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What unhealthy habits have you stopped while ttc?

I'm going to start ttc soon and I've committed to living a very clean life over the coming holiday season (no alcohol, no caffeine, etc.)  

I bought some Proactiv  (acne medication) a few months ago that is wonderfully effective in combatting the zits that have popped up sporadically on my chin area since my 30s.  (I enjoyed clear skin throughout my teen years....go figure:(  I've read some conflicting things on the internet about taking Proactiv. Is it safe or isn't it?  I've decided to discontinue use because I don't want to take any chances.

And for that matter, what about hair dyes?  Nail polish?  

For those of you who are ttc, what are you diligently avoiding?  I'm curious.  I know somebody who smoked throughout their healthy pregnancy, and I know someone else who delivered a healthy baby after drinking a beer a week throughout her pregnancy (and her dr. told her it was okay.)

I hear that in the '60s, women would be smoking and swigging back martinis throughout their pregnancy, but we're all more aware these days.  So how far are you going to ensure a healthy pregnancy?  Are you giving up coffee?  Letting those few gray hairs come in?  Are you changing your make up brands?  Are you eating anything different?
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Well, I gave up smoking prior to starting the ttc.  I do like a glass of wine, but I choose to abstain in the 2WW  (the odd one has happened, but for the most part anyway).  I also read that alcohol can cause hostile mucus as it dehydrates you, so I know abstain the 5 days prior to ovulation.  I haven't given up caffeine completely, but pretty much stick to decaf products.  No more then either 1 cup of caffeinated coffee or soda a day.  I avoid unhealthy foods, sticking to a pretty good diet.  Even snacks now are things like Edamame or dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, things like that.  

I have not gone so far as to let grey come in, but my hairdresser does use foils only now, so it doesn't get on my scalp.  I don't worry at all about facial cleansers, makeup, nailpolish or anything like that.

A big one for me has been a lot of the household cleansers.  It cannot be good to be inhaling that stuff.  So I know pretty much use vinegar and warm water...it works great and I don't worry about inhaling all those fumes.  Even if I wasn't ttc I think I would be doing that now, although thats what started me off.

The last thing is I make sure I get some excercise every day.  I go for a power walk usually and am going longer and longer every day.

I know I am pretty over the top, but after all those losses, I guess I have become a bit paranoid.  But I am going with it, I figure none of the things I am doing can hurt me, and to tell you the truth I have more energy and feel healthier then I have in years!!
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I've cut down on caffeine, started exercising, and even stopped my roseaca medicine which makes my face look like a pizza pie..  I'd rather look wierd than have effects on the baby..   I drink lots of water which is suppose to help with cm..  I avoid all meds except prenatals and iron..  Not sure if I will have a drink in the two week wait or not..  depends on my mood..  
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I decided ttc last year and did get pregnant but recently had a M/C at 18 1/2 weeks. I did make some changes as stop drinking caffeine, alcohol and cut down eating carbs- partial Atkins diet.   (as I am somewhat overweight)  Actually, I got pregnant immediately after, became sick  and thought it was the diet when it was that I was pregnant. I am now ttc once more and beginning those changes once again.   Good luck.
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I'm also wondering about excercise?  Amanda writes that she exercises everyday.  I love to go running - managed to squeeze in time today and still feeling great from it - but a few women have cautionned me to just sit back and take it easy?!
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Sitting back and taking it easy is really an old wives tale.  The healthier the body, the better chance of conception, and a healthy pregnancy.  Exercise is not only good for the body, but it also helps with stress, a big reason those of us who are focused on ttc can have trouble.  That being said, if you are out of shape as I was, its always best to start slow and work up from there.  And when pregnant its best to talk to your Dr. about what forms to possibly stay away from, such as weights and things.  Activity, healthy diet, etc. are all helpful for conception and healthy pregnancies!!  If you like running, stick with it!!  Good luck Miranda, and SSBD to you.
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I actually cut out most of my physical activity.  Dr. advised me to gain 10 lbs over the summer.  I walk now but that is the extent of it.  I am so bad about drinking water but I work at it every day.  I have avoided - feta/brie/gorgonzola/blue cheese, all alcohol, processed meats, all caffeine, steaks cooked less than medium, chocolate (augh...). I am drinking an herbal pregnancy tea and doing acupuncture.  With my daughter (8 years ago), I cut out alcohol and that was about it.  I worked out daily and ate what was healthy. I am much more finatical this time after having such trouble for the last few years.
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