cute babies!!  

Marci, I am sorry you had to make what must have been a very very difficult decision.  Situations like that are never easy.  I wish you truckloads of SSBD!!  I too seem to conceive very easily...the running joke in our house is DH just has to walk by me in the hallway and look at me sexy and I'm pregnant..lol.  My problem has been carrying full term, but after 5 losses I got my beautiful amazing little boy.  It wasn't easy, but it was worth it!

Laura, welcome!  Ireland is one of those countries I am determined to visit one day.  I have heard it is incredibly beautiful.

I did give in and POAS this morning.  Problem is for me fmu is not always as concentrated as it should be...I am still up with Ryder a few times a night, especially with those teeth driving him crazy.  So I probably only held it about 3 or 4 hours.  I used a FRER and it was one of those "if you squint really hard and find the right light, it MIGHT be a BFP" lol.  Oh well, it entertains me..ha.  I will of course be trying again tomorrow morning.

Keep posting everyone...it's so great to really start to get to know each other!
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I am 42, happily married with 3 children already, 19,15, and soon to be 9, I am currently 6 weeks pregnant after going through 2 m/c since April this year and am hoping for the best, I live in Georgia and was excited to see the over 35 forum, I am feeling a bit of a minority at my age, my husband is only just turned 30 and it seems like everyone else at the doctors office is 20-ish and thinking my DH is my son! LOL My oldest son is married and made me a grandmother 4 months ago to a beautiful grandson, Tannis.  I have PCOS and am not supposed to get pregnant easily but apparently that is not a problem with me, LOL.  I have been called Fertile Myrtle and Got it Granny for awhile now amongst my friends but I don't mind. :o)  Good to meet all of you!! Hopefully this little one will be the sticky bean and make it term, so the journey begins....

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Thank you for your kind comment. :)  It was a confusing time and I felt a lot of anger that couldn't be directed at anyone...but we are doing okay and have to move on!

OMG!  Well, maybe your husband "walked by you" just right!  :)  I sure hope so and can't wait to hear the next test results!!  lots of BFP thoughts for you!!  :)
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Welcome and I'm glad you found us!!  

Hoping this is the sticky little bean for you!!  Don't pay attention to the others in the Dr office.  I know, I do the same and wonder if I am too old to try for #2.  where I work, there are a few partners who have 3 or 5 kids already in their teens...and it just makes me feel old!  
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What a great idea Amanda...

My name is Angel I am 38, married with 3 children...and 2 angel babies....

I am TTC and in the 2ww at 9dpo....

I found medhelp in April with I had my first miscarriage...and I cant begin to explain how much the ladies here have helped me get through...

Welcome all new members and SSBD to everyone TTC
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Hi...I'm a mother of a 5month old little boy who fills my life with endless joy every single minute! He's my life and often catch myself with a smile on my face for no reason and learning that you can never kiss a little baby too much.  
I am 34 and joined this community just cos I loved our Adgal's writing! (I love the person too.. not just her writing!)
I'm not TTC nor pregnant. Loved every minute of my pregnancy and wish I could be pregnant again soon!! But we are just taking some time as my husband needs a little time making some changes to his career.
My friends on MH has been there for me through thick and thin and I wish every one of you so much happiness in your lives!!!

P.S: Amanda..I hope get your BFP soon :)!
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Suzanne - 37.  Pregnant at 34 weeks with baby #3.  This is my first boy!  I had 5 losses between baby 1 and 2 all between weeks 8 and 12.  
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Hello Sheila and Angel!  Thanks for posting a bit of info.  Sheila, I know what you mean...at 41 most of my friends have grown children.  A few have their first grandchildren.  They all think we are crazy, but I refuse to let that get to me.  For the most part they are supportive though, otherwise I could not have them be a part of my life.  We all do this at the age right for us, not what others think we should.  I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy!!

Angel...my 2ww buddy.  Isn't the waiting the absolute worse?  Honestly, they truly do need to invent something that can tell us at moment of conception.  I HATE waiting..lol.

Ladybug!!!!  How is little Seth?  Isn't it the greatest thing ever?  I would probably be waiting a bit as well, but it took me almost 4 years to have Ryder, and well tick tock tick tock..lol.

For those of you posting who aren't pregnant or ttc, I hope you stick around anyway. The more the merrier, and info and support coming from those who have "been there, done that, got the t'shirt" is such a good thing.  It always makes me sad when people disappear on us!

I am glad to hear so many commenting on how helpful this site was for you.  It was for me too.  The women here really held my hand through the tough times, and it's so much fun to celebrate with each other with the success'.  There were many times I found the women here understood what I was going through much better then anyone in my "real life" could.  

SSBD to all trying!!
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HI Suzanne...sorry I was posting at the same time you were, so missed it!

I am so sorry for your losses...I know how hard it is.  Congrats on being in that third trimester!  Won't be long now!!
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Hello -

My name is Kathy - just turned 43 today and am ~ 26 weeks pregnant with my first child - a boy.  Put my career first, then decided to have a family, only to find out that I couldn't conceive.  After several years of trying, went thru IVF, got pregnant last year with twins (lost them both ~ 8 weeks, after strong heart beats were seen).  Went thru another round of IVF, and this time it worked.  I love every day of being pregnant and am glowing.

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA where people get married in their 30's-40's and have kids late at this age.  I did move to far Northern CA about 10 years ago, where women are having their 4th and 5th child by the time they are 25-30, and are grandmothers by the time they are 40, so I definitely feel like an odd ball.  I am working to keep myself healthy and fit.

My goal would be to try for #2 about 6 months after this child is born - we'll see how much time and energy I will have, but I always dreamed of having 2 kids.

It's nice to get to know you all.

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i'm jenna, 36 and currently 29 weeks pregnant with a baby girl (my first).  she was conceived via IVF after 7 years TTC and 3 m/c so we are incredibly excited to be in the third trimester.
we also want more than one child, but we will deal with that after we get this one here and enjoy her for a bit.
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I'm Vicki I  am 41 from Australia. This will be my 5th pregnancy i am 5w/4d. I have a 21 20 17, and 9 year old. I have had a lot of negative feed back from relatives about my pregnancy. "Why would you want to do this at your age" and from my mother (with a few tears) " You were nearly free of kids why would you want to go and do this, now you can't do anythying". I was like ummm you can do  all sorts of things with a baby. Having a baby doesn't mean you drop out of life!
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Hi Kathy.  I am so sorry for what you went through.  How heartbreaking.  I am so happy to hear you are doing so well this time around.  We are so lucky to live in a time where we have options like IVF.  Sounds like you might be a bit like me...I am trying for no 2 with an 8 month old..I know it will be tough, but I too very much want 2 children.  

Hi Jenna!  Congrats on your little girl.  It seems so many of us belong to the m/c club...one I wish there were no members of.  Third trimester is so exciting.  I loved all the kicks and movements.

Hello there Vicki!  I am sorry you are being faced with so much negativity.  I don't know why people react that way sometimes.  There are so many of us in our late 30's and 40's having babies.  My Co-Cl PamelaBee doesn't get on here as much anymore because she is so busy with her two kids...the second one born when she was 45!  There are lots of us!  Just ignore them.

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HI, I am Rhonda.Im 36 years old. I live in sunny Florida. I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd little girl.

Amanda- you seem like one of the kindest people in the world:)
I wish you and all the other ladies on this forum well in your pregnancy adventures!
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Well I had to post even though Amanda is one of my besties here and knows all my business!!

I am Rachel! I will be ughhh....30 in April!

I have had a hard time with ttc, but was blessed twice! My oldest Cooper was born with HLHS and passed away when he was 7wks old. He forever changed my life! He blessed us with his little bro Cruz who is 14 months! That boy is the love of my life!

No plans to ttc yet, just enjoying my boy!

There are some strong women here! We should all hold our heads up with pride!
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Hi Rhonda!  Congrats on being so close to meeting your little princess!  I am secretly hoping my next is a girl, although I will be happy no matter what.  Of course I suppose I need to get pregnant first..lol.  

Rachel...I love that you are still around.  Your one of my besties too (goooo team tramp stamp..lol).  You are so right, there are so many amazingly strong women here who have endured much.  That's why I keep on hanging around...I am so proud to call you and so many others here my friend!! XOXO
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Hello All...  

My name is Raven and I am 49 years young. I live in Mesa AZ but was born and raised in IL.  I have been TTC for the last 3 years and believe I have been there 3 xs. I don't consider them miscarriages but the doctor called them sloughing off... I am "single" but have been with my friend and sperm donor for the 2 years. I keep telling myself I will quit when I am 48 and then I keep trying and then 49 and now telling myself I'll quit at 50 but if I don't get pregnant before then (April 2011) I'll probably keep trying until I am menopausal.

I found this website by accident and love the support that I have found here. Sometimes I wish that the site had a chat room because I would love that instant response... you would think I had patience having been trying for 2 years. I still have a hard time figuring out some of the abbreviations but am getting better. need to print out the list and keep it by my computer. I rarely use my computer to visit the forum but found it in a app for my iphone.

My family thinks I am crazy and and some of my friends do too but I don't care. I have wanted to have a baby since I was 16. NOW is the time. Tahnks again for all your support!!!
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Just wanted to add that all of you who tell your success stories and come back to give support - THANK YOU!!
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Hi I'm Tiffany and I'm 37 yrs old (will be 38 on Sunday Oct 10). My husband and I have been married for almost 5 yrs (anniversay Nov 12). We are 5 1/2 wks pregnant with our first baby.

We had been trying to conceive for 3 year and it finally happened for us.I am both exicted and frightened at the same time but I always try to stay positive.
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some of you dont know me and might have been confused by my response, being a pregnancy forum and all lol.  i have 3 kids, my last being 4 months old.  it wasnt the pregnancy that causes me to say im done, its my wild 2 yr old!! lol  i have pics but you probably can only see them if you are friends with me, let me tell you that girl keeps my on my toes!  love all of them so much, but even if i wanted another someday dh would pass out and book a flight to the moon! haha

ive had one mc between my first and second.  my last baby has down syndrome and 5 weeks ago open heart surgery.  life is great, but busy ;)
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