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another nomination for mom of the year

Well I survived my 1st day back to work.....it has been 4 1/2 months ..Saraya is 3 months now!
but I get the nomination for NO TEARS!!!  ugh I cry at everything and NOT WHEN I LEAVE MY BABY...what the he!!
is wrong with me????
It was actually nice being back..It was a teacher work day so I had no kids but got to get my room back together and was so busy i lost track of time.

Saraya had been really cranky this past week and was having a growth spurt...I was nursing her every 2 hrs and she would wake up SCREAMING because she was hungry.  I got NOTHING done so it was nice to feel like I accomplished something.  It may get to me later but it was nice to miss her and get to come home and see her SMILING face :O)

So to all those who will go back to work.....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
hopefully I will somehow find time to stay up with everyone....if anyone has secrets to
working full time/mommy/dh/medhelp friends I could use some tips..I'm trying to bring NOTHING home from school as soon as I get caught up to leave more time for MY LIFE...(that includes you all)
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sheila I am a teacher and I have 2 kids dh and pg... you can do it just choose to be a mommy first.  The most important child in your life is your child.  All those kids in your class have a mom and hopfully a good one but your principle job in life is to be a good mom to your child.  That includes being a good wife because without that you child will not live in a harmonious home and taking care of yourself because without that you can't be a good anything.  take nothing home... if it was important enough to do they would pay you to do it... and remember the number one rule.. it doesn't matter how much time you spend at school it will never be finished there will always be stuff left to do so don't try to do it all...I have seen many mommy's stay at school until 6 or 6:30 day after day... and believe me it shows in their kids...
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That's the only nice thing about my job as opposed to yours Sheila - since I direct a preschool - Abby will at least be in the building with me - although the thought of not being with her all day makes me cry already - and don't feel bad about being excited about being back with your kiddos - that's a passion in your life just like DH and Saraya and if I thought you were not taking care of her, believe me, I'd be on my way to Florida to get her and bring her to Reno - lol - plus now that you are back to work, you'll have more money to spend at Babies R Us - LOL
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good for you sheila.  i stay home now but i went back to work with my son when he was 8 wks.  you find time to do this or that. i have found over the years and especially since addison was born and dh isnt around to condense my time so i can get many things done within a very very short amount of time.  enjoy your little saraya!  by summer you will enjoy your time off again taking pics at the beach!
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Sheila - i worked as a music teacher w/all of my babies & now I only work part-time.  I was just like you - thought I would be 'balling' my eyes out when I left them, but once there, I got busy & I too felt a sense of accomplishment that was nice....

Sorry that Saraya's being so fussy (or growing).  I'm so proud of you for feeling good about working - you get my vote for mom of the year!
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Mine too!! You know, they say a happy mom is a happy baby. You are not a bad mom for enjoying to work! And you are also not a bad mom to like handle being around your baby and surviving! It's clear to me that you have responsibilities and you have obligations.. and you know the difference! You know, with my last two I learned to appreciate them lots more when my time was actually limited because of working! It makes the time much more special!!

KUDOS to you!!
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I am proud of you!!! That is one of the hardest things to do. I worked a little with al three of my girls, but am now a permanet stay home mom. I can remember leaving each of them for the 1st time and wondering how I was going to make it, but it gets easier. Good Luck, but it sounds like you are doing great!!
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ahhhhhh!!!! this thread brings such peace to my heart!!! Shei, thank you for sharing girlfriend! All I think sometimes is how in the hell am i gonna manage to drop my little one to a 'stranger'!!!! and leave her there for hours!! =( the good thing about this job is that i'll possibly get to commute down the road... some days... =) that'll be nice..
But i did feel guilty for feeling the need (and having it too...) to come back to work! =S I am a mommy (which is the BESTESTEST job in my life) but i am a career woman too... and need to do my stuff as well.....sometimes i wish i'd be a stay at home mommy, but we just can't afford it... (and i think i'd go crazy!!) lol ;)

Good luck girlie!
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I can identify, it was years and years before we could afford for me to stay home, and then I still worked on and off for a while, until it didn't make since and was actually costing us money for me to work. It wil be hard at first but then you'll just treasure all the time you have together all the more.  
Sheri 37 wks 6 days- and if I don't go into labor soon I am going to scream.............
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I cant believe you are still hanging in there...hopefully soon :O)

Day 2 and I'm still likin work LOL...

Patty and Jen- I WAS SOOO JOKING ABOUT MOM OF THE YEAR =especially since now I dont know if I WANT to stay home. or would be happy staying home

V- I'm with ya I think I would go CRAZY
Ladies have a great week I probably wont bew able to be on much this week since I have paperwork to get caught up on and it is a crazy week at school.  Field trip, field day etc
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