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When did your morning sickness end?

When did your morning sickness end? I keep reading 12 to 13 weeks it should end but I am 13 weeks 1 day and I still have it terrible......I don't throw up.....just nausea all day and night and still have the metal taste in my mouth and dry heaving......I can hardly stand it anymore.........Let me know your story. Thanks!
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I had nausea throughout the day during this pregnancy into my 2nd trimester.  I would say about 15wks it totally stopped.  It's a major nuisance!!  Best wishes to you!
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I had nausea with one child (a boy) for 5 long months!!
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Unfortunately I had continual nausea all of the way through my pregnancy - I swear by Zofran!  It definitely kept the nausea at bay.  Most morning sickness though does start to abate by the end of the 1st trimester.  It just takes time.
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Well, I never had it but my girlfriend who is due the same day as me was still throwing up and dry heaving as of two weeks ago, although I do believe now she is only dry heaving (we're 24 weeks) she has notoriously horrible (symptom wise) pregnancies though so she's one extreme and i'm the other. she didn't take any pills though to try and help her.  I bought some mat clothes from a lady who was pregnant with her fourth and she swore by zofran also, the one that starts with a d didn't do anything for her apparently.

good luck, hope yours go away soon,
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with my two other pregnancies i was beyond sick...morning sickness all day until the day i delivered...i took zofran 3x daily....like i am now...it stinks...i know!!! try to hang in there...everyones body is different.... if its really bad you may want t talk to your doctor about zofran..it definately helps!!
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i am 22 weeks and still throwing up almost daily at least once! ugh!!! we are sooo thankful to be in the situation, but its defintely hard to function some days!! Zofran didn't work for me, so i tried phenergan, but it made me too sleepy even only taking half a pill.. so now i'm on a new regimen, since i wasn't gaining much weight.. even though i really really try to eat all day long.. but TRY is the key word! i am trying pepcid and reglan now.. it seems to help some.. I used to be nauseated to the point of barely functioning all day long.. whereas now i do have some hours of time where i feel ok.. so it is getting better!  GOOD LUCK! : )  : )
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I am 18 weeks pregnant and still dealing with nausea.  it's horrible.  I am taking zofran 3x/day but i'm still queezy all day and most days still have to force myself to eat.   I hope it does end soon.
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