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Hey girls! hope everyone is doing just fine! =)
I am very happy, excited and SICK! still....and this is getting to a point that I cannot even enjoy my so longed for pregnancy when I feel this bad!!! I am 10 1/2 weeks and cannot possibly get rid of the sickness! it's horrible! I puke or almost puke every morning (have nothing in stomach) when i brush my teeth, i gag when i smell my doggie (we keep her clean!) and just to lay on the couch makes me sick!!!

I bought seabands...they are helping some, and also some syrup that the farmacist recommended (e...something...can't think of the name), which is safe for preggies. But doesn't work too well! =(

Any advise?? I am still doing the 'mighty bullets' and i think since baby is producing his/er own prog. now, it's making me really sick. Which, if this is what it takes....anything for my little one! but i wish i could feel better and enjoy this more =(

Thank you!!!!
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forgot to mention: i can't hardly put anything down in my tummy! i eat little bit of cereal in the morning, and a sandwich at lunch! that's it! i am almost scared of being hungry! =((
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I can relate and yes!  it is all the hormones and the extra progresterone.  how long you on the extra boost of prog?  i am finally getting a little (tiny, tiny) bit better and we are on the same timeline (i'm 10 wks today w/ twins).  it's so hard to eat but if you can just try really small amounts all day and just take snacks with you to work.  it's kinda a catch 22 because you need to eat to feel a little better but you can't eat because you feel like poop!  i just keep hoping that surely it will get better in a few weeks!  orange juice and bananas have really helped me.  it's something that i can eat/drink and feel better shortly.  

how is your new job going?  

well, at least its thursday...........almost weekend/relaxation time!!! YAY!!
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Hey girlie!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! have you had any U/S lately? or are you scheduled for any soon??? man! you must be sooooo proud of your little ones sticking and swimming happily in your belly! I recommend you to see a small video that is posted on i-am-pregnant.com that if you put in your dates it'll take you to the 10 week info, watch that! i bet you'll have a kick out of that bouncy baby!

It is soooo tough to work like this! lol.....i fell asleep yesterday while watching a tutorial online! lol....so much that i lost my head's balance and bounced it pretty bad! =)) you are right....just one day to go! =)

I eat an orange after lunch....it does work! i haven't tried bananas, but i will! the awesome thing here is that they have available fruit (free) in the cafeteria so i can just walk down and get it! =)

Are you tired at all?? i feel like dragging! and if someone dares to wake me up......oh boy........their head will roll!! lol

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Tired is not even the word!!!  I am completely exhausted ALL the time!  I have done little to nothing for the past 3 days!  I usually can't make it thru the day without a nap...lol...which is funny b/c i have never been a nap person.  i'm usually go.go.go and now i dread even going to the grocery store.  i had my first appt w/ my new doctor on monday and he did another u/s to check on the little boogers.  it's always reassuring to see them and know they are ok.  i go in for my nt scan on the 25th so i guess i will get to see them again then since it's done by u/s...yay!  lucky for you there is  free fruit at work for the wayward pregnant ladies! ha.  my husband has a desk job...which i never have been able to do (i've always been in sales) but lucky for me we now have a real estate investment company that i am in charge of so i get to work from home most of the time or at least on my own schedule.  right now we are waiting to sell the house we just flipped then i will start a new project.  we will see how that goes since i'm normally hands on during the remodel.  so what do you do?  from what i remember when you took the job it was pretty flexible but you didn't tell them about the pregnancy when you were hired.  have you told them yet?  
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I found never letting my stomach get totally empty helped me a lot. Not eating fattening type foods all day, but rather "grazing". Carrot sticks, a couple of saltines, a piece of cheese, a handful of grapes or apple slices. Just about every 1/2 hr take a "bite" of something, not a meal or anything like that. Just not a totally empty stomach.
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I finally started feeling SUPER DOOPER rotten yesterday. I had the ALL day sickness and today just morning. I forced a smoothie from smoothie king this am and that did the trick. It's the darn headaches that are a killer. I went to the Dr. today and he said I could have asprin  until 20 weeks, thank goodness. Other than that, 8w1d here! I got the BIGGEST bag of goodies today from the OB, we just went in the cupboards and started unloading all the free junk. Can't wait to go home and spread it all over the floor and gawk at all the vitamins and stool softeners, ha ha ha....
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LOL!! kelly!!!! hahaha

Thank you girls! I find myself snacking healthy actually....eat an orange instead of cake....(well, sometimes i can't help myself....) but for the most part...... the one thing that i CHOW on, that should be but they help...are life-savers! (the candy).

I also, for some weird reason, don't feel as attractive?? =( i think im starting to really miss my last job where i could walk out to the shop (trucking company) and 'my boys' (they were really sweet, specially this hot...never mind) and would shower me with compliments.......like good mechanics....=)

I am a digital designer. Meaning I lean more towards internet and multimedia design than print...., I also do translations for the e-learning courses, so, a little bit of everything! and oh girsl! i told them! they were so nice and excited for me (there's actually another girl that is a week earlier than me! can you believe that!?) and they will throw a baby shower for us! aweeee how sweet is that!
I will have 4 weeks 100% paid maternity leave with another 4 at 75%!!! that's pretty good isn't it??

Man that's awesome that you have your own company! and your own schedule! you'll have time for little feet to chase!!! =)

What do you guys do!?

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I heard aspirin in no good while you are pregnant?
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it's ok guinness.....i am taking baby aspirin, some doctors believe it is, some don't....this one is prescribed (really didn't do much research, just told me 'it won't hurt') by one of the TOP reproductive endocrinologists in America.

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I am 17 weeks today. I have puked violently for that last three nights.  I have tried promethizine, zofran, ginger tea, unisom with B6, benedryl, crackers,IV's ... you name it.  I feel dizzy and horrid when I get up from the puking the night before and then by the afternoon it starts over.  I have had a couple of good days here and there but jeez, I'm over 4 months along, when will this ever end?  I am ready to get the suppositories or shots, whatever.  My heart goes out to you and I wish I had it figured out to give you some advice.  The unisom w/B6 does seem to help you not feel as bad the next day but by the evening you are sick again.  The trick is keeping the pills down. Uggh!
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awweee montie!!!! I feel horrible for you sweetie!!! I cannot even think how bad you might feel! I mean is like having the flu for months!!! =( i just try to think 'baby' and picture my little one developing correctly this time around, and that all im suffering will pay off at the end.....but BOY! cut us some slack!!! my life is begining to spin around the toilet, couch and saltines!!! =(

I really really hope all my girls feel better, at least knowing that you guys are not the only ones!......by the way, today is the 2nd day im wearing my seabands, last night didn't help much, but today hasn't been as bad! are they really helping? how do they work? i mean, all they do is press your wrists!
oh well! as long as they work! gimme some squeezing!! =))
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I'm going through the same thing.  i can't feed the dog, the smell is horrible. my sense of smell is soooo overpowering right now.

laying around trying to sleep so i don't feel the nausea.  i've found baked potatoes help (high in b6).

just eating small amounts. then every once in a while i'll feel hungry, and i make sure i eat quality food at those times.

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keeping something in my stomach helped.  My sis had her DR prescribe something for her during her 1st trimester because it was so bad  (so did my friend but not until 2nd trimester) good luck ladies I hope this passes ad you all can enjoy being PG  ((Sheila))
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Hey V, I wanted to tell you after two long years I finally got my BFP!!! My hcg on Tuesday (dpo14) was 88 and today (thursday dpo 16) it was 162!!! I really hope this beans stick!! I cannot go through another mc.

Wow, you are 10 1/2 wks already it seems like you were just telling us about your BFP!!!! Sorry to hear about you being so sick. Don't feel bad I started throwing up around 11dpo...... so I guess I have a long hall ahead of me!!

I just wanted to share my good news with because you have always been supportive to me!! I always love hearing from you and now I am glad I can be apart of your new club!!!
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I have terrrrible headaches and The Dr. asked what would make them go away. I said asprin (because I've been taking tylenol) so, he said he has no problem w/asprin until 20 weeks (something about a heart valve). My sisters Dr. also let her take asprin, THanks GOODNESS!!
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I bypassed the m/s, but my doctor suggests taking B6 vitamins along with anti-nausea medicine like the syrup you were talking about, I think it's called Emetrol, or either the pill form of anti-nausea that you can buy over the counter.   He says it works really good.  

I hope you get to feeling better soon!
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Vanessa - no time no talk, girl!  We May babies have to stick together!  I'm soooo sorry that you're having this bad of a time w/your nausea.  My dh (a pharmacist) made up lollipops w/ginger in them for me.  They've helped but not as much as meds - do you think you should talk to your re?  I've gotten to the point of dehydration (iv's) which have definitely helped.  I don't want you to get to that point!  
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AWWEEEE girls!!! thank you soooo much for all the very helpful tips!!! I am going to definetely follow them! I think the seabands are working now! yesterday I read that they have to be 3 fingers from the wrist joint and I wore them wrong!...so i corrected that and voala! i feel much better! i mean, it hasn't completely gone away, but i can feel really a difference! I got hungry today! =)) that is a good sign! =)) yay!

OMG! rdh1981!!!!! I didn't knowwwwwww!!!! when did you find out!!??? how???? what did you do different????!! tell me EVERYTHING! with details ok???!! Congratulations girl!  i know exactly how you must feel right now!, between fear and emotion and excitement.....!!! but happy as HELL! lol Big HUG to you!!!

Jenneeey!! what's up girlfriend! =) i know! we are gonna be pushing these kids together! as we've been puking together too! lol....i am so happy ou are feeling bunches better tho, it is HORRID! these things have worked for me (2 days ha!) and i've been sucking on life savers too......i think ingesting glucose (sugar) helps a lot too!
That's awesome about your sweetie! you can just ask him EVERYTHING! and that was so sweet of him to make your pops!! =))

I really got weepy (i am an IDIOT i know....) this morning cuz my favorite pants (were really loose at one point, when i was exercising like crazy and was sporting a killer body....=(...) are SO stinking tight....around my arsh!!! lol....needless to say, my muffin top just over expands on top of my belt.......lol ( i am so damn retarded.....i wanted this didn't i!???) but i want a belly! not a stinking muffin top or a fat behind! lol.........please ignore my b'ing, i yell at women for this and now i am one.....lol......i do appreciate and CHERISH my pregnancy tho......it's just hormones!!!! argh......

not complaining....just 'steaming out'........;)

*baby, baby, baby*
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Hey V, you are so sweet. All I did differently this month was not care. I told my dh we were only going to bd on smiley face days and it worked!!!! I had so much cm this month I did not have to use preseed!! So, I held my breath, crossed my fingers and prayed for the best!!! And guess what God was listening!!!

If I was not have these weird sensations and tugging cramps I would probably be a little better about all of this but it is just so hard to relax after an mc. I know you know exactly how I am feeling. The only thing is that I don't have any spotting like I did the last time.  I just wish I could snap my fingers and know what the futures hold for me and my little bean!!

I love your little muffin top comment. I am sure you look cute as hell. Flaunt that belly girl!!!!

Talk to you soon!!
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Hey there...man, I am sorry you are STILL so sick!..Geez, these weeks are dragging by, but it won't be too long b4 you feel better...I bought some Blackmores ginger tablets, but never got sick enough to take em...just as flippin tired as hell...it's unbelieveable..I've been anemic b4, but this is worse!

And like 1981, I love the muffin top comment..I wanted a cutesy belly too, but all I got to show, as you put it, is a major muffin top...and tree trunk thighs that have just expanded...I resorted to going to a maternity store and having the time of my life!!!!!!...Highly reccommened!!!..Bugger the tight clothes, go for strechy and expandable!!

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