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anyone have a kidney stone while pregnant?

Not positive that's what's going on, but a great chance. If pain consists til tomorrow morning, I'm going in. Never has one pass. They always dissolved before.  Just curious on if I should worry about my pregnancy with this issue.
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Is the pain in the area of your right kidney?
I thought I was passing a kidney stone a few weeks ago. I was in agony. The pain was so pain I was vomiting, couldn't sit, couldn't stand. I tried a hot shower, hot bath. Back rub.
What can I say... I tried everything. I thought about going to emergency, but decided to try and wait it out. It eventually stopped during the night. I called my obgyn the next morning and went and saw her.
She doesn't think it was a kidney stone, she thinks it was baby. Baby's tend to push on the right kidney and can cause this sort of pain. She says if the pain was in the left kidney area she would have been concerned. But the shape of most uteruses and just how baby's lay, she was sure it was baby.
Thank goodness he hasn't repeated doing that.
When I have had kidney stones in the past, the pain was the same, but usually it would hurt to urinate and quite often there was blood in the urine or stones or sand. This time there was nothing, just the horrible pain.
I would get looked at if I was you, just to be on the safe side. I sure hope it isn't a kidney stone for you.
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I have mutiple kidney stones and gullstones. I would say go in because if u do have one lodge somewere it could cause an effection and poetentially hurt u and the baby if it doesn't get fixed. I had an episode twice were I thought it was my kidney stones and it was my gullstones same type of pain which I never new until now. Its better to be safe then sorry why be more uncomfortable then u already are. Good luck and keep updating.
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Remember for some reason even my kidney stone specialist has no idea why but the pain tends to happen and peak during the night and subside some during the day... ualso u wouldn't have it just over the kidneys when my stones act up I can feel it all over my abdomen and the pain sometime starts on the side then moves towards the middle starting off what feels like a bad stomach ache or horrible constapation.
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It's actually just down lowerm talked to doc this morning and they told me to go to er. They think now possible appendices. Prayers please. I'm 13 +2 is all.
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*update..not appendices. Don't know what is wrong. Got an er Dr who told me to just suck it up and consider it pregnancy pains. Oh, and then told me that it us also likely to be a miscarriage. So don't be shocked if it happens this weekend. The radiologist said he thinks he saw a possible contraction when I had my MRI. Ugg no answers and a stupid prescription for Percocet.
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