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When did your bb's start getting sore ?

Hi Everyone,

The last time I was pregnant my bb's were engorged and super sore esp. the nipples. I believe that was around 27dpo .  I know it might be early - I'm now at 6 weeks LMP but, I'm getting paranoid.  This Wednesday had 4 incidences of cramping so, that got me worried that maybe something's wrong.  I started thinking, "Hey, my boobs aren't sore ! My boobs aren't sore ! Am I still pregnant ? ( followed by what if's).     I've been poking and prodding them daily to check for any soreness.  Nips ( np's ?) are slightly sensitive and bb's are bit sore but only when firmly poked. I just wanted to know when did y'alls bb's start feeling sore ? Any other symptoms you had in early pregnancy would be appreciated - details welcome.  I need to ease my mind.   Thank you thank you thank you !
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This time around it wasn't until about 6-8 weeks or in there somewhere.  And it came and went from one day to the next.  It's still really early hon, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. You sit back, relax and celebrate that BFP!!!  When are you going for a beta?  XOXO
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Mine always start feeling sore a few days after ovulation- and then just continue to hurt thru that positive pg test.
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Hi Amanda and Slippinandsliddin,

I had just assumed that when pg, your nipples/breasts start getting sensitive and the discomfort/tenderness gets stronger and stronger until the baby is born. Was wondering if there was a patent for metal bras...... I didn't know that it comes and goes - like the nausea.     I took another hpt today - and the "test" line showed up right away - doing the Snoopy dance here.  Now that I see it - feeling a bit excited.  Haven't made an appointment yet - this monday ( friday the centre was closed ) .   Thanks for your responses.  Someone should start a forum on " What they don't tell you about pregnancy"  so we newbies don't panic or get paranoid.
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HI Sue-try not to worry, although I know that is easier said than done.  I was very paranoid when I was first pregnant becuase I had 0 symptoms-none at all.  I am currently 16 weeks and still don't really have many symptoms.  I never had any morning sickness and my bbs didn't get sore until I was about 12 weeks.  Now they are intermittently sore but not at all what I expected.  I was groping myself every day hoping to have sore bbs but I never did!  Those early weeks of pg are so nerve racking so I undersantd.  Best of luck to you!
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Thanks allie,

I had to smile at your words "I was groping myself everyday...." .  I can picture myself and I must look really funny doing that to myself.  Its crazy that I'm "hoping" to have sore bb's   :D    Maybe I'll  be super lucky like you and not feel too much discomfort.  Thanks again, I'm going to try to relax and just enjoy knowing I'm pregnant - my delicious secret ! Yesterday, I went for brunch with my parents and the meal comes with a "bottomless" cup of coffee.  I told them I'd been drinking so much caffeine that my face was starting to itch and I was having palpitations - so I'm off it for now -  "detoxing".  They bought it and hopefully everyone will too.  They all know I love my tea/coffee.  
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I didnt really gave sore nipples but if I sqeezed them then yea but in the early stages of my pregnancy I remember having to carry my bb's when getting out of bed since they hurt. But I don't recall exactly when they stopped being so sore. All I know is it didnt last long for me. I am guessing once I was finished with my first trimester. Most of my pregnancy I've not had issues with my bb. In 29 weeks just about and still no pain. Good luck!!!
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*im 29 weeks now* sorry typo
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good thing you r not drinking coffee no more since it is strongly suggested you not drink it while pregnant. I know I'd avoid it for the first 14 weeks since that's when the major developement of the baby is.  I'm not a coffee drinker  so it doesnt apply to me but I'd be staying clear of things that may harm the baby. Congrats and good luck
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No sore breasts here - I am 14 weeks pregnant. Just a little tender when touched. But then I never had sore breasts with ovulation neither.
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