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Your experience with Glucose Test?

I have my test scheduled for next wednesday I'll be 25.5 weeks by then.  I just wanted to hear any expriences you had with this.  I heard that liquid is really nasty.  I already have it and it's cooling in my fridge, ready to be used next week.  Should it be taken within the hour of the appointment? just want to confirm.  My appointment is at 6pm, so I was planning to drink the **** at 5:30 and go for the blood test.  They said they'll take me right away without waiting.  
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Wow, you had to buy your own drink??

The labs here have the drink for you, they give you 5 minutes to drink it, then you have to sit quietly for an hour before they will do the blood test. I think you have to drink the stuff there too, not at home...they want to make sure you drink it in their time limit.
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That's weird.  I was given the drink there and was told I was NOT allowed to leave because sometimes people react negatively to all the sugar and need to be there in case something happens. I personally liked the orange drink! :)
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I was given my drink at my last appointment and told to drink it 30 minutes before my appointment. It has specific  directions on it like: I can eat or drink what i want before I drink the stuff but to refrain from a high sugar diet that morning. It also states not to eat, drink, smoke, or  chew gum after drinking. I was lucky to have my appointment for first thing in the morning and I will only have to sit at the office for a half hour since I get to drink the stuff 30 minutes before the appointment.
I am sure they will want you to  be honest about the time in which you drank your drink. It is in your best interest anyway.  You will then have a blood test and everything goes from there. I have never failed one but have heard from others on the board that there is a three hour test if this test is bad.
I guess each doctor is different. Umm, usually the drink is not tooo tasty but its not alot and if you are lucky you only have to do it once.

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They gave me orange flavor, and said to drink it within the hour of the appt.  I just wasn't sure if it has to be exactly an hour prior to the blood test or any time within that hour.  I live 5 min (walking) away from the doctor, so I figured if I drink it at 5:30 and go to the doc at 6 even if they make me wait extra 10min I should be fine.
Oh and they told me not to eat anything 2 hours before I drink it.  I guess each doctor is slightly different.
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that sounds weird because they usually take a fasting level before you drink the glucose solution.

Normally they do fasting and then hourly measurements for 2 to 3 hours.

You need to check with your doctor / the lab to get clear instructions.

When I did the test I went to the clinic.  had the first blood draw.  Then had to drink the drink, then they did blood draws every hour.

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Or maybe you are doing just the initial screening test.

I got to do the 3 hour test where they give you 100g of glucose.  Now that was really unpleasant.

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I'm just going for initial glucose test
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Don't believe everything you hear about how nasty the drink is.  I think it depends on how much sugar you're used to having.  Some people hate it,  and some people loved it so much they said they wouldn't mind drinking it again.  A friend of mine said it tasted like orange soda to her.  I thought it was nasty,  personally.  But even if you do - don't focus on that.  The worst of it is in your mind.  Good luck with it!
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